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2 SPONSOR POLICY We invite you to become a Corporate Sponsor of the Danish Seamen’s Church supporting the Danish community in Singapore. Below please find the sponsor options available to your company along with an outline of benefits for your company to enjoy. We are always open for your comments and questions and will be looking forward to welcoming you as a sponsor of the Danish Seamen’s Church 2015 – celebrating the 30 th anniversary for the Church.

3 FUNDING Historically the Danish Seamen's Church Singapore was very sparingly funded mainly from DSUK (Danske Sømands-og Udlandskirker). When cuts made the funding unsustainable, local initiatives has led to a safer, financial position enabling more focus on future activities. The annual budget (2015) of about SGD 800.000 is funded from 3 sources each contributing about 1/3: Sponsorships and donations are raised through active fundraising work mostly by volunteers. Currently the main contributors are Danish, maritime companies and to a lesser extent Danish foundations, private donors and Singapore authorities. The sponsorship benefits are continuously being refined and foundations are being pursued. We aim to increase the number of sponsors particularly from non-maritime companies.

4 FUNDING Memberships and activities have also risen significally. Paid membership is a recent, successful initiative and as of September 2014 more than 150 households are members. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of church staff and many volunteers; church, social and cultural activities based around our magnificent landmark building continue to evolve. We aim to increase our membership base and to offer more activities. DSUK contributes salaries of the port chaplain, the senior and junior assistants. Though recent years staff allocated to Singapore has been reduced and the rent contribution has ceased completely. We do not expect a reversal of this development. Going forward the existence of the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore, will to a large extend depend on membership fees, profit from various events and not least the support from the Danish community and corporate sponsorships.

5 SPONSOR OPTIONS OVERVIEW SGD Bronze (1.000) Silver (2.500) Gold (5.000) Platinum (10.000) Wall of fameXXXX NewsletterXXXX Logo on websiteXXX Logo at eventsXX Logo front websiteXX Rent sponsorX Logo in newslettersX Company merchandise X

6 SPONSOR BENEFITS Wall of fame: Framed logos will be displayed at our in church “Wall of Fame” for all of 2015. Newsletter: Upon sign-up/renewal sponsors will be mentioned for 2 months in the weekly newsletter sent to more than 800 recipients. Logo on website: Sponsor logos will be featured under “Sponsors” on the Church website in 2015. Logo front website: The company logo will be on the first page of the Church website throughout 2015. Logo display at events: The company logo will be on display during larger events at the church. Rent sponsor of the month: A designated stand featuring the company logo as a rent sponsor will be on display at the entrance to the church for one moth. Logo in newsletter: Each newsletter for 2015 will feature the logo of the company for 2015. Company merchandise: Companies with be able to provide logo/company merchandise such as cups, pens, umbrellas, coaster or the like which will be used at the church.

7 USAGE OF FUNDS Funds raised via Corporate sponsors ships and social and cultural events held by the Church are going directly toward the essentials of the Church’s existence such as rent payment, upkeep and upgrades of the buildings as well as some support staff positions. All events directly related to the church such as sermons and the like are free for seafarers and the users of the Church.

8 SPONSOR BENEFITS Sponsor Evenings: In appreciation, the Church hosts a sponsor evening t in October, for all our sponsors letting you know about the past year as well as providing a sneak view into what is to come in another exciting year ahead. The sponsor evening is held as a networking event for our Sponsors and Church Council only. Let the Church be the host of your corporate events: Host your corporate events at the Church. Together with our kitchen find the perfect F&B choice for your event. Invite your co-workers or business partners into the church meeting room hosting your meetings in the beautiful surroundings of Church at Mt. Faber

9 FRIENDS OF THE CHURCH This new sponsor category is aiming at businesses or companies who have a product or service to offer our members or the Church. Agreements will be made on an individual basis with the product/service in mind. Friends of the Church will: Have their logo along with product/service displayed on our website under “Friends of the Church” Offers/services mentioned in our newsletter upon sign- up/renewal

10 HISTORY AND FACTS In Singapore, we are about 1.500 Danes 500 Danish families 140 Danish companies The Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore was founded in 1985 and will be celebrating 30 years of service to seafarers and residing Danes in 2015. The church resides in a historical buildings on Mount Faber, which have just gone through a major renovation

11 HISTORY AND FACTS The Church is by Danes considered as the “Danish House” in Singapore, and is therefore both a Church and a social meeting point. The Church has 6 staff members including a Port Chaplain The Church works in close cooperation with other Danish groups/organizations such as the Royal Danish Embassy, DABS, DDS, The Vikings and SWA

12 CHURCH ACTIVITIES Throughout the year the Church is home to many activities for seafarers and the Danish community in Singapore: Visits by the Port Chaplain/Assistants to Danish ships/ships with Danes onboard Additionally, the Port Chaplain conducts sermons, christenings, confirmations, weddings, funerals, ecumenical work and services as well as crisis support to the community and prison visits

13 SOCIAL & CULTURAL The Church activities are amongst the main pillars for Danes in Singapore- ashore as well as abroad. The Church is among other things hosting coffee mornings, a child play group, events for children, teens and youth throughout the year

14 FUNDRAISING EVENTS Due to a decrease in financial funding, the Church has initiated a more progressive fundraising strategy and thereby initiated more fundraising events such as: Wednesday lunches Talks about relevant subjects Sports events Christmas bazaar Movie nights Concerts Cultural events (Skt. Hans, Grundlovs dag, Midsummers celebration and more) Church BBQ’s Scandinavian Fair Corporate events for Danish companies

15 FINANCIALS 2013 Income SGD Expenses SGD Bazaar income121.532Bazaar expense63.852 Events income184.389Event expense78.195 Sponsor/membership245.593Sponsor/membership12.870 Interest805Bank/Audit/Insurance/tax agent14.356 Kiosk sale103.137Kiosk85.862 Exchange gain3.422Depreciation3.070 Church bulletin5.250Church bulletin4.399 Travel4.723Travel9.209 Grants30.637Rent169.200 Other income189.985Employee and benefits40.338 Maintenance and cleaning32.396 Newspaper/stationary/equipment28.951 Utilities/phone38.450 Boat rental18.531 Miscellaneous828 TOTAL889.473TOTAL600.507



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