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 The LEVI Group has a long history on the Turkish market. It trades pharmaceuticals, chemicals, kitchenwares, ores and paper. The group has also the.

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2  The LEVI Group has a long history on the Turkish market. It trades pharmaceuticals, chemicals, kitchenwares, ores and paper. The group has also the honor to exclusively represent, since decades, various companies with worldwide reputation and to act as their Liaison Office on the Turkish market.  The group is active in manufacturing, mining, import and distribution as well as ISP services.  Mr. Henri LEVI, the President of the group, who developed the various activities of the group along with his associates is the grandson of Mr. Moise LEVI, who established LEVI’s initial company in 1880.


4  ATLAS ON-LINE INTERNET SERVICES  Atlas On-Line, founded in 1994, being one of the first Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Turkey is a long- established company in its field.  In Turkey, Atlas On-Line was: First provider of leased line. First to make a radio broadcast via Internet. First to provide a dial-up service with static IP. First to provide the auto dial back up service on 822 lines for leased line customers. First to provide its web hosting customers the possibility of remote controlling their mail servers.

5  ATLASTEK SOFTWARE  ATLASTEK is the result of an international joint venture between two corporations both specialized in providing web based technologies and software solutions to their clients.  ATLASTEK’s experience combined with its thorough understanding of the software market and licensing solutions enables us to provide you the best services.  ATLASTEK’s goal is to provide the finest software licensing and services solutions at the best price to its customers.

6  ATLAS ABRASIVES We are the leading manufacturer of abrasive belts in Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East since 1980. We use the highest qualities of abrasive cloths and machine papers produced by the leading European abrasive belt producers in Europe such as Saint Goben and manufacture our belts on the most modern and fully automatic machines.

7  INTERMUTFAK KITCHENWARE  Inter Mutfak Eşyaları Tic. A.Ş. is a company specialized in kitchenware founded in 1993. Its innovative approach, the young staff and the passion felt for kitchen made it today’s one of the market leaders.  Supplies leading manufacturer companies’ products around the world to Turkish chains and department stores. Distributor of Brabantia, Pedrini,Tescoma, Lock&Lock, TVS, Staub, Piral, Walther Glas.  It has 37 retain stores with the name of ‘Tantitoni’ all around Turkey.

8  KASTAMONU CHROME ORE  Kastamonu Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, is a mining company located in Kastamonu, the northern part of Turkey.  The company also has mines in different regions of Turkey and mainly invests in production & exportation of chrome ore lumpy and concentrate since its foundation.  As of moment there is exportation of 100.000 tons/year to China. With heavy investments, in the next 5 years, the company targets sales of 300.000 tons/year.

9  KİMYA DENİZ DIŞ TİCARET A. Ş.  It specializes in representing exclusively for Turkey leading producers of chemical products and solvents and to provide them its professional services.  The company also trades various chemical products, solvents and its derivatives which are purchased from Ukraine, Russia, China, India and sold to Turkey and various Mediterranean countries.

10  KROMAS MINING  KROMAS Mining Industry and Trade Co., has been established in Istanbul with the purpose of investing in mines and minerals within Turkey.  It is active mainly in Chrome ore, Manganese ore and Iron ore mining and exports from Turkey through its offices in Russia, China and Hong Kong.  KROMAS Co., has its operational center in Istanbul, warehouse and logistic operations in Gemlik, Mersin, Izmir, Iskenderun and Antalya.  Kromaş Madencilik is an ordinary member of ICDA.

11  POLYFILM Established in 1991, Poliset İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. is selling various photocopy papers, inkjet films used in textile, adhesive, semi- adhesive gloss and matte layer films, white paper foamboards, cold lamination films, backlit films and pet films for laser printing.

12  LEVI DIŞ TİCARET The company has the honor to represent, since decades, various companies with worldwide reputation and to provide them its professional services. The company’s shareholders and managers manage its various divisions. Divisions are separate from one another and experienced in their fields: ◦Pharmaceutical Division ◦Paper Division ◦Abrasive raw materials ◦Production lines and machines

13  Pharmaceutical Division:  Levi Dıs Ticaret A.S. – Pharmaceutical Division, founded in 1985, is a very dynamic and efficient department of the company leaded by experienced consultants specialized in the business of supplying APIs, intermediates, finished dosage forms and machinery for pharmaceutical and veterinary use from China and Korea.  We have also invested in China in partnership with WUXI HEXIA CHEMICAL COMPANY, and thus are able to investigate for the right source and offer a wide range of high quality raw materials from China at the most competitive prices. continued…

14  Pharmaceutical Division: Levi Dıs Ticaret A.S. has also the honor to represent exclusively on the Turkish market SUHEUNG CAPSULE CO. LTD, world's leading manufacturer and exporter of empty hard and soft gelatin capsules.

15  Chemicals and Minerals Division: LDT has the honor to exclusively represent for Turkey, since four decades, the world’s leading Treibacher Schelifmittel GmbH Aluminum Oxide producer Treibacher Schelifmittel GmbH Umicore Zinc Chemicals. and Zinc oxide producer Umicore Zinc Chemicals.

16  Paper Division:  Paper Division: The paper division is active in various papers, including specialty papers and exclusively represents various leading producers of papers for the Turkish market, located in various countries all over the world.

17  Production lines and machines: Chinese machines  Production lines and machines: LDT has the honor to represent in Turkey various leading Chinese machines which produce complete production lines for the pharmaceutical, beverages, food processing, comestible and industrial oils and many other lines.

18 Wuxi and Guangdong (China) in Moscow (Russia)  Professional services are provided by LDT to its customers due to its close contacts with its business partners located in Wuxi and Guangdong (China) and in Moscow (Russia).  The group is well known since long years by all Turkish banks, by the commercial delegations of foreign countries in Turkey, as well as by leading commercial and financial institutions.

19  VISION AND MISSION  Our vision  Our vision is to be open to innovation and change, providing our customers best products and services satisfying their needs by most suitable solutions and to assure and improve our standing in International markets.  Our mission  Our mission is to reach a high standard product and service network by meeting the demands of our manufacturers, employers and customers in order to assure the sustainability in our business.

20  QUALITY CONTROL  Since the foundation of our company, providing high quality products and services is our main objective.  Quality Control Department  LEVI Group has a quality control department in its organization to evaluate the quality of the products and give its clients immediate replies about their problems related with the products and services provided to them.

21 LEVI GROUP  With regard to LEVI GROUP’s innovative character we would be extremely pleasant to cooperate with you.  Thank You.

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