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Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Nokia – Pathway for Next Generation of Business Mobility E90- E71 - Nokia Intellisync File Sync Maria Hart LTA.

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1 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Nokia – Pathway for Next Generation of Business Mobility E90- E71 - Nokia Intellisync File Sync Maria Hart LTA Channels & Distribution Nokia Business Mobility +1 954 383 0823 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07

2 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Pathway for the Next Generation of Businesses Increasing ROI, Productivity, Agility, Competitiveness, and Creativity Voice Personal Contact Email/PIM Increased responsiveness Applications Instant interaction with business systems VoIP Cost-effective Telecoms Collaboration Team working Increased accessibility of subject matter experts Real-time information Faster work rates

3 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Effective support Reliable business phones Mobility is Driving Today’s Business Agility Fully-functional applications

4 © 2007 Nokia confidential Nokia Eseries Experiences At the office and in your free time Life Balance Top-class email and Personal Information Management Collaborate Nokia Eseries devices helps making your desk phone obsolete Communicate Internet and entertainment Consumer Services Mobilize business resources securely Operate

5 © 2007 Nokia confidential Benefits and Features Beyond messaging Experience browsing like you’re used to Internet Know where you are and find where you’re going Location Business Voice Talk more ways with one device Stay better organized and get in touch faster with integrated Contacts, Calendar and Email. PIM Be prepared if device lost or stolen Security Performance Multi-task for greater efficiency NOTES Intranet Access intranet and web-based business tools easily and securely. Design Enhance your image - elegant design, prestigious materials and fine finishing touches

6 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Executive Summary Nokia E90 Communicator Work Together. Smarter Fast Broadband Connectivity Global coverage with speedy broadband data connectivity 3G, WCDMA, HSDPA and WLAN Simultaneous access to voice and data services with voice over IP Integrated and Secure Mobile Office Phone and laptop design Email solutions including Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Productivity solutions and enhancements Improved User Experience Built-in GPS global positioning system Dual cameras Large internal horizontal display and large outward facing display

7 © 2007 Nokia confidential A Strong Mobility Foundation Wireless Email File Sync Application Sync Device Management Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite Email Databases Business Information Call Connect Applications Documents

8 © 2007 Nokia confidential Empower Your Workforce Simplified information distribution across the department or the entire organization Timely access to critical information Latest, up-to-date materials, delivered to: C:\ drive on your laptop, tablet, desktop, or rugged PC Local file system on your mobile device Automatic updates for remote workers and remote applications Employees spend on average, one third of their time out of the office, and almost half their time in the office away from their desks. Simpson Carpenter Survey September 2005 By 2009, there will be more than 878 million mobile workers worldwide. IDC, 2005

9 © 2007 Nokia confidential Automate Business Information Distribution As files change on the corporate network, the files are automatically updated on remote devices Nokia Intellisync File Sync Marketing Human Resources Accounting Legal Company Brochures Presentations Pricing Updates GAL Phone List Intranet Site Operating Reports Executive Dashboard Financial Data Compliance Info Contracts Sales Tools, Parts lists, Intranet Content, Documents, Data, …

10 © 2007 Nokia confidential …And What About Information Retrieval? Do you gather information from remote workers efficiently? Paper forms Electronic forms Pictures and video Emails and attachments Connecting and uploading data to your intranet Custom application data What if you could capture critical business information at the point of sale, service, or customer interaction? What if, whenever a connection (LAN, WiFi, GPRS, etc) is available, the information would be automatically transmitted and stored in a centralized location in your corporate network?

11 © 2007 Nokia confidential Automate Retrieval… Files are automatically retrieved from mobile devices and stored on the corporate network Nokia Intellisync File Sync Pictures, Video, Forms, Documents, Data Customer interactions Point-of-sale Customer Service Real Estate Job sites Customized applications

12 © 2007 Nokia confidential Nokia Intellisync File Sync Administration Flexible Administration Flexible range of device platforms Multi-tier administration Configurable admin alerts Device troubleshooting and support Detailed log viewing and reporting Real-time status monitoring Web reports for helpdesk staff Reports Alerts Windows PCs Windows Mobile Palm OS Symbian S60 3 rd edition Platforms Console

13 © 2007 Nokia confidential Serious Security Encryption options  Administrators may assign different encryption options to different profiles  AES, Triple DES  SSL or Certicom SSL Plus with ECC  No encryption (VPN implemented?)  Connection policy enforcement Authentication  LDAP authentication  NT Domain authentication  Lotus Domino authentication  Intellisync internal authentication Encryption options LDAP import

14 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Thank You! +1 954 383 0823

15 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Nokia E71: Executive Summary Key selling points: 1.Built for messaging inside and out Smart design coupled with broadest email support and messaging features. 2.Narrow pocketable concept – yet full keyboard For best one-handed typing experience and convenient portability. 3.Life Balance Experiences Personalize Business and Personal Home screen modes to quickly switch from work to play. Smart Simplicity – Experience It! A- GPS Pragmatic Leaders HIGH INVOLVEMENT LOW INVOLVEMENT RATIONAL ASPIRATIONAL NOTES

16 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Features Native S60 email & PIM POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, OMA DS 1.2 Selectable email account Remote contact look-up Text-to-speech Instant messaging (Yahoo, AOL, OMA 1.2) Calendar attachment support Meeting requests to calendar Calendar plug-in for 3rd party email solutions Push email & PIM Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Other emails: BlackBerry Connect, Mail for Exchange, Visto Mobile Context management OTA device programming Nokia PC Suite for local data sync Security Secure storage Device lock, also remote lock Memory card lock OMA DRM 2.0 Wireless LAN security features Other features microSD card slot with hot swap Offline mode Vibra Alert Keypad display lighting Integrated GPS 3 megapixel Camera MP3 Player and FM Radio

17 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Information Distribution What is the critical data in your organization? Do you have centralized data that needs to be distributed? Do you have remote data on workers’ devices that needs to be retrieved and centralized? How is this critical information …distributed? …retrieved? How are updates handled? Can you ensure that latest versions are in use? Do you have custom applications and data on remote devices? What network connections are available for distribution? What teams need the data? Sales force, Field force, Executives Technical, Legal Insurance, Retail Service vehicles Channel partners

18 Company Confidential © 2007 Nokia01.01.07 Need for Improved Information Distribution Increased costs Delays Duplicated effort Obsolete or expired data Every day, your employees find themselves… 1628 unread Searching through emails for the latest document versions Saving attachments and replacing old documents Searching the corporate file system for elusive documents Manually pulling information from the corporate intranet Juggling reference binders or CDs Bottom line: Information distribution is now an employee burden:

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