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31 March 2015RomSoft srl1 RomSoft Company Presentation.

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1 31 March 2015RomSoft srl1 RomSoft Company Presentation

2 31 March 2015RomSoft srl2 Short History  The company was founded in 2001 by the two co-founders: Dorin Cristea and Nicu Popescu  They came with an experience of 10 years of working in an Austrian- Romanian joint venture company in the financial software branch  The company is based in Iasi, a big city from the N-E of Romania, the capital of the region Moldavia.

3 31 March 2015RomSoft srl3 Philosophy  Our mission is to have a winning combination: a dynamic company, committed to success, with leading know-how and a proven record. Reliability, stability and long-term involvements are the words that we put first in the relations with our partners.  All of that is for the benefit of the clients.

4 31 March 2015RomSoft srl4 Strategy for development  Because our philosophy is focused on the clients, our strategies are on getting new clients, with new specializations. On the other side, we know that the actual clients are our biggest value.

5 31 March 2015RomSoft srl5 Company main activities  Custom application development for non IT companies.  Outsource/outtask for software houses.  Expertise in software applications for medical area.  Expertise in software applications for business processing.  Expertise in financial software.

6 Certifications ▲ Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH ▲ In 2008, RomSoft was granted the "Certification for Scientific Development and Research" issued by NASR (National Authority for Scientific Research).NASR ▲ Since June 2010, RomSoft is Microsoft Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network, “Silver” level. ▲ ISO 13485 certification is in progress (the international standard that specifies requirements for medical devices) 31 March 2015RomSoft srl6

7 31 March 2015RomSoft srl7 Advantages Good management of the Human Resources ▲ The improvement of the selection and the employment of the personnel ▲ Continuous training ▲ Encouraging self commitment and responsibilities assuming ▲ Continuous internal training

8 31 March 2015RomSoft srl8 Organizational Structure  Project team oriented organization  No departments

9 31 March 2015RomSoft srl9 Organizational Chart Council Board Managing Director Responsible with Quality Management System Managing Director Programmers Software Engineers Product Realization Manager Documentation Editors Human Resources Marketing Accounting Supply Secretariat Project Manager Programmers Software Engineers Programmers Software Engineers Quality Manager Secretariat

10 31 March 2015RomSoft srl10 Personnel 50 employees full time  46 software engineers and programmers  All graduated computer science  3 people involved in the management of the company  1 technical writer for user documentation  Depending on the projects people can play different roles within the project teams.  20 of them have skills and knowledge in project management and defining software architecture.

11 31 March 2015RomSoft srl11 Expectations  Our vision is to create one of the best software houses in S-E Europe with a regional presence while offering the basis for personal and professional growth for each and every one of us  Our offer is addressed to a global market  Presently we have clients in Europe (most of them from Germany), USA and Japan

12 31 March 2015RomSoft srl12 Contact Dipl.Ing. Dorin Cristea, MBA RomSoft Tel/Fax: +40 800 002; +40 232 266 831 Web: E-mail: Mobile: +40 744 583 929

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