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HetnetIP Ethernet BackHaul Configuration Automation Demo.

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1 HetnetIP Ethernet BackHaul Configuration Automation Demo

2 Wireless Solution Overview  Managing hundreds/thousands of cell site routers (CSR)  Problem: easily integrate a new cell site router that is consistent with engineering design for VLAN, MPLS, BFD, and/or QoS settings. Enable traffic through the backhaul to the aggregation. Ethernet Backhaul eNodeB VMs Compute Switch Fabric EPC SGW PGW Internet Control Plane Data Plane Hetnet IP Backhaul Configuration and Management Access New CSR

3 Demonstration Overview  HetnetIP Lab setup: two devices, 1 modeled as CSR and 1 modeled as Aggregation Router.  Physically connected via ports GigabitEthernet 0/1 on each device.  Aggregation Router already configured with EBH VLAN 3500 and IP.  Demonstration will show VLAN Extension configuration and monitoring on CSR. EPC/3G Core EBH (MetroE, Fiber, Microwave etc) EBH (MetroE, Fiber, Microwave etc) Gi0/1 VLAN 3500 Agg1 Gi0/1 VLAN 3500 AggregationCSR Mgt IP: IP:

4 HetnetIP Demonstration 1. Device discovery – CSR 2. Assign to Group - CSRs 3. Backup CSR 4. Create VLAN and Bandwidth Monitor using a Work Order 5. Backup 6. Service Monitoring a) Dashboard to display monitors b) Manage Alarms 7. Create a Container to represent network topology for cell sites 4

5 1. Device Discovery Execute!

6 2. Assign to Group Right-click device under ‘Managed Assets’

7 3. Backup CSR Configuration File

8 4. Create VLAN and Bandwidth Monitor using a Work Order  Create VLAN extension from Core Aggregation router to CSRs (Data Plane VLAN) EPC/3G Core MetroE (VLAN mapping done at the PE) MetroE (VLAN mapping done at the PE) Gi0/1 VLAN 3500 Agg1 Gi0/1 VLAN 3500 AggregationCSR Bandwidth Monitor

9 5. Backup/Restore  File management will compare versions of config files  Restore can be selected on any version for rollback or viewing

10 6a. Bandwidth Monitor Graphs  Dashboard for monitor:

11 6b. Alarms  Alarms generated based on threshold settings on Bandwidth monitor:

12 7. Maps View  Maps View - Overall Topology

13 Customization Portal User enabled configuration and integration System Admin tools Network element Interface library Hetnet Core Architecture Performance Service Level 3GPP SON Legacy SON NFV SDN Fault Threshold crossing management Auto discovery Inventory Business Intelligence Asset Applications Real Time Applications Historical Applications Configuration Applications Web Based User Interface Multi-Tenant User Portal Automation Engine

14 Scalable Deployment Options  Single Server Deployment  All components installed on one physical computer  Distributed Deployment  Distribute any of the components (Application, Mediation, Databases and Clients  Clustered Deployment  All features of distributed deployment  Clustered application and mediation servers for load balancing  Clustered web server for load balancing and scale out  High Availability (HA) Deployment  All features of clustered deployment  Oracle RAC support via a database gateway

15 Supported Platforms  OS  Windows (XP, 2008, Vista, Windows 7)  Linux (RedHat 5 and 6)  Databases  MySQL (ships with MySQL)  Oracle (supports Oracle RAC)

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