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HTC Corporation Peter Chou CEO June 2009. Disclaimer This presentation and release contains “forward-looking statements” which may include our future.

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1 HTC Corporation Peter Chou CEO June 2009

2 Disclaimer This presentation and release contains “forward-looking statements” which may include our future results of operations, financial condition or business prospects, are based on our own information and from other sources. Our actual results of operations, financial condition or business prospects may differ from those expressed or implied in these forward looking statements for a variety of reasons, including risks of market condition, supply chain, market demand, and our ability to maintain a high quality products delivery. The forward-looking statements in this release reflect the current belief of HTC as of the date of this release and HTC undertakes no obligation to update these forward- looking statements for events or circumstances that occur subsequent to such date. 2

3 Introduction 3

4 Mobile Convergence Voice Centric2.5G / 3G / 3.5G DevicesData Centric Handset Smartphone PDA Notebook / Netbook Internet + Push Email + Multimedia + Office + Messaging PDA Phone HTC Focus 4

5 Innovation Breakthrough Apr 98 World’s first Palm-Size PDA May 00 Compaq iPAQ Pocket PDA May 02 World’s first color wireless PDA Oct 02 World’s first Smartphone Aug 05 World’s first 3G PDA phone May 06 HTC TyTN World’s first Tri-band UMTS PDA HTC Touch Jun 07 May 08 HTC Touch Diamond Sept 08 HTC Dream World’s first Android phone Feb 09 HTC Magic 5

6 At the Forefront of Technology & Innovation “World’s First” in Adopting New Technologies“World’s First” in Product Innovation  First to use Intel StrongArm processor, LTPS LCD, and lithium polymer battery (1999)  First to use TI OMAP and Samsung ARM 9 (2002)  First to use Intel Bulverde 520 MHz (2004)  First to combine Blackberry and Windows Mobile OS together(2005)  Continuous first to deliver Windows Mobile devices  First Microsoft color Pocket PC (2000)  First Microsoft wireless Pocket PC and powered Smartphone (2002)  First Microsoft Smart Music Phone (2004)  First Microsoft 3G PDA Phone (2005)  First Microsoft tri-band 3G PDA Phone and 3G Smartphone (2006)  First Google Android Phone (2008) 1st Windows 3G Phone (2005) HTC, Google & T-Mobile joint launched the 1st Google Android Phone – T-Mobile G1 in New York, USA on Sep. 23, 2008. 1st Google Android Phone (2008) Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, showing off the HTC 3G Phone at the Microsoft Mobile & DevCon 2005 in Las Vegas. 6

7 The Road To Brand 7

8  Communicate HTC innovation to consumer  Fully capture the value of innovation  Create long term share holder value  To be able to continue to invest on innovation HTC Brand Building 8

9  Began the first Smart phone innovation in early 2000.  Built operator business model since 2002.  Established unique partnerships with leading mobile brands, including Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and major operators in the world. Key Milestone On Brand Building 9

10  Decided to go HTC own brand since 2006.  Change product strategy from hardware innovation to hardware, software and experience holistic innovation.  The first successful brand product launched – HTC Touch in 2007.  Launched the most compelling Windows Mobile product – Touch Diamond in 2008.  Enabled first Android platform in 2008. Key Milestone On Brand Building 10 HTC TouchDiamond HTC Dream (G1)

11 1H 2009 HTC Key Products 11 Touch Cruise 09 Diamond 2Touch Pro 2 HTC Magic HTC Snap

12 Global Presences Cover Over 70 Countries Worldwide Americas Seattle Chicago Miami Sao Paulo MEA Dubai ASIA Taiwan Australia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand EUROPE Slough, UK Copenhagen, Denmark Benelux Paris, France Frankfurt, Germany Rome, Italy Warsaw, Poland Moscow, Russia Madrid, Spain 12

13 Rapid Growth History  HTC leadership position and leverage of a rapid mobile broadband industry growth drives 73.16% of revenue CAGR over the past 11 years. 13

14 Partnership on Shared Vision 14

15 Windows Mobile Brings HTC/Microsoft Together  Long term partnership with Microsoft on shared Windows Mobile vision.  Benefited from priceless resource and experience from Microsoft partnership at early stage.  HTC’s Windows Mobile platform witnessed gigantic victory last decade. 15

16 BT/TMO & HTC Enabled Windows Mobile Users  Strategic partners with BT (British Telecom) & T-mobile to enable first Windows Mobile user experience in early 2000.  HTC was given the access to the leading operators’ infrastructure like a tier 1 handsets player.  Today HTC has acquired global carriers franchise from Europe, NA, to Asia and Japan. 16

17 Mobile Broadband Teams up HTC & Qualcomm  Partner with Qualcomm to ramp 3G+ mobile bandwidth since 2006.  Largest Windows Mobile vendor based upon Qualcomm leading 3G+ smart phone solution in the world.  Qualcomm-enabled HTC smart phone become an industry disruptive power to drive innovation. 17

18 Mobile Internet Vision Unites HTC & Google  Strategic partner with Google to co-develop Android platform since 2006.  Successfully commercialized first Android platform with Google and T-mobile on Qualcomm architecture in 2008.  Well positioned today to ramp Android platform portfolio globally from 2009 onward. 18

19 To Be Able To Establish Partnership  Show unique value (innovation, product, technology, execution ).  Take responsibility, take risk and show determination.  Show leadership, offer initiative.  Long term trustable credit.  Add strong value to your partner. 19

20 Thank You 20

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