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REAL.Group Enhance the life. Company Structure Real Group is the largest Russian distributor of premium electrical equipment and lighting fixtures.

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1 REAL.Group Enhance the life

2 Company Structure Real Group is the largest Russian distributor of premium electrical equipment and lighting fixtures. Real Group is the largest Russian distributor of premium electrical equipment and lighting fixtures. An unparalleled showroom in Moscow downtown. The facility includes a lighting fixtures showroom, as well. The showroom features the leading European brands and offers premium electrical equipment. Design services are also available European lighting fixture brands distribution across Russia. Equipment selection and delivery for large illumination technology projects. World electrical equipment brands distribution across Russia. Complete equipment delivery for large hotels, industrial and office facilities. The engineering company designs, delivers and installs ‘smart home’ systems, power supply equipment, switchgear and security systems. REAL.Group LOCAL OFFICE SAINT PETERSBURG LIFE OF LIGHT SHOWROOM LOCAL OFFICE YEKATERINBURG REAL.Electro REAL.Intellect REAL.Svet REAL.Group

3 Our Mission is Continuous Life Enhancement Our Philosophy CUSTOMERSPRODUCTSSERVICES Following the world electrical engineering and illumination technology trends Delivering perfectly designed and manufactured products Using advanced materials and technologies Developing own production capabilities Advanced control systems Ongoing personnel competence development Selecting and implementing new technologies and equipment Creating jobs for Russians at the company and at its vending partners High level of services Enhancing international business cooperation Compliance with laws and market ethics Successful partnerships Facilitating the partner business development REAL.Group

4 Advantages CUSTOMERSPRODUCTSSERVICES The largest selection of brands on the Russian market Exclusive brands and product lines supplied to Real Group only A large stock of products is readily available at the company's own warehouse Exclusive artist-made products are available The products have all the required approvals Efficient customer support service We have competent and experienced engineers and consultants who have been trained at the manufacturers' training centers and who have successfully implemented many projects All kinds of interior design, electrical and illumination engineering services Warranty covers all our works and services Efficient logistics, delivery ‘on demand’ Comprehensive solutions offered (from project design to components selection and installation) Complete delivery of various electrical and lighting products of various complexity for any facility (from industrial to private homes) Attractive commercial terms for our business partners Special deals for designers and architects REAL.Group

5 Tyumen Vladivostok Sochi Kemerovo Krasnoyarsk Omsk Naberezhnye Chelny Chelyabinsk Novosibirsk Irkutsk Volgograd Kazan Yaroslavl Krasnodar Perm Murmansk Magadan Khabarovsk St. Petersburg Moscow Yekaterinburg Ufa Saratov Nizhny Novgorod Samara Rostov-on-Don Izhevsk Tula Voronezh Kaliningrad Geographic Coverage Real Group has both its own sales offices and an elaborated dealership network in all Russian regions. We have over 5,000 partners*. * Only some key cities are marked on the map of Russia. We have implemented projects in Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well. The St. Petersburg Office Salova Str., 44, bld. 1, Liter I The Yekaterinburg Office Amundsen St., 107 Sales Offices Moscow Varshavskoye Sh., 17 Ostapovsky Pr., 22 REAL.Group

6 REAL.Electro Complete Electrical Equipment Delivery. Procurement services Real Electro is one of the largest electrical accessories suppliers. On the Russian market, it represents many famous brands: ABB, Art d’Arnould, Bticino, Cablofil, DEVI, Fontini, FEDE, GIRA, HAGER, JUNG, Legrand, OBO Bettermann, Quintela, Schneider Electric, VERGOKAN and DKС. The company offers a wide range of products from high quality LV equipment to power connection and distribution. The company's experts are highly competent and readily give recommendations concerning the equipment selection. The efficient and consistent performance of our professional team solves your problems in a high-quality and timely manner. The company strives to offer the best terms to its partners. All our customers enjoy dedicated loyalty programs and discounts; we offer special terms for large purchases. REAL.Group

7 REAL.Electro: Our Projects Kaspersky Lab office, Moscow Completion date: 2012 Equipment we use: electrical accessories ABB Busch Jaeger Eurasian Economic Commission Headquarters, Moscow Equipment we use: cable ducts and access doors from OBO Betterman Completion date: 2013 Hyatt Golden Horn Hotel, Vladivostok Equipment we use: Jung, Legrand, Devi Completion date: under construction Nikolskaya Kempinski Hotel, Moscow Completion date: 2012 Equipment we use: Zucchini bus bars Hyatt Burny Hotel, Vladivostok Equipment we use: Jung, Legrand, Devi Completion date: under construction Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow Equipment we use: Jung electrical accessories for reception areas, industrial АВВ connectors and waterproof Legrand Plexo wall outlets for kitchens Completion date: 2011 Find out more about projects we have implemented at REAL.Group

8 REAL.Svet Real Svet is one of the largest Russian distributors for over 350 European lighting fixture brands including Artemide, AXO Light, Baga, Donolux, Fabbian, Faustig, LEUCOS, FLOS, Kolarz, LineaLight, Masiero, Orion, Riperlamp, Sylcom and Schonbek. As a partner of the leading European interior, engineering, LED and outdoor lighting equipment manufacturers, Real Svet offers attractive pricing for a wide range of high-quality products either in stock or delivered in short time. The experience we have, the perfect knowledge of the lighting fixtures market, own design department and manufacturing facility have enabled Real Svet to develop lighting fixtures with Swarovski ® Elements that are marketed as Kantarel ®. Comprehensive Services: From Illumination Design to Procurement REAL.Group

9 REAL.Svet: Our Projects RITZ-CARLTON Hotel interior lighting, Moscow Real Svet has procured lighting fixtures from Swarovski, Austria, to the Ritz- Carlton Hotel. Over 5,500 Swarovski Vega pinpoint lights decorate the rooms, lobbies, halls, passages and stairways. SOHO ROOMS Nightclub, Moscow For this project, Real Svet has designed and manufactured an unparalleled spherical chandelier with 2,000 Swarovski ® crystals. The chandelier is over 3.5 m high, its diameter exceeds 1.2 m. The club's interior lighting includes about 1,000 m of LED strips. Lighting Equipment Procurement to the Omsk National Concert Hall Prearo and Possoni products have been used in the project. Custom-made wall-mounted lights have been used in the concert hall interior. GALLERY Nightclub, Cheboksary For this project, Real Svet has designed and manufactured a one-of-a- kind ‘fiber optic organ’. It is an unconventional lighting system comprising 300 various length Plexiglas pipes, 50 to 80 mm in diameter. The LED illumination is synchronized and is an integral part of the vibrant light show. iLed LED lights are used as primary light sources on the facade exterior, the porch wall and in the water pool. Learn more >> The hotel's lounge bar and spa are equipped with the StarSky fiber optic lighting. The ‘star sky’ over the spa pool includes fixtures (‘stars’) placed not only on the ceiling, but also on the pool bottom. Learn more >> The designers have proposed a great solution with Donolux LED strips that perfectly fit the ceiling lights, the wall-mounted lights and the Possoni lights. The stairs are illuminated with Donolux lights. Learn more >> Each pipe is illuminated with a batch of optic fibers 8 mm in diameter. Several ‘organ’ light strips have been installed under the 100 m concert hall's ceiling. The total strip length exceeds 2.5 km. Learn more >> Find out more about projects we have implemented at REAL.Group

10 REAL.Intellect Engineering systems automation, supervision and control Internal and external power supply and distribution systems development Packaged or custom-made transformer substations Security systems Electrical installation works Power supply installation, cabling Low current systems installation Transformer substations, distribution boards, etc. installation Safety, monitoring, utility control Complete project management Support and supervision Consulting and design development Obtaining design approvals from the Moscow State Electrical Power Supervision Board LV equipment, switchgear and controls installation Power supply and distribution upgrades Project DevelopmentInstallationOther Services REAL.Group

11 REAL.Intellect. Case Study: A Smart Residential Building Windows control Windows control Weather info Home appliances control Water supply control Heating control Burglar alert systems Occupancy simulation Motion detector Lighting control Generating alerts Remote control and monitoring HVAC control Distributed heating control Blinds and curtains control Smart home systems make any building – a private cottage, an office center, an industrial facility, a mall, a sports venue or a hospital – safe, cost-efficient, convenient, advanced, environment-friendly and easy to control. REAL.Group

12 REAL.Intellect: Our Projects Evropeisky Mall, Moscow Project Objective Audio and video broadcasting system control and signal distribution for the mall's food court outlets NTV PLUS (Skolkovo Space Communications Center), Moscow Project Objective: The radio relay station's 240 kW UPS upgrade SBERBANK of Russia, Moscow Project Objectives To provide centralized lighting control in the conference hall and the corporate restaurant. Implementation of various illumination options including a one-touch fading out of all lights in the conference hall Life of Light Showroom, Moscow Project Description: An upgrade project using AEG equipment has been developed (Real Intellect is an AEG Certified Installer). Equipment procurement and delivery. Installation and commissioning. Quarterly service and support on site. Project Description The project includes the equipment from NEC, KRAMER, Legrand, Beta-Cavi and Inverto. Equipment procurement and delivery. Installation and commissioning. After sales service and support on site. The control system is based on the KNX bus and includes components from Gira, ABB and Jung. The control room is equipped with a BusсhJaeger Electro color touch screen for centralized lighting control and activating various illumination options. The screen shows date, time and indoor temperature. The EIB/KNX system controls the multiroom WHD components. The primary HID controls are the wall- mounted Visiomatic visiPad touch screen, a portable tablet and a multipurpose remote control. Find out more about projects we have implemented at The project has won the KNX/EIB Best Project Contest in the Best KNX/EIB Technologies for Malls nomination. The facility is a lighting fixtures showroom. Since the number of lights is large (over 80), the primary requirement was easy lighting control. REAL.Group

13 Life of Light Showroom, Moscow Life of Light is an unmatched project on the world scale. The initial showroom concept is to present a set of ideas on using Swarovski ® crystals and fiber optic technologies as lighting fixtures and interior design elements. Life of Light is the first Russian showroom to obtain a Swarovski AG certification and the STRASS PARTNER SHOP status. Years after, the showroom concept was upgraded. Now it is a one-of-a-kind site combining a lighting fixtures showroom featuring leading European brands and a premium electrical equipment showroom. There is also a design department that serves designers, architects and private customers. REAL.Group

14 Life of Light Showroom, Moscow Design Department Illumination Projects: We develop all kinds of illumination projects 3D visualization of various lighting and design options Visual brightness distribution rendering Computer-aided design of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures Project specifications development for any budget Installation diagrams development Lighting fixtures installation Supervision REAL.Group

15 Life of Light Showroom, Moscow Design Department Electrical Engineering Projects: Lighting fixtures design options to meet the customer's needs Lighting and climate control, intercom systems development Power supply and distribution upgrades BOM development, equipment placement options evaluation Lighting control modes development Design and engineering services Supervised installation and commissioning REAL.Group

16 Brands Electrical Equipment Lighting Equipment and another 350 manufacturers… REAL.Group

17 Approvals. Industry Associations Real Group's business activities are licensed and certified. Our quality is backed with the СРО licenses, ISO 9001 compliance certificates and official dealer's certificates. The world class equipment and materials are GOST compliant. Real Intellect, a Real Group company, is a member of the ProfStoryGroup Association and the ISZTs- Project non-profit organization. REAL.Group

18 Headquarters: 17, Varshavskoye Shosse, bld. 1, Moscow Tel.: +7 (495) 786-39-03 (multichannel) Fax: +7 (495) 786-39-04 Web site: E-mail:

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