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© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc. Jennifer M. Indovina President & CEO, Founder 585-755-5621 Company Overview | May 2010.

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1 © 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc. Jennifer M. Indovina President & CEO, Founder 585-755-5621 Company Overview | May 2010

2 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.2 The “Problem” Energy consumers lack the proper tools to effectively measure and take steps necessary to save electrical energy and money.

3 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.3 The “Solution” Easy to use products that provide real-time, accurate measurements of electricity energy consumption. Based on Tenrehte testing results, customers can expect to achieve a reduction in energy cost of between 20%-30%.

4 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.4 The “Opportunity” Market Potential: – The annual spending on energy efficiency products will reach $700 billion by 2030 – An accessible market of roughly 40 million Wi-Fi enabled customers in the US alone Save Customers Money: – By Reducing Electrical Use 20% Small Business Customers save $1470 per year Residential Customers save $284 per year

5 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.5 PICOwatt™ Smart Plug Wi‐Fi enabled smart plug Users can remotely monitor and control any electrical device over the Internet Includes PICOmesh™ for maximum flexibility

6 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.6 PICOwatt™ Is Easy To Use!

7 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.7 Logon To PICOwatt™

8 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.8 Real-time Monitoring & Control

9 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.9 PICOwatt™ Saves You Money!!! Device Attached to PICOwatt™ Un-Managed Monthly Electricity Cost Managed Monthly Electricity Cost % Savings Annual Savings Dehumidifier (9.8A) $37.71 $25.6432% $144.84 Dehumidifier (7.6A) $15.32 $8.1647% $85.91 Air compressor (8.8A)$15.90 $3.4378%$149.63 Space Heater (1.5KW) $33.93 $24.6527%$111.38 Safety Lighting, Incandescent, (150W) $7.86 $6.5617%$15.60 Electricity @ $0.12 kW-h

10 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.10 Intellectual Property IP Portfolio – (1) A [generic] system and method of automated nodes for monitoring and control, – (2) A system and method whereby energy management control and data exchange between automated nodes is facilitated through network communications – (3) A system and method of automating Wi‐Fi node security implementation.

11 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.11 Product Portfolio ProductPowerInfoPrice PICOwatt™ Smart Plug 120V/240V 50/60 Hz Wi‐Fi enabled Smart Plug, electrical corded, indoor use only $125 PICOwatt™ Hardwire 120V/240V 50/60 Hz Wi‐Fi enabled Smart Plug, 2‐wire, hardwired, indoor/outdoor use $131 PICOwatt™ Hardwire 240 240V 50/60 Hz Wi‐Fi enabled Smart Plug, 3‐wire, hardwired, indoor/outdoor use $146 PICOtherm™ Smart Thermostat Wi‐Fi enabled Smart Thermostat, seamless integration with other PICOwatt™ products $130 PICOwatt™ Distribution Transformer 240V 50/60 Hz Wi‐Fi enabled Smart Monitor designed for mounting on a Distribution Line Transformer, 3‐wire, hardwired, indoor/outdoor use $491

12 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.12 Competition FeatureTenrehteTEDAlert MeEnistic Think ECO Kill-A- Watt Watts Up? Plug Smart Safe Plug Initial Cost$125$239$125$146$135$50$235$200$70 Requires Subscription $32 / year $25 / year Requires Gateway XX X Requires PC X XX XX Measures Energy XXXXXXXX 110/240V 50/60Hz X √ Long Term Storage, Years X With PC S/W Controls Power X X With PC S/W X Timers / Time-Of-Use X Thermostat X Stand Alone Operation X XX Built-in Mesh Network X Wi-Fi Communication X

13 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.13 Sales Plan Direct Sales to Lead and Early Customers Direct sales to boutique firms that are the supply channel partner for “Green” products Regional Manufacturers Rep Network Long Term Play To Engage Large Distributors

14 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.14 Short Term Sales & Delivery ProductNotesDelivery PICOwatt™ Smart Plug“Prototype” UnitsShipped on Earth Day 22 April 2010 PICOwatt™ Smart PlugTrial-Production, 75 Units Ship July 2010 PICOwatt™ Smart PlugPilot-Production, 215 Units Scheduled to Ship September 2010 PICOwatt™ Smart PlugInitial-Production, 2500 Units Scheduled to Ship November 2010 PICOwatt™ Smart PlugFull-Production, 10,000+ Units Scheduled to Ship January 2011

15 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.15 Trial Production PICOwatt™ Trial Production – 1 st Production Tooling – 75 Units Scheduled for Delivery Mid-July – Self Funded

16 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.16 Pilot & Initial Production Funding Volume PICOwatt™ Production – Includes Pilot Production Run – Certifications – Booking Orders Now Capital Requirements – Raise $300K Convertible Debt Converts at next round Funds 6 months of operations – Establish $300K revolving line of credit Personally secured by Founders

17 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.17 Revenue Forecast Major Customer Targets – Various B2B & Distribution Partners 300K PICOwatt™ Products 200K PICOtherm™ Products – Walmart Corporate 300K PICOwatt™ Products – Best Buy 200K PICOwatt™ Products 50K PICOtherm™ Products – Home Depot 50K PICOwatt™ Products 50K PICOtherm™ Products – 50K PICOwatt™ Products 50K PICOtherm™ Products 5Y Total Sales Goals – 900K PICOwatt™ Products – 350K PICOtherm™ Products

18 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.18 Managing The Investment

19 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.19 Potential Exit Strategies IPO – Not unreasonable if we achieve our revenue targets Merger or Acquisition – 48 months – Value potential of 10x-20x EBITA

20 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.20 The Team Management – Jennifer Indovina CEO, Founder Corporate management, corporate and product marketing, and engineering Vivace Semiconductor, Improv Systems, Rochester Institute of Technology Selected as a 2010 TED Fellow – Mark Indovina COO, Founder Advanced system design (hardware, software, analog & digital signal processing), corporate and engineering management Vivace Semiconductor, Improv Systems, Cadence Design Systems, Motorola, Computer Consoles (CCI) / Nortel, and Ashly Audio – Russell Priebe, Ph.D CTO, Founder Advanced system design (signal processing, wireless communications, software development) and engineering management Freescale Semiconductor, Improv Systems, University of Texas

21 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.21 Recent Company Milestones October 2009 – Finalist, 2009 Clean Energy Venture Summit (CEVS) – Finalist, 2009 i-Stage Competition, October 2009 January 2010 – Winner, Best of CES 2010 Green Product Award March 2010 – Tenrehte Joins the NYSERDA New York Energy $mart Program, April 2010 – Tenrehte Joins RIT Clean Energy Incubator Earth Day, April 2010 – First Customer Shipment May 2010 – 1 st Place Winner, 2010 Rochester Regional Business Plan Contest

22 Mar-15© 2010 Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.22

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