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Managing a Manufacturing Business With NetSuite Transforming Your Business With the Cloud.

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1 Managing a Manufacturing Business With NetSuite Transforming Your Business With the Cloud

2 Powers Manufacturers Used by 16,000+ global organizations World’s most deployed cloud ERP Top 10 highest growth ERP solution according to Gartner and IDC NetSuite runs NetSuite Founded 1998 Publicly traded on NYSE: “N” Offices in 10 countries 1,700+ employees 2012 revenue: $309M BackgroundPerformance NetSuite for Today’s Manufacturers #1 Cloud ERP Suite © NetSuite Inc. 2013

3 The Evolution of a Manufacturing Business MRP Sales Order Management Accounting Warehousing © NetSuite Inc. 2013

4 …Leading to Pain for Manufacturers Business Complexity & Inefficiency Incomplete Business View Lack of Timely, Necessary Info Cost of Business Out of Control © NetSuite Inc. 2013

5 CEO MFGCRM+ FINANCIALS / ERP CFO Sales Rep/ Manager Ecommerce Manager Production Manager Shipping Manager Customers Vendors Partners SINGLE DATA SOURCE The Suite Solves Issues Created by the Manufacturing Hairball © NetSuite Inc. 2013

6 Streamlined, Dynamic Processes Complete Business View Anytime, Anywhere Access Low Costs of Operations NetSuite Enables the 21 st Century Manufacturing Business © NetSuite Inc. 2013

7 Manufacturing Requirements Driving Profitable Growth of Your Business Run the Business Profitable Growth Focus on the Customer Manufacturing Excellence Strategic Business Goals  Support for all business processes  Designed for mid-size and fast-growing Manufacturers  Integrated inventory, work orders, forecasting  360 o view  VMI and fulfillment  Renewals and retentions  Demand planning  Integrated production planning  Actual costing and backflush  Pricing and cash management  Integrating demand and inventory  Reduction of IT expenses  Real-time dashboards  Complete information  Industry’s best practices Run the Business Profitable Growth Focus on the Customer Manufacturing Excellence Strategic Business Goals © NetSuite Inc. 2013

8 NetSuite Delivers Tangible Benefits for Manufacturers Improvement areaBusiness Result Improved InventoryCustomers using NetSuite reported inventory carrying reductions of an average of 20 percent. Improved Purchasing Productivity Manufacturers using NetSuite were able to improve the productivity of purchasers by an average of 35 percent. Reduced IT CostsNetSuite often displaced at least two on-premise applications and their related support costs. Improved SalesManufacturers on NetSuite reported sales increases of up to 25 percent as a result of improved e-commerce capabilities, increased customer satisfaction, and more productive, informed salespeople. Improved MarginsVisibility into pricing, availability, and demand, and the ability to quickly make price adjustments by product or class, enabled customers to actively manage margins, both in purchase negotiations and sales Source: Nucleus Research © NetSuite Inc. 2013

9 Manufacturing Ecosystem Shop Floor SilkRoad TribeHR NOVAtime HR Other RightAnswers © NetSuite Inc. 2013

10 Manufacturing Success © NetSuite Inc. 2013

11 Learn More About NetSuite © NetSuite Inc. 2013

12 APPENDIX © NetSuite Inc. 2013

13 Supporting Real Manufacturing Natively 13 Demand Planning Standard Cost Editable WO Available to Promise WIP Tracking Routings © NetSuite Inc. 2013

14 Demand Planning Maintain just the right amount of inventory to effectively meet demand Reduce your time spent planning inventory Built in functionality to create demand and supply plans Integrated CRM provides for demand plan based on sales forecast

15 Demand Planning: Supply Plan Easily turn plans into action by turning inventory plans into actual work orders and purchase orders © NetSuite Inc. 2013

16 Standard Costing Expands cost accounting capabilities beyond LIFO, FIFO and Average with Standard Cost More easily identify cost-saving opportunities in production and procurement © NetSuite Inc. 2013

17 Available-to-Promise Clear visibility into projected ship date during quote and order process Check Item Availability easily accessible from a quote, order or from the item record Expected Ship Date Quantity on Hand Quantity Available Quantity Committed Lead Time Instant view into: © NetSuite Inc. 2013

18 Manufacturing Work In Process Minimize inventory holding cost, prevent stockouts, and maximize efficiency Track manufacturing activities more closely with a new multi-step process: Work Order Issue, Work Order Completion, and Work Order Close WIP revaluation ensures WIP account is up-to-date when standard cost changes © NetSuite Inc. 2013

19 BOM Effectivity Dating Easily manage changes to components so you plan, purchase, use, and cost with the right components at that time Specify Effective Dates and Obsolete Dates by individual components or in Revision groups Project standard cost of assembly cost with future revisions in the cost rollup process. © NetSuite Inc. 2013

20 Production managers can define scheduling parameters such as setup time and run rates for each operation Roll-up standard costs using assigned operations Manufacturing Routing & Scheduling © NetSuite Inc. 2013

21 Manufacturing Routing & Scheduling © NetSuite Inc. 2013 Operational Planner/ Production Manager Create complex assemblies with multiple steps Establish supply plan based on manufacturing scheduling requirements Production Manager Schedule and assign work centers to operations Record progress of activities Record actual machine and labor times Cost Accountant Assign labor and machine overheads Develop costing templates Track cost variances

22 Labor and Machine Time Entry When users are recording completions for an order with routing, a new operations tab appears for recording time and quantities completed against the operation task © NetSuite Inc. 2013

23 Introducing NetSuite 2013 Release 1 – Built to Drive Greater Efficiency, Sales, and Success For manufacturers and distributors, powerful new production routing & scheduling capabilities plus enhancements to demand planning and shipping help you optimize your operations and increase productivity Manage and file taxes for OneWorld and global businesses more easily with enhanced tax period management and electronic filing in eight new countries New SuiteCommerce Advanced Storefront enables you to create rich, engaging shopping experiences across any customer touchpoint Clean list data is the cornerstone to effective marketing – leverage improved data management to get the most your campaigns Your employees can collaborate and communicate better than ever before with new improvements to SuiteSocial Carry secure data access to NetSuite in the palm of your hand with new two- factor authentication built on the industry-leading RSA SecureID platform Perfectly tailor printed and emailed transactions with Advanced Transaction Printing and build new customizations and applications more quickly with the enhanced SuiteCloud IDE © NetSuite Inc. 2013 23

24 Additional Features in 2013.1 © NetSuite Inc. 2013 Component Where Used Inquiry Improved Support for Subassembly Planning Periodic Lot Sizing Hazardous Materials Shipping Enhanced Visibility into Commissions Improved Tracking for Employee Related Changes Effectivity Dates for Payroll Enhanced Global Payment Management New Payment Gateway for Asia ERP More Efficient Sandbox Management SuiteBundler: More Efficient SuiteApp Upgrade Management SuiteBundler: Audit Trail for SuiteApps SuiteBundler: Phased Release for Managed SuiteApps SuiteBuilder: System Notes on Customization Objects SuiteBuilder: Run as Role Option SuiteScript: Expose User Preferences SuiteScript: Advanced Scheduled Script Management SuiteFlow: Time Triggered Actions SuiteFlow: Copy and Move Actions SuiteFlow: Support for Multi-Select Fields SuiteCloud Platform Enhanced Report Management Enhanced Auditability for Saved Search and Reports Business Intelligence

25 Overview ‒ Manufacturer of gastroenterology devices ‒ Founded in 2008 ‒ 140 Employees ‒ Based in Alpharetta, GA ‒ Replaced Quickbooks ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Inadequate functionality to handle growth Zero inventory and manufacturing controls Complex supply chain: China, Korea, EU, USA NetSuite Benefits Fully implemented in two months NetSuite webstore delivers 15% of revenue Configured Case Management for FDA compliance Reduced 4 FTE IT staff and $8K per user license vs. on-premise solution 300% Annual Growth and FDA Compliance with NetSuite NetSuite is the only Cloud based solution that was built from the ground up., Great Plains and SAP BBD are all patch-up solutions. “ ” © NetSuite Inc. 2013

26 Overview ‒ Manufacturer of automotive oil ‒ Based in St. Louis, MO ‒ Founded in 1839 ‒ NetSuite Replaced AS/400 ‒ Chose NetSuite over SAP and Microsoft GP ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, Order Management, Purchasing, Inventory, and CRM Challenges Company growth outpaced 25-year-old AS/400 system Cumbersome manual processes slowed customer shipments Larger customers were requesting automated order and payment methods NetSuite Benefits Web-based software strengthens Schaeffer's competitive advantage Customer shipping time improved from 2.5 days to 1 day, with more accuracy Use of EDI order entry grew from 30% to 70% of orders EFT payments grew from 2% to 15% of orders Saved $100,000 Annually on Programming Costs Alone We were becoming a big company, but we couldn't afford a big, integrated ERP system. With NetSuite our competitive advantage is strengthened. ” “ © NetSuite Inc. 2013

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