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Michigan-California Timber Company DIRK EMBREE (530) 842-2310

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1 Michigan-California Timber Company DIRK EMBREE (530) 842-2310

2 MCTC BACKGROUND MCTC is an affiliate of Timber Products TP has eight mills in four states TP is headquartered in Springfield, OR Employ approximately 960 MCTC manages the timberlands MCTC is headquartered in Yreka, CA

3 NSO Range and MCTC Ownership

4 MCTC Vicinity Map

5 MCTC OVERVIEW Approximately 114,000 acres Acquired in 1994 Checkerboard pattern Located on the edge of the NSO’s range Elevations range from around 2000’ to over 8,000’ above sea level Timbered stands are mostly Klamath mixed conifer, ponderosa pine, and true fir

6 HISTORY Railroad land grants Multiple owners Logging began in the 1930’s Heavy logging in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Several large wildfires

7 CURRENT MANAGEMENT Sustainably managed under Option A (CCR 933.11) Utilize both even and unevenaged management Retain bioforestry patches in evenaged units Retain key habitat elements Manage for a variety of wildlife, fish and plant species Ownership supports a wealth of natural resources

8 NSO REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Spotted Owl Management Plan (939.9(e)) Updated and Reauthorized March 29, 2013 Valid for five years

9 HABITAT CONSERVATION Modified version of the FWS habitat standard Implement 0.5 mile core areas around AC’s Retain designated NSO habitat in abiotically favorable locations within core areas and watershed Implement standard seasonal restrictions and disturbance buffers for nesting birds

10 NSO SURVEYS Annual surveys completed since early 90’s Annually complete over 1200 station visits Completed 1,344 station visits in 2013

11 SURVEY PROTOCOL Adhere to the 2012 Survey Protocol Conduct six-visits out to 1.3 miles Conduct walk-ins to known Activity Centers Conduct follow-ups to determine location of nest or roost sites, and breeding status Determine reproductive output of our monitoring birds

12 SURVEY EFFORT Surveys are completed by in-house staff Two biologists and one technician All with relevant four-year degrees Over 25 years combined experience

13 OWL NUMBERS 55 known AC’s located within 0.5 miles of the ownership 84 known AC’s located within 1.3 miles of the ownership


15 OWL NUMBERS - Cont. In 2012, we reviewed all available NSO data for the 55 AC’s dating back to 2000 Included review of all NSO data forms, the State database, our in-house GIS database, and data provided by adjacent landowners Compiled data into a matrix, showing the status of each AC by year, if it was surveyed

16 OWL NUMBERS – Cont. Excluded data for an AC for a given year under the following circumstances: 1.Single nighttime only detections 2.Sites where barred owls were detected 3.Sites where data was not provided 4.Sites that were not surveyed

17 OWL NUMBERS – Cont. Occupancy data of the 55 owl sites located within 0.5 miles of the MCTC ownership between 2000 and 2013. YEAR 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 0910 11 1213Mean # of Sites Surveyed 313531343533283029252632242529.85 # of confirmed adult owls 21353627 2925 241523 221825 Mean #owls/site surveyed 0.681.171.160.790.770.880.890.83 0.600.880.720.92.720.86 # of sites occupied by ≥1 owls 1120 1715161314 81215121314 % of sites surveyed occupied by ≥1 owls 35%67%65%50%43%48%46%47%48%32%46%47%50%52%48%

18 MONITORING BIRDS Six original monitoring birds specified in the 2007 SOMP Nine monitoring birds in the 2013 SOMP All but one are located on MCTC Survey and obtain reproductive status on at least 5 each year

19 MCTC MONITORING SITES CAID20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013 *SK012NS2222222222222 SK051NT2222222222222 SK152000NCASI22222221unk1 SK39102222222222002 SK493222NCASI0000000000 SK541NCASI NT000NS02222 SK542212122NT1212021 SK5492NT222222 222BO SK5532222222220222NS # of NSO's811141114 12131211161110 2= pair, 1 = single, 0 = no owls detected, NT = nighttime detection only, BO = barred owl NS = not surveyed, NCASI = NCASI telemetry study, UNK = unknown strix *SK012 is not located on the MCTC Ownership

20 SUMMARY Based on review of available data associated with the 55 known activity centers located within 0.5 miles of the MCTC ownership, we have concluded that our owl population is dynamic, yet stable. Specific site occupancy is variable for some sites, while others show high levels of consistency Barred owls have displaced one of our monitoring sites, forcing the NSOs to relocate further up the drainage.

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