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Information Industry Update & News— Trends and Changes in the Business Clay Cocalis Vice President & Director, Global Sales SLA News Division, Atlanta,

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1 Information Industry Update & News— Trends and Changes in the Business Clay Cocalis Vice President & Director, Global Sales SLA News Division, Atlanta, GA ~ 25 May 2001

2 Agenda Market Drivers How Do These Changes Affect InfoPros? What Does This Mean for Factiva & InfoPros Strategic Outlook Considerations

3 3 Web/Online Awareness News & Research Services Sales Forecast, 1995-2004 Shows Growth of Content, by Revenue Source: Simba Information, a PRIMEDIA Information Company Strategic Outlook Compound Annual Growth Rate 12%

4 4 Strategic Outlook Related technology and management services to content, such as –Knowledge Management –Customer Relationship Management System –eXtensible Markup Language are growing at a faster rate than content services The impact on the News & Business Information industry is changing distribution channels and tighter integration on corporate desktops The impact on the InfoPro is on the structure of their position and their broadening responsibility in the enterprise

5 5 Market Drivers Management –Increasing Demands Placed on Knowledge Workers –Growth in Knowledge Management Practice Technology –Intranet, Enterprise Information Portal and CRM Growth –Speed of Development for Successive Stages of Intranets and EIPs –Drive Toward Use of XML and Management of Structured and Unstructured Data, Searching Across Databases Investment –Increased Focus on Productivity and Return On Investment

6 6 The Drive to Structure and Share Knowledge – Clare Hart, Info Highways, April 2001 ‘‘Companies around the world are making significant investments in the technology and services required to make their knowledge workers more productive and thus drive the company to greater profitability’’

7 7 The Drive to Structure and Share Knowledge – Gartner Group “By the year 2002 enterprises lacking formal infrastructure and technology for knowledge management will experience productivity losses in excess of 10 percent as a result of ‘Infoglut’.”

8 8 Stage 3 Integration of internal and external information XML, Taxonomies, EIP (CAGR 49%, Merrill Lynch) and CRM (CAGR 30%, IDC) Factiva Integration and Consulting Stage 1 News feeds into Lotus Notes, DowVision and RBB Select Stage 2 Direct links and clip folders into Intranets, Dow Jones Interactive US Intranet Users and Integration Stages First Stage Second Stage Third Stage

9 9 Knowledge Management Matures Compound Annual Growth Rate 51% 1999-2004 80% of the World’s Biggest Companies Have KM Efforts Underway -- KPMG and Conference Board Study Market for KM Tools Will Be $1.3bn in 2000 and $9.8bn by 2004-- Radicati Group Factiva Is Exploiting Growth by: –Expanding Consulting Practice –Embedding Into Corporate KM Initiatives InfoPros Are Handling Growth by: –Becoming Strategic Partners with IT –Becoming Content Experts & Solutions Providers

10 10 # of users 19992003 KM e-Business THE FACTIVA VIEW Intersection of KM and e-business e-business Initiatives Will Drive Tighter Integration of Information With Work Processes

11 11 How Do These Changes Affect InfoPros? Sphere of InfoPros is shifting from the corporate research center to the Intranet as knowledge center Web-based Intranet is increasingly serving as the organization’s primary knowledge management center InfoPros, as Intranet managers, often see themselves as “content vendors” providing reliable news and information to their constituents

12 12 What Are the Challenges for InfoPros? From Using to Exploiting Technology From Service to Strategic Planning From Reactive to Proactive From Searching to Marketing & Training From Using Products to Designing and Implementing Solutions

13 13 Requirements for Content in Intranets Content Covering the Broad or Specific Needs of the Enterprise “Everything You Can Do on the Web” Personalization, Searching, E-mail, Choice of Pre- Defined Topics Integrated with Related Internal Information Application Driven

14 14 What Does This Mean for InfoPros and Factiva? External Information Will Be an Important Component of KM Systems Demand for “Flexible Content” Is High to Enable Integration Into EIPs, CRMs, Intranets Ability to Search Across Internal and External Databases Is an Emerging Requirement Working Together – To Develop and Implement a Unique Information Solution to Serve Your Company

15 15 What Business Problems Does Factiva Help InfoPros Solve? Awareness of the External Environment –Reliable, Filtered Global Content for All in the Organization –Archival Research on a Global Content Set Reduce Complexity of Content Management –Flexible Integration Into Intranet and Application Environments –Linking Internal and External Content Through XML and Factiva Intelligent Indexing –Out of the Box Products Designing, Implementing and Promoting a Successful Solution –Gaining User Acceptance –Managing the Enormous Task of Training

16 16 What Are the Benefits? Productivity – Saves Time –Precision Indexing Making Searching for Content Faster and More Reliable Than Searching the Web Quality Content Insures Decisions Made with Best Available Information “16% of employees’ work week is spent looking for and using external information, equivalent to $107bn in salary costs alone…” –Outsell Super I-Aim Study Increased Productivity

17 17 How Can Factiva Help InfoPros? Flexible Product Strategy Develop a Flexible, Next Generation Product Platform –Combining DJI and RBB Content Sets –Unbundling Content from Platform and Delivery –Customization and Personalization to More Tightly Integrate Factiva Content Into a Company Environment with Factiva’s or Company’s Own Look and Feel Open XML Architecture –Enabling a Product Range That Leverages Application Integration and Customization Capabilities As a Differentiator Factiva Partner Network –IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Oracle, Plumtree, Data Downlink APIs to Content, Features and Functionality –Q4 2001

18 18 How is Factiva Helping with Content Integration? Developed Factiva Integration Suite of Products, Based on Customer Requirements –Factiva Publisher –Factiva Search Module –Factiva Track Module –Factiva Select Developed –First Product to be Built on New Platform –Built for InfoPros and End Users Developed Factiva Wrap- around Services, to Facilitate Integration –Factiva Intelligent Indexing –Factiva Developer Consulting –Factiva Editorial Consulting –Factiva Partner Network

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21 21 What’s the End Game for the InfoPro and the Enterprise? “Users will no longer tolerate receiving information which is pushed to everyone regardless of relevance…” “…Instead information must be presented in a just-in-time fashion when required by the process in which the worker is involved.” –Delphi Group

22 22 Considerations InfoPros are key influencers in organizations –are already experts in acquiring and organizing knowledge –are well-positioned to assume learning and knowledge-sharing roles –recognized the value of high-quality, authoritative and timely content –are essential partners for content integration Does My Company Have an Emerging Portal Strategy How Do My End-Users Prefer to Gather Information What Are the Work Processes Where External Information Is a Key Component What Training Strategy Should I be Adopting for My Organization Things to Consider Why Are InfoPros Important

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