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BorgWarner Company Overview

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1 BorgWarner Company Overview
Good day, everyone! I’m very pleased to be here today to talk about BorgWarner. At BorgWarner, we harness more than a century of Powertrain Innovation / to drive our success. BorgWarner Company Overview

2 Our Vision, Mission & Beliefs
Read from slide Vision A Clean, Energy-Efficient World Mission Deliver Innovative Powertrain Solutions that Improve Fuel Economy, Emissions & Performance Our Beliefs Respect for Each Other Power of Collaboration Passion for Excellence Personal Integrity Responsibility to Our Communities

3 BorgWarner at a Glance 2013 Sales: $7.4 Billion ($8.2B unconsolidated)
Our sales in 2013 were $7.4B ($8.2B including unconsolidated joint ventures) We employ approx. 19,700 people worldwide We currently have: 60 locations In 19 countries BorgWarner’s strength is our extremely broad powertrain portfolio and we supply products that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in all types of powertrains including: Gasoline Diesel Hybrid and Electric powered vehicles 2013 Sales: $7.4 Billion ($8.2B unconsolidated) Employees: 19,700 Operations: 60 Locations 19 Countries Products: Engine, Transmission and Driveline systems Market Drivers: Fuel Economy, Emissions, Performance Financial and Employee information as of December 31, Operation information as of March 14, 2014.

4 The BorgWarner Strategic Difference
BorgWarner is a truly unique company. Our successful business strategy is based on 3 guiding principles. Product leadership Customer and geographic diversity Financial strength and discipline We call it the BorgWarner Strategic Difference. Product Leadership Customer and Geographic Diversity Financial Strength and Discipline 4

5 A Portfolio of Leading Powertrain Solutions
We are organized in two operating groups: The Engine Group — shown in green And the Drivetrain Group — shown in blue. In the Engine Group, we develop and produce advanced technologies that optimize engine air management. In the Drivetrain Group, we develop clutching and controls technology for transmissions and AWD systems. Our entire product portfolio is focused on improving fuel economy, emissions and vehicle performance. Engine 67% / SALES Drivetrain 33% / SALES Emissions Systems Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valves EGR Coolers & EGR tubes Integrated EGR Modules Secondary Air Systems Actuators Glow Plugs Instant Start System Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs Gasoline Ignition Technology Sensor Technology PTC Cabin Heaters Thermostats Coolant Control Valves Turbo Systems Wastegate Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) Regulated 2-stage (R2S™) Thermal Systems Thermal Management Components and Systems Visctronic® Systems Fans/Fan Drives Morse TEC Engine Valve Timing Systems Timing Chain Variable Cam Timing Oil Pressure Actuated Torsional Assist Cam Torque Actuated HY-VO® Transmission Chain Transmission/Transfer case chain Transmission Systems DualTronic® Systems for Dual Clutch Transmissions ECO-LaunchTM Stop/Start Accumulator Solenoid Valves One-way Clutches and Modules Friction and Steel Plates TorqTransfer Systems AWD Couplings Transfer Cases eGearDrive® Electric Drive Transmissions eAWD Torque Vectoring AWD Electronic Controls and Systems Integration Morse TEC Transmission Systems Thermal Systems TorqTransfer Systems Turbo Systems Emissions Systems 5 5

6 Strategic Global Operations
Our worldwide operations, including a number of joint ventures, allow us to serve our customers locally and take advantage of growth and technology changes as they occur globally. - Currently we operate in 60 locations in 19 different countries. - We have a balanced global footprint in Americas, Europe and Asia between manufacturing facilities and R&D/Technical Centers. 60 Locations in 19 Countries Engine Drivetrain Location information as of March 14, Includes Wahler Americas Locations Europe Locations Asia Locations 6

7 Customer and Geographic Diversity
Our sales profile is one of the most diverse in the industry. The demand for leading powertrain technology pulls us in to every major market. BorgWarner does business with every major OEM in the world and in every major region of the world. 2014 Sales Outlook* Hyundai/Kia 4% Toyota 4% VW/Audi 12% Nissan 1% Daimler 6% Honda 1% China 10% Ford 5% Other 7% Renault 3% BMW 3% Ford 7% Fiat 1% Chrysler 5% PSA 1% GM 1% GM 4% Commercial Vehicles Asian OEMs 2% 3% Commercial Vehicles Other 10% 5% Other 5% Americas ~28%* 30%** Asia ~26%* 22%** ~46%* 48%** * NSK-Warner included ** NSK-Warner excluded Europe

8 Providing Value Across Markets
The makers of commercial truck, agricultural vehicles and construction equipment also face the same global challenges to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. We have already established a reputation for reliability and performance / in the extreme environments of on - and off-highway applications. These markets also provide another strong growth opportunity for BorgWarner. 2013 Actual Sales Truck Light Vehicle Bus Medium & Heavy Duty 9% Agricultural, Off-Highway and Other 6% Aftermarket 5% Light Vehicles 80% Efficient Gasoline Agricultural Clean Diesel Construction Stop-Start Marine Hybrid Gensets Electric Locomotive

9 Sales by Region (unconsolidated sales)
Our claim that global OEMs value our fuel efficient technology, can be validated through our global sales profile This slide gives you a perspective on our historical and future performance Over the last ten years, our sales have grown where new powertrain technology is valued most, primarily in Europe In the future, we expect our growth in Asia to outpace our growth in the rest of the world. Forward Estimate $8.2B $6.0B 30-35% Asia Asia $3.4B 40-45% Europe Europe Americas 25-30% Americas $ in Billions Includes NSK-Warner & TEL 9

10 Thank you Emissions Performance Fuel Economy
Thank you for your attention Fuel Economy Emissions Performance

11 Thank You For Your Attention
Our Vision A Clean, Energy-Efficient World Our Mission Deliver Innovative Powertrain Solutions that Improve Fuel Economy, Emissions & Performance Fuel Economy Emissions Performance

12 Appendix Optional Slides

13 President and CEO Org Chart
James Verrier President and Chief Executive Officer Julie Watts Senior Executive Assistant Fred Lissalde President & General Manager Turbo Systems Ron Hundzinski Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Scott Gallett Vice President Marketing & Public Relations Dr. Stefan Demmerle President & General Manager TorqTransfer Systems Dan Paterra President & General Manager Thermal Systems John Gasparovic Vice President General Counsel & Secretary Robin Kendrick President & General Manager Transmission Systems Kim Jenett Vice President Human Resources Emissions Systems Brady Ericson President & General Manager Tom Tan President BorgWarner China Joe Fadool President & General Manager Morse TEC Chris Thomas Vice President Chief Technology Officer February 2014

14 CV Customer and Geographic Diversity
Our sales profile is one of the most diverse in the industry. The demand for leading powertrain technology pulls us in to every major market. BorgWarner does business with every major OEM in the world and in every major region of the world. 2014 Sales Outlook* Weichai CNHTC Hyundai Other John Deere Navistar Daimler Caterpillar MAN (VW) Volvo/Mack PACCAR Cummins 1% 5% 11% 9% 6% 4% 3% 2% Daimler MAN (VW) Deutz FPT JCB DAF (PACCAR) KAMAZ Perkins (CAT) Volvo Scania (VW) CNH Other 12% 8% 5% 3% 2% 1% 9% Europe Asia Americas ~44% ~8% ~48% *Includes Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses and Agricultural/Construction Equipment

15 Product Leadership Recognition
Recognized around the world as a symbol of excellence, the annual Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) awards acknowledge automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance. Since 2005, BorgWarner has won: 8 Pace awards 5 Partnership/Collaboration Awards 1 Environmental Award With these innovations, BorgWarner has become one of the most decorated companies in the history of the PACE Awards. BorgWarner is one of the most decorated companies in the history of the PACE Awards ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD Turbocharger with R2S® Regulated Two-Stage Technology 2007 Gasoline Turbocharger with Variable Turbine Geometry INNOVATIVE OEM COLLABORATOR AWARD Gasoline Turbocharger with Variable Turbine Geometry with Porsche AG High Energy ITM 3e® AWD System with Porsche AG 2005 Dualtronic™ Dual Clutch, Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) 2014 Eco-Launch™ Stop/Start Accumulator Solenoid Valve INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP AWARD Eco-Launch™ Stop/Start Accumulator Solenoid Valve 2013 New Regulated 3-Turbocharger System (R3S) INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP AWARD Regulated 3-Turbocharger System (R3S) with BMW 2012 Turbocharger for Internal Combustion Engines with Low Pressure EGR 2009 CTA Camshaft Phasing System Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs (PSG) for Diesel Engines INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP AWARD Cam Torque Actuated (CTA) Cam Phaser with Ford Motor Company 2008 Turbocharger with R2S® Regulated Two-Stage Technology

16 Road to Innovation 2005 Acquired BERU AG diesel cold start, gasoline ignition and electronics technology 2006 Cool Logic® fan drive, ITM 3e® all-wheel drive coupling 2008 Cam phasers with Cam Torque Actuated (CTA) technology and pressure sensor glow plugs, eGearDrive® Electric Drive Transmissions 1880s 2009 Acquired advanced ignition technology (EcoFlash® ) from Etatech Inc. Forerunner of Morse Chain formed 1900s Manual transmissions, differentials and automotive clutches developed, first BERU glow plugs 2010 Acquired Dytech ENSA EGR cooler, tube and integrated EGR module technology, Variable Camshaft Timing with Mid-Position Lock 1940s First transfer cases produced 2011 Acquired Traction Systems division of Haldex Group for AWD products, Official turbocharger supplier for the IndyCar® Series 1950s Automatic transmission and turbocharger production starts 1990s Engine timing systems, active all-wheel drive systems introduced 2012 Turbocharger for internal combustion engines with low pressure EGR 2000 Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) turbochargers Regulated 3 – turbocharger system (R3S), compact brushless actuator, Visctronic® high speed reservoir system 2013 DualTronic™ clutch and control module transmission technology 2003 2014 ECO-Launch™ stop/start accumulator solenoid valve, acquired Wahler EGR Valve, Tube and Thermostat technology 2004 Regulated Two-Stage (R2S®) turbochargers

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