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Team 4 Eric Gomez, Rokas Cepulis, Damien Brenard, Clayton Lassiter, Tania Sepulveda.

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1 Team 4 Eric Gomez, Rokas Cepulis, Damien Brenard, Clayton Lassiter, Tania Sepulveda

2 The Treadway Tire Co. is a supplier of tires to major car companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler. They have almost 9,000 employees in North America Treadway Tire Company only has one current operating manufacturing plant in North America Located in Lima, Ohio There was a second plant in Greenville, SC which closed in 2006 due to financial reasons Background

3 High Turnover Out of a total of 50 foreman, 23 had turn over in 2007 Turnover rate was higher at the Lima plant than any other plant in the division Rising cost of raw materials Price of oil went from $25/barrel in 2003 to $92 in 2007 Raw materials represent 55% of the cost to produce a tire The Problem

4 Transferred Ashley Wall, Director of human Resources to the Lima plant Main priority was lower the high turnover rate and job dissatisfaction Lima plant could be Treadway’s #1 plant in productivity and low cost producer in North America Taking Action

5 Morale issues Job dissatisfaction Lack of communication Lack of management’s support Lack of authority Tongue lashing Underlying Cause

6 Work overload Working 12 hours shifts with 2 breaks per shift and 30 min. for meals Too much on foremen’s plate Foremen do not get along with the hourly employees Poor training No social interaction Specific Issues at the Plant

7 The EVLN model identifies four ways that employees respond to dissatisfaction Exit the dissatisfying situation Change rather than escape the dissatisfying situation Patiently wait for the dissatisfying situation to get resolved Disregard work and reduce work effort EVLN Model

8 “ Sink or swim” attitude toward new foremen “…let them know who is boss” Strenuous 12 hour shifts Various responsibilities and duties Stress

9 General Adaptation Syndrome

10 Employees are identified, involved, and engaged with the organization. Emotional attachment starts to settle in. “Feeling of Loyalty” Organizational Commitment

11 Justice and Support Ex. Holding management accountable Employee Involvement Building Organizational Commitment

12 Emotion has an important effect at work. Can significantly improve effectiveness. Self-awareness and Self-management. Foremen need emotional intelligence while talking to their workers. Emotional intelligence

13 Part of emotional intelligence is genetic. Company sometimes apply training programs. Personal coaching, monitoring programs, and current feedback. “Us” versus “Them” Improve emotional intelligence

14 1.Shift Changes Changing work shifts from 12 hours to 8 hours 2.New training program for Foreman Help foreman be adequately trained for the skills necessary for the job 3.Plant Advisory Board Would include hourly wage workers, foreman, and executives 4.Put more responsibilities on upper level managers Unnecessary paperwork Health and Safety regulations Negotiations with the Union Solutions to the Case

15 “…it’s a jungle in here.”

16 David G. Myers. Image exploring psychology 7 th edition page 398 Michael O’Malley Ph.D. Creating Commitment: How to Attract and Retain Talented Employees by Building Relationships that Last. Skinner, Wickham and Beckham, Heather. The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant. L. McShane, Steve and Von Glinow, Mary Ann. Organizational Behavior. 2 nd edition Bibliography

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