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Company smart ideas Click to add notes.

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1 Company smart ideas Click to add notes

2 Agenda Introduction Project benefits Showcase Target audience
Location of the company Comparing product to market Questions

3 Introduction: It is interesting Smart ideas Something beautiful
It is handy inexpensive

4 Project benefits Schools Offices Restaurants Video games shops Gifts



7 Price: $9.99 Per Two Pieces Smart Holder: H2

8 Target audience Commercial centres E-commerce / Internet Game Shops
supermarkets International Exhibitions Tourism places

9 Branches of the company
China – Main Location & Main Factory USA – Sales Branch Japan – Sales Branch

10 Price: $10.98 Product #1

11 Product #2 Price: $9.73

12 Price: $6.99 Product #3

13 Market Products Comparison

14 Thank you and I'll happy to answer any questions.

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