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TELSI Cargo transportation and forwarding services Vladivostok city

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1 TELSI Cargo transportation and forwarding services Vladivostok city

2 Cargo transportations «door to door»
«The primary objective of TELSI Co., Ltd. is to assist businesses in organizing the most effective delivery of cargoes. We do not say that the customer will not have to care for the cargoes. But we must do everything to help our customers spend as little time caring for the cargoes as possible.» Corporate Code of TELSI Co.Ltd. TELSI is a young company which managed to earn a reputation of a company which always fulfills its obligations towards the customer in a short time. We established the company which offers high quality services and cares for its customers. Our reputation is important for us. That’s why the list of our customers includes the largest companies of Russia and Asia: Rimbunan Khijaw MDF Co., Ltd. FSK Guseff Invest Co., Ltd. Group of Companies Continent DV Co., Ltd. Daltrust Co., Ltd. Ofisnaya mebel Co., Ltd. Zapsibtransblock Co., Ltd. Ankor – S Co., Ltd. Etalon Co., Ltd.

3 Management and staff Company’s employees are qualified professionals
Our team has been engaged in cargo transportation since 2003 We select our employee very thoroughly We are proud of stability of our staff Number of the company’s permanent employees is 12 persons at Vladivostok office Company’s management Director General Sergey Tkachenko

4 Company’s profile Marine transportation of cargoes, including transportation in containers and refrigerator containers from / to foreign countries / Australia, Asia, Canada, USA/ Marine transportation of cargoes in bulk within Russia. Marine transportation of cargoes within Russia. Marine transportation of cargoes in refrigerating containers within Russia Railway transportation within Russia Multimodal transportation of cargoes within Russia

5 Company’s profile TELSI implements railway, marine and automobile transportation of all types of cargoes individually or in complex as multimodal transportation, including cargoes that require special transportation conditions, unitized cargoes and oversized cargoes. We will prepare schemes of stowing and fitting such cargoes and submit them for your approval and arrange a permitting cable message through railway. The company’s specialists monitor the cargoes’ progressing and ensure forwarding all through its route. TELSI has agents in the countries of Asian-Pacific Region, Europe and USA and can offer international transportation of any complexity regardless of the specifics of it on the territory of Russia (in particular transshipment, customs clearance, and further forwarding of bulk, container and liquid cargoes through ports of Primorsky region), Chinese transition stations such as Suifenhe and Manchuria and in the Commonwealth countries, and countries of Europe and Asian-Pacific Region through our agents.

6 Agents in Russia Container Business Center Co., Ltd.
TK DV Express Co., Ltd. Transit Service Co., Ltd. Sibirskaya trsnsportnaya kompaniya Co., Ltd. Transportny Alliance Sibir Co, Ltd. Way Group Co., Ltd. TSG-Baikal Co., Ltd. Zapsibtransblock Co., Ltd. Veal Co., Ltd. TTG Co., Ltd. Transportny Partner Co., Ltd. Reftransexpeditsiya Co., Ltd. YUTEK0Trans Co., Ltd. Orient-N Co., Ltd. YUTEK Co., Ltd. Uralskaya transportnaya kompaniya Co., Ltd. CJSC Trans-Express-Service TransLine Co., Ltd. TriniCom Co., Ltd. CJSC Ural-Container SovfrakhtPrivolzhsk Co., Ltd. Kontainerny Express Co., Ltd. DelExpress-M Co., Ltd. Brooks SV Co., Ltd. Fenix Co., Ltd. RosTEK Co., Ltd. EUROTrans Co., Ltd. Alliance Vostok-Zapad Co., Ltd. DelExpress Co., Ltd. R.G. Group Co., Ltd. Veles Co., Ltd. BOtrans Co., Ltd. BaltPlus-REGION Co., Ltd.

7 Agents abroad

8 Partnership relations
TELSI cooperates with large companies specializing in transportation: OJSC VMTP(Vladivostok Maritime Trading Port) OJSC VMRP (Vladivostok Maritime Fishing Port) OJSC VKT Vladivostok Container Terminal) OJSC VMKT (Vladivostok Maritime Container Terminal) OJSC RZhD CJSC Transcontainer CJSC Russkaya Troyka КМТС Co.Ltd JSC Fesco SINOKOR Co. Ltd HUYUNDAI MERCHANT MARINE Pavix Lodgistics Co.

9 Company’s performance indicators Main types of the processed cargoes:
The company has processed by 2011: In 2009 867 TEU of imported and exported cargoes In 2010 6294 TEU of imported cargoes 3198 TEU of exported cargoes Main types of the processed cargoes: Construction and special machinery Construction materials Automobile spare parts Furniture Toys Fabrics Canned food Sanitary ware Timber Equipment Polyethylene terephthalate Ferro-manganese alloy

10 TELSI’s principal office:
Contacts TELSI’s principal office: office 1006, 7, Strelnikova str., Vladivostok city, Russia Telephone: +7(4232) ; (4232) URL:

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