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3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC1 PowerPoint Template and Hints for 10-12 minute investor oriented presentation.

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1 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC1 PowerPoint Template and Hints for 10-12 minute investor oriented presentation

2 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC2 Display Hints  Use your company’s logo, corporate colors and corporate “look and feel”  Avoid font size below 20  Avoid important content at bottom  Avoid dark colors on dark background or light colors on light background  Instead of text heavy slides: –Use graphs, charts, and pertinent visuals

3 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC3 More Display Hints  About 10% of men are color blind – the same % as left handers –Consider patterns, rather than colors, for bar graphs and pie charts –Avoid red/green, blue/purple & gray/brown contrasts  Consider informative titles –Not just “Market Summary” but “Billion Dollar Market Potential”

4 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC4 Most Important Hints  Answer “what’s in it for me” for the INVESTOR audience, explicitly or implicitly, in almost every slide, not just the financials –% growth, profitability, high barriers to entry, clear need, not a “one trick pony,” existing clients to bear some growth cost, management investment, etc.  Have a strong intro and conclusion

5 3/30/2015 5 Sample Sequence for 10 minute Investor Presentation

6 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC6 (Company Name here) (Presenter name here) Insert your logo as a header or footer on every slide Tag line or highlight of company or presentation

7 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC7 Business Summary Statement  Your company’s reason for being  Why investors are interested –Think “who, what, when, where, why, how” –Be concise –Avoid jargon. Your audience is not your customers – they may not know your niche at all Add your logo to every slide

8 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC8 Market Summary Educate the audience –About those market conditions ripe for your company’s profitable solution. Examples: changes in regulations, market players, costs, pricing, or competition, technology

9 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC9 The Team  List CEO and key management by name (key information only – speak the rest)  Include previous, pertinent accomplishments only  Don’t spend too long on each person  Advisory board members who have invested are more impressive than known names with no commitment

10 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC10 Problems and Opportunities  Identify problems that your company addresses  Define a large scope ($, %) of opportunities created by those problems

11 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC11 Business Concept  Summarize key technology, concept or strategy on which your business is based  Highlight competitive differentiation (your management team, protected technology, client list, etc.)

12 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC12 The Successful Business  Describe the fully functioning business: satisfied customers, economies of scale or other elements to help audience “see” the present and the profitable future you envision

13 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC13 Competition  Summarize competition (don’t say “no competition”)  Outline your company’s competitive advantages –Cost/profit, distribution, clients, products/services, management  Barriers to entry

14 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC14 Goals & Objectives  Summarize 24 month goals –Specific measurable objectives –Market share objectives –Revenue/profitability objectives  Perhaps demonstrate current track record of goals met/exceeded

15 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC15 Financial Plan  High-level financial plan that defines financial model, pricing assumptions, and past/anticipated performance (5 line items max)  Pertinent financial information can/should be incorporated earlier as well, in market/competitor/business summary slides

16 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC16 More Financial Plan hints  Avoid full page charts with tiny numbers  Draw audience’s attention to important numbers with circles, arrows, colors, or enlargement  Round numbers (keep slides clear and clean…if they are too busy, nothing will be seen)

17 3/30/2015Aegis Capital Group LLC17 Summary of Company Strengths  Market  Management  Competitive Edge  Products/Services/Customers  Cost/Profit Good Luck!!

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