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Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org1 In cooperation with the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges.

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1 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org1 In cooperation with the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

2 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org2 Accident Investigations: Avoiding Common Mistakes Kim Nimmo Risk Services Consultant Louise Cobbs Claims Counsel July 14, 2005

3 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org3

4 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org4 Objectives Establishing and Conducting Training on Accident Reporting Recognizing the Occurrence of an Accident Providing Medical Assistance Documenting and Preserving Evidence Continuing Monitoring Appropriate Cases

5 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org5 True or False?

6 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org6 So…why is this important?  Information is perishable  Ultimate reduction of risk  Changes in policies and procedures

7 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org7 Establishing and Conducting Training on Accident Reporting

8 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org8 Management’s Role  SUPPORT the process  Ensure your support is visible  Get involved and attend training  Insist on periodic reviews and updates  Conduct periodic audits of investigations  Implement ways to measures effectiveness

9 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org9 Supervisor’s Role  Treat all near misses as accidents  Get involved in the investigations  Complete the paperwork to make corrective actions  Follow-up on your actions

10 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org10 Employee’s Role  Report all accidents immediately  Always provide complete and accurate information  Follow-up with any additional information  Contribute to make corrective actions

11 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org11 Qualifications  Understanding the importance of investigations  Accident investigation training  Ability to communicate details

12 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org12 Recognizing the Occurrence of an Accident

13 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org13 What Other Employees Don’t Know  What incidents should be investigated  Reporting procedures

14 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org14 What Should Be Reported  All injuries regardless of severity  Vehicular, structural or equipment damage  Procedural deficiencies  Potentially unsafe conditions  Potentially unsafe behaviors  Near-miss incidents

15 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org15 When to Investigate  Immediately after incident  Witnesses memories fade  Evidence and clues are moved or lost  Finish initial investigation quickly

16 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org16 Golf Course Case

17 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org17

18 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org18 Sample Form

19 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org19

20 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org20

21 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org21 Providing Medical Assistance

22 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org22 Ensure Appropriate and Effective Medical Assistance  Professional evaluation  Institutional concern and support  Legal effect of no treatment

23 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org23 Documenting and Preserving Evidence

24 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org24 Gathering Evidence Just the facts!

25 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org25 Critical Documentation: Be Specific  What happened and when?  Where did it happen?  Who was involved?  Who witnessed it?  Who responded?

26 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org26 Preparing a Report: What to Include  Injured party information  Witness information  Description of the premises and other relevant conditions  Securing physical evidence

27 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org27 Accident Details  Weather conditions  Location of each individual  Destination  Reason for being there  Familiarity with location  Type of surface  Foreign objects or substances

28 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org28 Time of the Accident  Date  Time of day  School-sponsored event  When was the last time the area was inspected? By whom?

29 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org29 Injuries / Damages  Physical signs of injury  Difficulty moving parts of body  Taken to hospital?  Treatment given and by whom  Evidence of property damage  Statements made relating to prior history

30 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org30 What You DON’T Want in Your Reports  Subjective conclusions or assumptions as to who is at fault  Opinions on how accident could have been avoided  Unsubstantiated evidence

31 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org31 Interviewing Tips  Discuss what happened leading up to and after the accident  Encourage witnesses to describe the accident in their own words  Don’t be defensive or judgmental  Use open-ended and non-leading questions

32 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org32 Document the Scene  Identify accident location  Take photographs  Draw a diagram  Take measurements

33 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org33 Concrete Curb Case

34 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org34 Use of Technology  Laptops  Surveillance cameras  Security tapes  Cell phone records  Instant messaging & E-mail records

35 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org35 Continuing Monitoring Appropriate Cases

36 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org36 Monitoring Appropriate Cases  “Cool head, warm hearts”  Accidents involving injuries can’t be filed away  Notice to insurers  Was any defect reported? When, and to whom?  Was action taken? Was it documented?

37 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org37 Summary  Provide training  Investigate accidents immediately  Stick to the facts  Provide medical assistance  Conduct corrective actions

38 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org38 Five minutes before the party is not the time to learn to dance! Snoopy 1964

39 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org39 Q & A

40 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org40 Thank you! Kim NimmoLouise Cobbs (301) 215-6403(301) 215-9538 kkkk nnnn iiii mmmm mmmm oooo @@@@ uuuu eeee.... oooo rrrr gggg llll cccc oooo bbbb bbbb ssss @@@@ uuuu eeee.... oooo rrrr gggg

41 Education's Own Insurance Companywww.ue.org41 United Educators: “ Education’s Own Insurance Company”  A reciprocal risk retention group founded in 1987  UE is owned by 1,200 colleges, universities and schools  High-quality custom coverage insurance coverage tailored specifically to the needs of educational institutions  Provide claims service sensitive to education’s unique environment  “Cool head, warm heart” approach to catastrophic claims  Ensure fiscal stability through financial planning and underwriting  Committed to partnering with members to manage areas of risk  “A” rated by A.M. Best Nobody Knows Education Better

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