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Jordan Water Company(Miyahuna) “ Water Safety Plans Demonstration out comes“ Prepared by : Eng.Haitham Al-Kilani The Team Leader for Zai WSP Production.

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1 Jordan Water Company(Miyahuna) “ Water Safety Plans Demonstration out comes“ Prepared by : Eng.Haitham Al-Kilani The Team Leader for Zai WSP Production & Quality Director

2 Content: Brief on Jordan water company(miyahuna) WSP in Jordan (National vision) Importance of WSP in Miyahuna Zai water supply System Zai –Dz12 supply system WSP development steps Outcomes, lessons learned and overcome constrains & difficulties WSP future in Miyahuna

3 Jordan water company (Miyahuna)

4 Jordan Water Company – Miyahuna was established in 2007 as
limited liability company in accordance to companies law No . 22 for Miyahuna is fully owned bay Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ). Roles and responsibilities are regulated within an assignment agreement, approved by Jordon Cabinet (Decision No 3175 dated 9/1/2007) for duration of 99 years Miyahuna provided water & wastewater services to (2.6) million citizens .



7 Water Quality Miyahuna laboratories holds both national accreditation (JAS) and international accreditation (UKAS) according to ISO /2005. (101) chemical ,physical & microbiological tests are applied at Miyahuna central labs in 2011. The percentage of compliance in 2011 for microbiological tests is 99.9% ,physical & chemical tests comply with Jordan water standards for drinking water .

8 Miyhuna Water Resources

9 WSP in Jordan National vision

10 Miyahuna participate in WSPs as apart of Jordan vision to implement the concept

11 Water Safety Plan In Jordan National vision
In 2006 Jordan was chosen as the first country from the Eastern Mediterranean Region to develop a demonstration project for WSP with WHO support MoH , WAJ and Miyahuna considered the WSP as a sustainable quality management approach for the continuous delivery of safe drinking water. All related bodies agreed to develop the WSP at (Wadiessir)to be piloted to other water supplies in Jordan in fulfillment of the national Vision “for full implementation of water safety plan in all water supply systems in Jordan

12 In 2012 five demonstration WSPs were Developed in different area which was one of several activities of a Joint Program (JP) named “Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan’s MDG Achievements,” launched by four UN agencies working in Jordan, namely UNDP, WHO-CEHA, FAO, and UNESCO. The JP aims at protecting human health against water MIYAHUNA participated in development WSP for Zai Water Treatment Plant System and one of distribution zone in Amman(DZ12)(project under progress) .

13 Other utilities participation:-

14 Importance of WSP in Jordan &Miyahuna
Project objective

15 Importance of adaptation WSP in Jordan &Miyahuna
In addition to the general benefits of WSP . Jordan is one of the fourth poorest country in the world with respect to drinking water resources . In Amman governorate the water resources available is 149(lt/cap/day) while the amount of water delivered to the domestic consumers is 79( lt/cap/day ) . Many of raw water resources are out side the country which need more concentration in identifying the risks and decide a preventive measures . High Cost of water production and distribution mainly within miyahuna service area(1USD/M3) . SO ..Efficient water resources utilization is a must ,WSP consider as one of the important tool to increase the efficiency of water supplying system and providing the customer s with a safe water.

16 Zai water supply System

17 Why Zai Water System & Distribution Zone (DZ12 ) ?
Zai Treatment Plant is largest source of water in Amman capital city and it’s the largest water treatment plant in Jordan(250,000 m3 /day). 40% of Amman governorate water from Zai in addition to 50% of Balqa Governorate. Raw water sources of Zai system are out side the country while raw water quality fluctuating increasing the quality hazards . DZ12 is part of 44 water distribution zone in Amman and its included in the plan to have more comprehensive pilot plans ,able to be expanded to cover Miyahuna service area .

18 Zai –Dz12 supply system WSP development steps

19 WSP Development steps 4/8/2017

20 Scope of the Water Safety Plan at Zai Water System (Boundary identification)
Zai WTP System was selected in addition to water Distribution Zone No 12 (DZ 12) Amman

21 Water Safety Plan Work Boundaries
The WSP Boundaries were Defined and consisted of the following :

22 Responsibilities & contribution in management of water supply
WAJ : is responsible to ensure that drinking water distributed to consumers is safe and complies with the Jordanian Standards. MOH : is responsible by law for conducting surveillance programs on all types of drinking water to ensure its safety and compliance with national health standards and it is empowered with authority to prevent distribution of unsafe water. Miyahuna : is responsible for treating water and wastewater and producing water that complies with the Jordanian Regulations and Standards. 4/8/2017

23 DZ 12 Zone

24 Hazard list :

25 EXPOSE Example:

26 EXPOSE Example Con’t:

27 EXPOSE Example Con’t:

28 Improvement Plan:

29 Improvement Plan Con’t:

30 Outcomes, lessons learned and overcome constrains & difficulties

31 Outcomes of Zai WSP The product is :
A Full WSP developed covering all aspects of the supply chain from the catchment until the customers tap. A national & local reference WSP document in both languages Arabic & English developed to be used and circulated to the rest of the Kingdom and for Miyahuna. The beginning of building capacity ( national WSP experts). Circulate the experience to more staff at all levels through conducting awareness presentations for related parties.

32 Learned Lessons and Benifits
Drinking water safety plan is important to confirm Miyahuna interests and high culture, to ensure pumping water complying with water specifications. Better understanding of the Zai-DZ12 chain water supply deeply and effectively through: 1. Full organized Documentation of a comprehensive and integrated water system in all its parts. 2. Highlighting the risk areas and weaknesses in the water system. 3. Direct Zai-DZ12 concerns to improve the system. Achieve cooperation between all related bodies contribute to the management of the water supply.

33 Improved communication and collaboration between WSP team members
Improved communication and collaboration between WSP team members.( WSP is not additional work but a new way of planning and undertaking current work, change attitude by staff) and stakeholders( understand their ability to influence the outcomes) Increased awareness, knowledge, and understanding( management procedure, identify gaps) Increased acceptance of WSP methodology Increased capacity building and training within the company ( staff & management) Improved management of water supply system (learn to know your system) Improved documentation and implementation of SOPs Improved monitoring (operational & verification) Butter traging of investment

34 Overcome Constrains& Difficulties
1. Large volume of work ,which requires more time and effort to accomplish the requirements of the plan. Activate Team work Organizing the work load of WSP team Ongoing institutional support and high management commitment. 2. Lack of knowledge of risks assessment and management WHO suported the project technically by holding three technical training workshops the first in ( September 2011 under the name “ Advocacy and training “by Oliver Schmoll & Bettina Ricket) the second in(13-17 November 2011 under the name “ System Assessment and operational Management” by Bettina Ricket) the third in( January 2012, under the title “System Validation” by Oliver Schmoll & Bettina Ricket) Technically & Professionally supported by WSP facilitators (external advice and review) Initial training at all staff levels by (design training programme for the 11 modules to prepare and implement WSP by Riyada)

35 Technical WSP team with robust mandate from management:
3. Overlapping roles and lack of clarity in the responsibilities of the Parties on the management of water supply system. Achieve and improve cooperation and communication between all related bodies contribute to the management of the water supply (catchment to consumer) 4. Team work Technical WSP team with robust mandate from management: Strong leadership Regular meetings Ongoing institutional support Steering committee support

36 5. Out of date for some procedures and documents & Lack of accurate maps
Formalize and organize procedures Gaps’ identified in System documentation To be incrementally addressed in future updates 6. Obtaining information on the various plan requirements from the competent authorities. Activating team work Team Wide and Different expertise Authorization to contact Steering committee follow up Identifying and engaging external stakeholder

37 WSP future in Miyahuna

38 Zai system WSP is an important step towards expanding WSP in all Miyahuna supplying systems within Miyahuna service area and the other water utilities .

39 WSP Policy Statement Jordan Water Company-Miyahuna
Miyahuna water company is seeking to provide the customers under its jurisdiction with safe water at all times by adopting the world best management practices namely; the Water Safety Plan framework as required by the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking –Water Quality issued in 2011and in accordance to the concepts enclosed in the WHO, IWA Manual / Step-by-step risk management for drinking-water suppliers. The company Goals are: 1-Adopt the preventative drinking water quality management system that relies on risk identification, assessment and management along the water supply chain from catchment to consumer in close collaboration with the concerned stake holders. 2-Incremental scale up in the adoption of WSP framework in accordance with the company’s priorities and allocated resources until all the water supply systems operated by the company are managed in accordance to the WSP approach.

40 Future Steps : 1- Assigning new team including a project coordinator and documentation administrator 2- Prepare a plan for review and implementing WSP (Zai –Dapouq DZ12) 3- Monitoring and evaluation of WSP (Zai –Dapouq DZ12) 4- Prepare a plan for expansion in implementation of WASP Concept 5- Regular meetings for the team

41 Thank You

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