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Competitive intelligence tools Last updated: January 2014

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1 Competitive intelligence tools Last updated: January 2014

2 Assembled here are over 300 competitive intelligence tools. Most of these are tools we have used ourselves at one time or another. We looked at 5,000+ tools from which we chose this shortlist. Not included are tools that may be interesting or look good, but provide no real usefulness. If we have not used them in our ten years of competitive intelligence, chances are that they are of little practical value. We will update this list regularly.

3 Annual reports and earnings calls NameURLDescriptionGeography African Financialshttp://www.africanfinancials.comAnnual reportsAfrica The Public Registerhttp://www.prars.comAnnual reportsUS Thomson Reuters Street Eventshttp://www.streetevents.comAnnual reports and earning calls transcriptsUS Yahoo! Finance Earnings Calls callsUS Seeking Alpha Earnings Calls Transcripts calls transcriptsUS Morningstar Document Researchhttp://documentresearch.morningstar.comSEC filingsUS EDGAR Full-Text Search MainAccess.jsp SEC filingsUS Wall Street Journal Annual Reports reportsWW Annual Reportshttp://www.annualreports.comAnnual reportsWW Public Register Annual Reportshttp://www.annualreportservice.comAnnual reportsWW Yahoo! Finance Conference Calls callsWW

4 Company profiles NameURLDescriptionGeography Companies Register - AU registrations and filingsAU Companies Register - CA =1&tagid=&profileId=&rstBtn.x=b Company registrations and filingsCA SEDARhttp://www.sedar.comFilings for listed companiesCA China Company Research Serviceshttp://www.ccrs.infoCompany profilesCN Companies Register - DEhttp://www.handelsregister.deCompany registrations and filingsDE Companies Register - DEhttp://www.unternehmensregister.deCompany registrations and filingsDE Companies Register - ES registrations and filingsES Companies Register - EShttps://www.registradores.orgCompany registrations and filingsES GBRDirecthttp://www.globalbusinessregister.comCompany registrations and filingsEU Companies Register - FR registrations and filingsFR Companies Register - HK registrations and filingsHK Companies Register - IEhttp://www.cro.ieCompany registrations and filingsIE EDINEThttp://info.edinet-fsa.go.jpFilings for listed companiesJP Mizuho Securities http://www.mizuho- Filings for listed companiesJP Companies Register - MXhttp://www.siem.gob.mxCompany registrations and filingsMX Companies Register - SG registrations and filingsSG Companies Register - UK registrations and filingsUK Footnotedhttp://www.footnoted.comAnalysis of US listed company filingsUS ReferenceUSAhttp://www.referenceusa.comCompany profilesUS CloserLook Empower http:/ roundcheck.aspx Company profilesUS Corporate Affiliationshttp://www.corporateaffiliations.comExecutives and their connectionsUS SEC filingsUS Trefishttp://www.trefis.comCompany financials, projected by product lineWW Bureau van Dijkhttp://www.bvdep.comCompany profilesWW Hoovershttp://www.hoovers.comCompany profilesWW Mantahttp://www.manta.comCompany profilesWW Minthttp://www.mintbusinessinfo.comCompany profilesWW Open Corporateshttp://www.opencorporates.comCompany profilesWW Transnationale.orghttp://www.transnationale.orgCompany profilesWW Companies Register - WW http://www.commercial- Company registrations and filingsWW Companies Register - WW ml#reg Company registrations and filingsWW Mergent Online bout Company registrations and filingsWW Croctail/Corpwatchhttp://croctail.corpwatch.orgCompany structuresWW CJR owns what, among media companiesWW

5 Company profiles (by US state) NameURLDescriptionGeography Companies Register - US - AK h.aspx?mode=Corp Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - AK Companies Register - US - AL ea=Business%20Entity Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - AL Companies Register - US - AR registrations and filings - US stateUS - AR Companies Register - US - AZ oker1/main.p Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - AZ Companies Register - US - CA registrations and filings - US stateUS - CA Companies Register - US - CO Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - CO Companies Register - US - CT registrations and filings - US stateUS - CT Companies Register - US - DChttps://corp.dcra.dc.govCompany registrations and filings - US stateUS - DC Companies Register - US - DE registrations and filings - US stateUS - DE Companies Register - US - FL registrations and filings - US stateUS - FL Companies Register - US - GA m Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - GA Companies Register - US - HI registrations and filings - US stateUS - HI Companies Register - US - IA registrations and filings - US stateUS - IA Companies Register - US - ID ml Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - ID Companies Register - US - IL registrations and filings - US stateUS - IL Companies Register - US - IN ml Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - IN Companies Register - US - KS registrations and filings - US stateUS - KS Companies Register - US - KY registrations and filings - US stateUS - KY Companies Register - US - LA registrations and filings - US stateUS - LA Companies Register - US - MA earchinput.asp Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - MA Companies Register - US - MD Charter/CharterSearch_f.aspx Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - MD Companies Register - US - ME registrations and filings - US stateUS - ME Companies Register - US - MI registrations and filings - US stateUS - MI Companies Register - US - MN registrations and filings - US stateUS - MN Companies Register - US - MO sp Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - MO Companies Register - US - MS registrations and filings - US stateUS - MS

6 Company profiles (by US state) II NameURLDescriptionGeography Companies Register - US - MT registrations and filings - US stateUS - MT Companies Register - US - NC aspx Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - NC Companies Register - US - ND registrations and filings - US stateUS - ND Companies Register - US - NE registrations and filings - US stateUS - NE Companies Register - US - NH registrations and filings - US stateUS - NH Companies Register - US - NJ registrations and filings - US stateUS - NJ Companies Register - US - NM registrations and filings - US stateUS - NM Companies Register - US - NY registrations and filings - US stateUS - NY Companies Register - US - OH,5 8664,35_58675&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - OH Companies Register - US - OK registrations and filings - US stateUS - OK Companies Register - US - ORhttp://www.filinginoregon.comCompany registrations and filings - US stateUS - OR Companies Register - US - PAhttp:/ registrations and filings - US stateUS - PA Companies Register - US - RI of_State_Corporation_Search/ Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - RI Companies Register - US - SC registrations and filings - US stateUS - SC Companies Register - US - SD aspx Company registrations and filings - US stateUS - SD Companies Register - US - TN registrations and filings - US stateUS - TN Companies Register - US - TX registrations and filings - US stateUS - TX Companies Register - US - UT registrations and filings - US stateUS - UT Companies Register - US - VAhttp://cisiweb.scc.virginia.govCompany registrations and filings - US stateUS - VA Companies Register - US - WT registrations and filings - US stateUS - VT Companies Register - US - WA registrations and filings - US stateUS - WA Companies Register - US - WI registrations and filings - US stateUS - WI Companies Register - US - WV registrations and filings - US stateUS - WV Companies Register - US - WY registrations and filings - US stateUS - WY

7 Data manipulation NameURLDescriptionGeography I-Metrix of SEC filings dataWW Maltego your own dataWW Digimindhttp://www.digimind.comCompetitive intelligence softwareWW Spotfirehttp://spotfire.tibco.comData manipulationWW 80 Legshttp://www.80legs.comData manipulationWW Connotatehttp://www.connotate.comData manipulationWW RightGrabberhttp://www.rightgrabber.comData manipulationWW Wanted Technologieshttp://www.wantedtech.comData manipulationWW Mechanical Turkhttp://www.mturk.comSemi-automated task distributionWW Diigohttp://www.diigo.comWebsite annotation and web stickiesWW BatchGeohttp://www.batchgeo.comMapping bulk locationsWW

8 Domain information NameURLDescriptionGeography Wayback Machinehttp://www.archive.orgArchived copies of websitesWW Email analysis email-sending organisationsWW Fireclickhttp://index.fireclick.comConversion/clickthrough benchmarksWW gWebToolshttp://whois.gwebtools.deDomain and website intelligenceWW About This Sitehttp://www.abouthisite.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Alexahttp://www.alexa.comDomain and website intelligenceWW All Whoishttp://www.allwhois.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Authority Labshttp://www.authoritylabs.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Builtwithhttp://www.builtwith.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Domain Dossierhttp://www.centralops.netDomain and website intelligenceWW Competehttp://www.compete.comDomain and website intelligenceWW DNSstuffhttp://www.dnsstuff.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Domain Crawlerhttp://www.domaincrawler.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Domain Toolshttp://www.domaintools.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Domain Typerhttp://www.domaintyper.comDomain and website intelligenceWW myIPneighborshttp://www.myipneighbors.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Open Site Explorerhttp://www.opensiteexplorer.orgDomain and website intelligenceWW Quantcasthttp://www.quantcast.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Stat My Webhttp://www.statmyweb.comDomain and website intelligenceWW Magic-Net informationWW Robtex informationWW IP Lookup address lookupWW IP Addresshttp://www.ip-adress.comIP address lookupWW

9 Employees NameURLDescriptionGeography Free 5500http://www.free5500.comPension & Benefits filingsUS CB Salaryhttp://www.cbsalary.comSalary benchmarkingUS Indeed benchmarkingUS Job-Salary benchmarkingUS JobStar benchmarkingUS Kenexa benchmarkingUS Salary.com benchmarkingUS Simply Hired benchmarkingUS mpanySearch.aspx Salary for named executivesUS Glassdoorhttp://www.glassdoor.comCompanies reviewed by their employeesWW Vaulthttp://www.vault.comCompanies reviewed by their employeesWW IDExechttp://www.idexec.comContact details for employeesWW Jigsawhttp://www.jigsaw.comContact details for employeesWW PayScale Taleohttp://www.taleo.comJobs, salary and HR databaseWW CogMaphttp://www.cogmap.comOrg chartsWW SalesQuest chartsWW The Official Boardhttp://www.theofficialboard.comOrg chartsWW LinkedInhttp://www.linkedin.comSocial network for professionalsWW

10 Experts NameURLDescriptionGeography LegalHub Expert Pageshttp://www.expertpages.comExpertsUS Intotahttp://www.intota.comExpertsUS ProfNethttp:/ Quorahttp://www.quora.comQ&A websiteWW

11 Funding and IPOs NameURLDescriptionGeography EDGAR IPOshttp://pro.edgar-online.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipUS Hoovers IPOs, IPOs and equity ownershipUS IPO Monitorhttp://www.ipomonitor.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipUS Zephyrhttp://www.mandaportal.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipUS Corpfinhttp://www.corpfinworldwide.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipWW Dow Jones, IPOs and equity ownershipWW Factsethttp://www.factset.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipWW The Dealhttp://www.thedeal.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipWW Venture Sourcehttp://www.venturesource.comFunding, IPOs and equity ownershipWW

12 Government spend NameURLDescriptionGeography UK Freedom of Informationhttp://www.whatdotheyknow.comSubmit UK Freedom of Information requestsUK IHS spending and contractsUS FedSpendinghttp://www.fedspending.orgGovernment spendUS Subsidy tracker spendUS GovWin spendUS GSA Advantagehttp://www.gsaadvantage.govGovernment spendUS Onviahttp://www.onvia.comGovernment spendUS USA Spendinghttp://www.usaspending.govGovernment spendUS FPDS spendUS US Freedom of Informationhttp://www.foia.govSubmit US Freedom of Information requestsUS

13 Jobs NameURLDescriptionGeography Careerbuilderhttp://www.careerbuilder.comJobsWW Indeedhttp://www.indeed.comJobsWW Monster Simply Hiredhttp://www.simplyhired.comJobsWW

14 Legal NameURLDescriptionGeography Casetrackhttp://www.casetrack.comCourt reportsUK CourtServehttp://www.courtserve.netLegalUK Westlaw CourtExpresshttp://www.courtexpress.westlaw.comCourt reportsUS LexisNexis CourtLinkhttp://www.courtlink.comCourt reportsUS CourtListenerhttp://www.courtlistener.comCourt reportsUS Justia Docketshttp://www.dockets.justia.comCourt reportsUS PACERhttps://pacer.login.uscourts.govCourt reportsUS WestLaw research toolsUS Lexis Nexis records & court reportsUS

15 Marketing spend NameURLDescriptionGeography Outdoor Media Centre ges/creativeShowcase/Outdoor_Creative_Showcase Ad executions - outdoorUK UK TV Advertshttp://www.uktvadverts.comAd executions - TVUK Who Is Mailing Whathttp://www.whosmailingwhat.comAd executions - direct mailUS USA TV Adshttp://www.usatvads.comAd executions - TVUS Advertising Research Foundationhttp://www.thearf.orgMarketing spendUS AdForumhttp://www.adforum.comAd executionsWW AdWeek executionsWW BestAdsonTVhttp://www.bestadsontv.comAd executionsWW Critical Mentionhttp://www.criticalmention.comAd executionsWW I Have An Ideahttp://www.ihaveanidea.orgAd executionsWW Moathttp://www.moat.comAd executionsWW TV Eyeshttp://www.tveyes.comAd executionsWW Visit4infohttp://www.visit4info.comAd executionsWW Adverlicioushttp://www.adverlicio.usAd executions - onlineWW AdTuneshttp://www.adtunes.comAd executions - TVWW TellyAdshttp://www.tellyads.comAd executions - TVWW KeyCompetehttp://www.keycompete.comKeyword analysis for brandsWW Ad Factshttp://www.adfacts.comMarketing spend and ad executionsWW Compere Mediahttp://www.comperemedia.comMarketing spend and ad executionsWW Xtreme spend and ad executionsWW Kantar Media spend and ad executionsWW MyDigitalNewspaperhttp://www.mydigitalnewspaper.comMarketing spend and ad executions - printWW AdGooroohttp://www.adgooroo.comMarketing spend and ad executions - searchWW iSpionagehttp://www.ispionage.comMarketing spend and ad executions - searchWW SEMRushhttp://www.semrush.comMarketing spend and ad executions - searchWW SpyFuhttp://www.spyfu.comMarketing spend and ad executions - searchWW Sponsorshiphttp://www.sponsorship.comMarketing spend and ad executions - sponsorshipsWW Creativity Online executionsWW

16 Multiple services NameURLDescriptionGeography Dun & Bradstreethttp://www.dnb.comMultiple servicesWW Dow Joneshttp://www.dowjones.comMultiple servicesWW LexisNexishttp://www.lexisnexis.comMultiple servicesWW Thomson Reutershttp://www.thomsonreuters.comMultiple servicesWW

17 News NameURLDescriptionGeography NewsLibraryhttp://www.newslibrary.comNewsUS AllYouCanReadhttp://www.allyoucanread.comNewsWW Factiva Google News Moreoverhttp://www.moreover.comNewsWW NewsGatorhttp://www.newsgator.comNewsWW AJR NewsLinkhttp://www.newslink.orgNewsWW Newslookuphttp://www.newslookup.comNewsWW Newspaper Indexhttp://www.newspaperindex.comNewsWW Newspaper Maphttp://www.newspapermap.comNewsWW Newspapers.comhttp://www.newspapers.comNewsWW OnlineNewspapers.comhttp://www.onlinenewspapers.comNewsWW Press Displayhttp://www.pressdisplay.comNewsWW PR Newswirehttp://www.prnewswire.comNewsWW Topixhttp://www.topix.comNewsWW World Newshttp://www.worldnews.comNewsWW CyberAlerthttp://www.cyberalert.comNews - monitoringWW Dialog NewsRoom - monitoringWW Google Trends - monitoringWW Webclipping.comhttp://www.webclipping.comNews - monitoringWW

18 Patent search NameURLDescriptionGeography Asian patent search patent searchAsia Patent Office - Canada cipo/cpd/eng/introduction.html Patent OfficeCA Patent Office - Germany OfficeDE Patent Office - India aspx Indian patentsIN Patent Office - UShttp://patft.uspto.govPatent OfficeUS Chipworkshttp://www.chipworks.comIntellectual property in electronics productsWW FreePatentsOnlinehttp://www.freepatentsonline.comPatent alerts serviceWW Patent Office - Europe OfficeWW Delphionhttp://www.delphion.comPatentsWW Dialoghttp://www.dialogselect.comPatentsWW Google Patent Search Knowledge Expresshttp://www.knowledgeexpress.comPatentsWW Aurekahttp://www.micropat.comPatentsWW QUESTEL-ORBIThttp://www.orbit.comPatentsWW PatentLenshttp://www.patentlens.netPatentsWW Technology Transfer Tacticshttp://www.technologytransfertactics.comPatentsWW WIPO

19 People search NameURLDescriptionGeography 192http://www.192.comPeople searchUK AnyWhohttp://www.anywho.comAT&T White PagesUS Superpages.comhttp://people.superpages.comPeople searchUS Inteliushttp://www.intelius.comPeople searchUS PeopleSearchhttp://www.peoplesearch.netPeople searchUS Spokeohttp://www.spokeo.comPeople searchUS USA People Searchhttp://www.usa-people-search.comPeople searchUS Recordspediahttp://www.recordspedia.comPublic recordsUS Zoominfohttp://www.zoominfo.comBusiness searchWW 123peoplehttp://www.123people.comPeople searchWW Piplhttp://www.pipl.comPeople searchWW Snitch.Namehttp://www.snitch.namePeople searchWW Virtual Gumshoehttp://www.virtualgumshoe.comPeople searchWW International Yellow & White Pageshttp://www.wayp.comPeople searchWW Winkhttp://www.wink.comPeople searchWW Infobel directories from around the worldWW

20 Search NameURLDescriptionGeography Faganfinder searchWW Google Blog Search searchWW Technoratihttp://www.technorati.comBlog searchWW Deep Dyvehttp://www.deepdyve.comDeep web searchWW Blekkohttp://www.blekko.comGeneral searchWW Duckduckgohttp://www.duckduckgo.comGeneral searchWW TinEyehttp://www.tineye.comImage searchWW Google Insights for Search patterns around the worldWW Carrot2 Clustyhttp://www.clusty.comVisual/ClusteringWW Cluuzhttp://www.cluuz.comVisual/ClusteringWW iBoogiehttp://www.iboogie.comVisual/ClusteringWW iSeek iZitohttp://www.izito.comVisual/ClusteringWW Spezifyhttp://www.spezify.comVisual/ClusteringWW TouchGraph Google Browser WebClusthttp://www.webclust.comVisual/ClusteringWW 123camhttp://www.123cam.comWebcamsWW

21 Social media NameURLDescriptionGeography Big Boardshttp://www.big-boards.comForum searchWW Boardreaderhttp://www.boardreader.comForum searchWW Omgilihttp://www.omgili.comForum searchWW BackTweetshttp://www.backtweets.comHow many people a Twitter account reachesWW Creepy people through their tweetsWW iPerceptionshttp://www.iperceptions.comMeasure what customers say online about a brandWW TweetAlarmhttp://www.tweetalarm.comMonitor activity around keywords on TwitterWW Tweetbeephttp://www.tweetbeep.comMonitor activity around keywords on TwitterWW Twilerthttp://www.twilert.comMonitor activity around keywords on TwitterWW Zentralityhttp://www.zentrality.comSocial media analysisWW Social Mentionhttp://www.socialmention.comSocial media searchWW Topsyhttp://www.topsy.comSocial media searchWW Who’s Talkinhttp://www.whostalkin.comSocial media searchWW Klouthttp://www.klout.comTrack how influential a Twitter account isWW Twitter Search analysisWW FollowerWonkhttp://www.followerwonk.comTwitter analysisWW Opinion Crawlhttp://www.opinioncrawl.comTwitter analysisWW Truthy analysisWW Tweetfeelhttp://www.tweetfeel.comTwitter analysisWW Tweetstatshttp://www.tweetstats.comTwitter analysisWW Twiangulate analysisWW Twitter Sentimenthttp://www.twittersentiment.appspot.comTwitter analysisWW Twellowhttp://www.twellow.comTwitter directoryWW Tweetadderhttp://www.tweetadder.comTwitter searchWW Wordlehttp://www.wordle.netWord cloudsWW

22 Suppliers and import/export NameURLDescriptionGeography Wer liefert was?http://www.wlw.deDirectory of suppliersEU Applegate of suppliersUK Approvedindex of suppliersUK MacRAE's Blue Bookhttp://www.macraesbluebook.comDirectory of suppliersUS ThomasNethttp://www.thomasnet.comDirectory of suppliersUS Websters Onlinehttp://www.webstersonline.comDirectory of suppliersUS Global Sourceshttp://www.globalsources.comDirectory of suppliersWW GlobalSpechttp://www.globalspec.comDirectory of suppliersWW Kompasshttp://www.kompass.comDirectory of suppliersWW Solusource of suppliersWW Alibaba of suppliersWW Import Geniushttp://www.importgenius.comImports by companyWW FreightDesk by companyWW Panjivahttp://www.panjiva.comImports by companyWW PIERShttp://www.piers.comImports by companyWW Zepolhttp://www.zepol.comImports by companyWW Datamynehttp://www.datamyne.comInternational tradeWW PortFocushttp://www.portfocus.comPorts informationWW

23 Trade shows and conferences NameURLDescriptionGeography Conventions.net shows and conferencesWW Expo Databasehttp://www.expodatabase.comTrade shows and conferencesWW Trade Shows News Networkhttp://www.tsnn.comTrade shows and conferencesWW

24 Website monitoring NameURLDescriptionGeography ChangeDetecthttp://www.changedetect.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Change Detectionhttp://www.changedetection.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Femtoohttp://www.femtoo.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Follow That Pagehttp://www.followthatpage.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Infominderhttp://www.infominder.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Update Patrolhttp://www.updatepatrol.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW Watch That Pagehttp://www.watchthatpage.comMonitor changes in web pagesWW

25 Other NameURLDescriptionGeography TheyRulehttp://www.theyrule.netRelationships between companiesUS Recorded Futurehttp://www.recordedfuture.comPrediction of future eventsWW AggDatahttp://www.aggdata.comListing of companies’ retail locationsUS

26 Thank you to the sources used for this list:!emmarket.html$file/Rapport-veille-juillet2010public.pdf Credits

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