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Ivan Tuháček UIC ERTMS World Conference, Istanbul 2014

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1 Ivan Tuháček UIC ERTMS World Conference, Istanbul 2014
Experiences gained from on-going project on ETCS L2 on the line sections Kolín-Břeclav (a TEN-T corridor) Ivan Tuháček UIC ERTMS World Conference, Istanbul 2014 1

Leading Central Europe supplier of Control, Command, Signalling and Telecommunication equipment for transportation, providing full lifecycle product services 60 years tradition on railway market Czech capital and stability of the renowned company Core business areas Railway transportation Road transportation Telecommunications Metro 1700 employees, turnover >200 mil. EUR Member of UNIFE and UNISIG (since full member) SHIFT²RAIL co-founder UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

3 CZECH ERTMS NETWORK Děčín Česká Třebová Praha Kolín Brno Břeclav
GSM-R implemented Germany Děčín Česká Třebová ETCS L2 Kolín-Břeclav Poland ETCS L2 + GSM-R design under preparation Praha Kolín ETCS L2 Under preparation Slovak Rep. Brno Břeclav Austria Slovak Rep. UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

4 Introduction of the Project Kolín- Břeclav
TEN-T Corridor No. 4 – section Kolín - Břeclav KOLÍN ČESKÁ TŘEBOVÁ PARDUBICE Line to be equipped with ETCS L2 Branch lines with automatic “dynamic” transition to ETCS L2 Branch lines with static transition to ETCS L2 BRNO Note: Railway node Brno excluded for the time being BŘECLAV SLOVAK REPUBLIC AUSTRIA UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

5 Project’s key data Unique track mapping methodology developed
Section Kolín-Břeclav-state border Austria/Slovakia - part of the Pan-European corridor IV, Czech Republic, EU Tender floated 06/2011, contract awarded 06/2012, commissioning scheduled for the end of 2014 Length 277 km double track, 3250 balises to be placed 8 RBCs to be installed, all centralized at one place Mixed traffic of ETCS fitted and non-fitted trains AZD furnished its own ERTMS measuring car Unique track mapping methodology developed Special national functions above ERTMS spec. implemented UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

6 Technical highlights Fully own AZD ETCS L2 solution
ETCS L2 according to specs d (Baseline 2) Level 2 “dynamic” cross border handover Czech R. to Austria without any RBC-RBC communication Each RBC shall serve more than 60 ETCS trains, key management system and key distribution systems features embedded There have been: 31 interlocking systems of three types to be interfaced Four types of open line signaling systems to be interfaced Three types of level crossing systems to be interfaced UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

7 Track mapping method Precise track mapping is for ETCS L2 an essential design preparatory activity A brand new track mapping method has been developed – recording video + odometric data + GPS position Device mounted on a vehicle Mapping activities: Manual colour marking objects of interests in the field Loco measuring runs (2 x each section) Offline data editing, processing and ETCS preparation design data All the track mapping activities already done UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

8 Track mapping pictures
Track No, location, measuring run No. Balise marker Virtual measuring link GPS data Odometer data UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

9 Mixed traffic Mixed traffic in this project means the system shall always manage both ERTMS equipped and non equipped trains, while any train fitted with ERTMS in failure is handled as a non-fitted one That brings: Non-fitted trains run as per existing conventional rules and signalling systems – not limited by ETCS rules RBC may not evaluate clearing a track section just based on the ETCS fitted train reports RBC will always estimate there is a non-fitted train ahead any ERTMS fitted one RBC needs enhanced algorithms for generating static speed profiles RBC software for mixed traffic is much more extensive and complex - in terms of development as well as safety assessment UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

10 Cross-border double track RBC-RBC handover
RBCAŽD RBCOBB Czech ETCS L2 Project connects to ETCS L2 „Nord Bahn“ line ÖBB, Austria Cross border section (6 km) single block, no intersection signals Only one train on each track in cross-border at one moment No communication RBC AŽD - RBC ÖBB foreseen GSM-R networks do overlap each other Handover process based on dynamical RBC zone entering/leaving procedures Train communication to new/departed RBCs initiated by a dedicated balise There is no need for any cross border RBC - RBC interconnection, while fluent train movement is achieved (2 GSM-R onboard units assumed) First time in Europe cross border handover of this type UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul

First section (1 RBC) already in service Testing of ETCS trackside equipment and GSM-R going on using own AZD ERTMS measuring car Safety and interoperability certification on the way Customization development of the AZD RBCs following functional test results Adaptations, modifications and interfacing of the conventional signalling systems Commissioning scheduled for end of 2014 UIC ERTMS WC 2014 Istanbul


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