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Confidential Presentation ©2013 The University of Texas at El Paso Business Plan Guidelines.

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1 Confidential Presentation ©2013 The University of Texas at El Paso Business Plan Guidelines

2 The Company Company Mission Formation LLC Corporation Date of Formation? State of Formation

3 The Situation – define the problem Fact 1. Fact 2. Fact 3.

4 Unmet Need Solution & Benefits List important product features, for ex: A patent application on the device, number, filed on date. “Product” is an environmentally friendly and economically attractive option (if applicable). Prototypes have been produced and are in operation (if applicable). Before & After Pictures:

5 Potential Market Million MarketUnits Consumer (Housing)1,506,531 Manufacturing924,955 Warehousing591,365 Market Segmentation by Type of Market & Number of Units, for ex.

6 Technology Process Overview Website link (if applicable) Provide more detail if needed – use pictures or video too

7 Business Model This is how you will make money, who pays you, and gross margins. In this section, you need to be passionate about revenue, profit, and volume growth. Sustainable advantage over the competition (address how) and highlight barriers to entry which will keep your competitors at bay.

8 Competition Main Competitors (Traditional “Product”) List and describe your competition, direct and indirect, including customer alternatives. Asserting you have no competition is not credible. Also address sustainable advantage against specific competition.

9 Marketing, sales, and partners Describe your market penetration strategy, sales channels, pricing, and strategic partnerships. Here is also a good place for a rollout timeline with key milestones. Convince investors that you have lined up sales channels, strategic partners, and a viable marketing strategy. Be careful with assertions like “We have strong interest from a major customer.” The mention of unsigned contracts normally takes away more credibility than it adds. You can bolster this position by including a Letter of Intent (LOI), contract summaries, or even testimonials.

10 1. Expand Sales into global markets with similar environmental characteristics 2. Develop other new technological platforms. 3. Establish manufacturing facilities in U.S. Commercialization Plan Entry StrategyGrowth Strategy 1. Produce product at (where) 2. Utilize (Type of Sales). 3. Begin marketing and sales efforts in (where) 4. Expand into Where Else

11 Management Team CEO - Name Inventor of product? Technical expert and lead inventor responsible for all facets of the company’s business. COO - Name Direct company operations to meet budget and other financial goals. Direct short-term and long-range planning and budget development to support strategic business goals. Sales/Marketing Director– Name Direct and coordinate company sales and marketing functions. Develop and coordinate sales selling cycle and methodology. Research and develop strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities, direct marketing, and new project development. Administration - Name Supervision and participation of activities involving personnel management, including hiring, benefits, classification, employee training and salary administration. Improves program and service quality by updating procedures and evaluating system results with users.

12 Profit & Loss Statement ($) Insert 5 year Profit & Loss Statement in Business Plan, but other formats okay here

13 Cash Flow Analysis Insert 5 year Cash Flow Statement in Business Plan, but other formats okay here

14 Balance Sheet Analysis Insert 5 year Balance Sheet in Business Plan, but other formats okay here

15 Summary & Conclusions

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