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WILLKOMMEN! ANKASYS ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

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1 WILLKOMMEN! ANKASYS ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

2 COMPANY Built with an initial fund from TUBITAK
Located at Istanbul Technical University Campus Area of expertise is microelectronics The first startup in microelectronics field in Turkey ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

3 SKILLS ASIC FrontEnd RTL Coding : SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL
Verification : Directed, constrained random, UVM Architecture : ARM, low-power(CPF, UPF) Midend Constraint Development, STA, Synthesis, DFT Backend Floorplaning, place and route, extraction, DRC, LVS, signoff FPGA Xilinx, Altera ISE, Quartus, Microblaze, Nios , Chipscope,SignalTap Board Level System Design ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

4 PROJECTS GEZGIN A GPS based open source HW/SW navigation platform. Was one of the 95 projects out of 1200 supported by Tubitak. A Rad-Hard Satellite Controller A fault tolerant system with Rad-Hard CMOS process ASIC implementation of an image processor ASIC Replacement of an FPGA based product ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

5 VISION/TARGETS Be a success story, just do it!
Fulfill the requirements of the local defense and aerospace industry in Turkey Encourage the local microelectronic industry in Turkey Cooperation with microelectronics and semiconductor companies in Europe ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

6 QUESTIONS? Merci vielmals  ANKA Microelectronic Systems Ltd.©

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