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Company Profile Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd. Sep. 2008.

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1 Company Profile Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd. Sep. 2008

2 Table of Contents Overview ECS Fact Sheet Milestones
Mission & Strategy Professional IT Supplier Revenue Growth ECS Headquarters Worldwide Branches Global Manufacturing Networks Golden Elite Profile ECSM Profile ESZ Profile EMX Profile ECS Competitive Advantages Our strengths Innovative Product Design Worldwide RMA & Logistics Support Complete Vertical Integration Environmental Protection ECS Green Assurance System Possessing the Best Partner Services Developing Convenient Communication Worldwide recognitions

3 Corporate Overview

4 ECS Fact Sheet Founded in May 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan
Became the first motherboard maker to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in September 1994 Chairman: W. Y. Lin President: Thomas Ni Employees: 20,000+ worldwide HQ Location: Taipei, Taiwan Major products: PC/Server Motherboards; VGA Cards Notebook/Tablet PCs; Personal Multimedia Player Desktop PCs/Bare bone ECS worldwide employee: Breakdown by BU BU1: 11000 BU2: 4500 BU3: 1600 BU4: 2900 Breakdown by location HQ: 1500 ECSM: 7620 Golden Elite: 6500 ZIP: 3800 EMX: 250 ECZ: 100 USA branch: 120 EU branch: 30 Korea: 20 Japan: 10 Beijing: 50

5 ECS Organization Resource & Service Finance MIS Chairman W.Y. Lin
Auditing Committee President Thomas Ni President office BU1: Mainboard, Add-on card and System Product B.U. Kevin Yang BU2: Notebook Product B.U. Robert Tsay BU3: Intelligent Communication Product B.U. Rex Chang BU4: PCB & Manufacturing B.U. KJ Liu Quality Assurance Division General Administration MP Tsai BU2: Notebook Manufacturing B.U. Jerry Kuo Legal Room Michael Chen Resource & Service Finance MIS

6 Milestones Headquarters new building completion 2008
Established Intelligent Communication Product Business Unit for advanced communication product development. 2007 Headquarters moved to ECS owned new building Extended new notebook manufacturing site in China (Suzhou) 2006 Acquired Tatung Desktop PC BU & Uniwill computer Corp. Added new manufacturing sites in China (Shenzhen and Suzhou), Mexico, and Czech Republic to complete ECS global manufacturing networks 2005 Established new offices in China, Korea and Russia. 2003 Added ECSM Plant II to production facility lineup to produce NB and DT systems. 2002 Achieved 2 Million units/month in MB sales. Ranked #8 in the BusinessWeek InfoTech 100 2001 Created the DeskNote PC, completely change the NB market segmentations. 2000 Achieved MB sales record of 1 Million units/month. 1998 Established ECSM in Shenzhen, China starting with a capacity of 0.6M MB 1994 Listed on Taiwan’s Stock Exchange. (Code 2331) 1987 Founded as a professional MB company in Taiwan.

7 Mission & Strategy Deliver affordable personal computing solutions for global markets To be the best supplier of desktop and notebook PC building blocks to OEM/ ODM brand owners Drive the new PC Era through innovation and integration of state-of-the-art technologies

8 Professional IT Supplier
Worldwide Top 3 Motherboard Supplier Worldwide Top 6 Notebook Supplier Worldwide Top 3 Desktop Supplier Professional PCB Supplier Target MB Shipment 35 Million pcs Target VGA Shipment 2.5 Million pcs Target NB Shipment 4.5 Million units Target Shipment 3 Million units Target Output 2.1 Million Ft2 MB VGA DT NB PCB

9 Revenue (Thousand USD)
Revenue Growth Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 Revenue (Thousand USD) 537,377 743,892 1,860,290 2,876,248 - 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 2004 2005 2006 2007

10 ECS Headquarters, Taipei
Building a New Headquarters and Our Future

11 Worldwide Branches Sales/ Marketing Offices: Headquarters (Taipei)
ECS Russia *Moscow ECS China *Beijing ECS Korea *Seoul ECS USA * Fremont ECS Japan *Tokyo ECS Netherlands *Amsterdam ECS Taiwan *Taipei ECS Brazil * Sao Paulo Sales/ Marketing Offices: Headquarters (Taipei) Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea Wijchen, The Netherlands Fremont, USA Moscow, Russia Sao Paulo, Brazil

12 Global Manufacturing Networks
ECS Manufacturing sites ECSM (Shenzhen), China Golden Elite Technology (Shenzhen), China ESZ(Suzhou), China EMX, Mexico EMX Plant (Juarez, Mexico) Golden Elite Technology (Shenzhen, China) ECSM Plants (Shenzhen, China) ESZ Plant (Suzhou, China)

13 Golden Elite Technology
Golden Elite Profile Location: Shenzhen, China Total Acreage: 372,720 m2 (land area) ISO9001, ISO14001 , OHSAS18001, QC accreditation Employees: 6500 Key Facility: 32 RoHS Lines (PCBA) Capacity: PCB: 1 Million feet / month PCBA (M/B): 1.6 Million pcs / month Main Products: 2-10 Layers PCB Motherboards VGA Cards Desktop PCs and Servers Golden Elite Technology (Shenzhen, China)

14 ECSM Profile Location: Shenzhen, China
Total Acreage: 114,000m2 factory area ISO9002&14001 accreditation Employee: 7620 Key Facilities: 73 SMT Lines 32 Manual Insertion Lines 32 Testing/Packing Lines 2 Pilot Run Lines Capacity: 2.5 million Main Board per month 1.5 million Add-on Cards per month 250K Notebook/System per month Main Products: Motherboards VGA cards Desktop PCs and servers ECSM Plants (Shenzhen, China)

15 ESZ Profile Location: Suzhou, China
Total Acreage: 154, m2 factory area ISO9002&14001 accreditation Employee: 3800 Facility: 7 SMT lines 4 DIP lines 20 notebook assembly lines Capacity: 500K notebook per month Main Products: Notebook PCs ESZ Plant (Suzhou, China)

16 EMX Profile Location: Juarez, Maxico
Total Acreage:30,555 m2 factory area ISO 9001 and certified Employee: 250 Capacity: 200K desktop PC/month Facility: 5 assembly lines VAT: C-TPAT Integration Capability: BTO/CTO Main Products: Desktop PCs EMX Plant (Juarez, Mexico) Flexibility to NA & LA Markets Timely market and direct shipment capability to whole American. No risk in the port: ECSMX has C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism )certification. Benefits of having C-TPAT Certification. On the macro level, the border security of the United States is enhanced. This is the major mission of Customs in today’s environment. On the operational level, if a pool of importers, carriers and other transportation entities can be considered to be very low risk, then Customs can use the saved resources elsewhere to enhance their ability to deter terrorism. This allows Customs to make the best use of their allotted funds to carry out their mission. ECS has Hub in El Paso that can be customer’s VMI Hub, transload warehouse, direct shipment and service parts center. Shorter outbound transition L/T and freight cost from El Paso to distribution Centers in US.

17 ECS Competitive Advantages

18 Our Strengths ISO 9001, 14001 and QC080000 certified
Advanced manufacturing technology (ATE, AOI, Cross-section exam, thermal shock test, etc.) Recognized by major OEM/ODM clients Completed vertical integration for PC production Dominated economy of scale Well positioned production sites in China (Shenzhen & Suzhou) and Mexico Creative and experienced R&D teams for MB, NB, DT, IA and CE products 400+ MB R&D engineers 500+ NB R&D engineers Advanced ERP, PLM, and CRM systems

19 Innovated Product Design
Creative and experienced design and R&D teams develop cutting-edge MB, NB, DT, IA and CE solutions

20 Worldwide RMA & Logistic Support
ECS BV *Netherlands ECS USA * Fremont ECS USA * Miami ECSM * ShenZhen ECS CZH ECS Taiwan *Taipei ECS MEXi Leading Global Logistics As manufacturing increases in scale, ECS constantly updates global logistics management to better support partners and customers RMA & Logistics support center Factory / Logistics support/RMA center

21 The Best Service Our manufacturer assures an optimum processing period for the repair of motherboards with a legal and unequivocal contract. This ensures that ECS processing service is superior to the competition.

22 Complete Vertical Integration
Supply chain integration and strategic relationships with key partners help ECS reach economical production scale

23 Environmental Protection
ECS’s Green Competitive Advantage includes engineering and product designs featuring non-toxic materials, eco-designs, and easier disassembly and recycling

24 ECS Green Assurance System

25 marketing resources on-line.
Possessing the Best Partner Services Our CRM system is a fully integrated website covering all ECS resources from every department, and offers product and marketing resources on-line.

26 Developing Convenient Communication
Our website has more than twenty languages, and offers the functions of searching engine and information. Please visit ECS at

27 Recognitions and Awards

28 Recognitions from Customers

29 Recognitions from Global Media

30 Awards from Worldwide Medias
“Editor’s Choice Award” HKEPC (Hong Kong), January 28th, 2008 “……when it’s compared to previous RS690 chipset based motherboards, being the first IGP which supports DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0, the great performance increase of the integrated graphics core, the powerful Unified Video Decoder for HD Video, the HDMI connector, and the support for HDCP, have made this board be the best choice for HTPC……” “Best Buy Award” ComputerDIY (Taiwan), March 1st, 2008 “……obviously, the A780GM-A motherboard shows us ECS’s efforts in providing not only a product with great price/performance ration, but also a product with good quality and nice overclocking capability……” 30 30

31 Awards from Worldwide Medias
“OC Recommended Award” OC Heaven (Taiwan), April 8th, 2008 “……besides the great support for HD video decoding, featuring Hybrid Graphics Technology is obviously an additional benefit for users. With the great price/performance ration, there is no concern for those certain users who might have a bit budget limitation. This is definitely the best offering for users who are looking for a board that is helpful to HD video decoding ……” “Best Value Award” OCWorkbench (Singapore), April 13th, 2008 “……ECS has put up a good challenge to the other players with this ECS A780GM-A……For those who intend to build a HTPC, a full fledge board might be a bit big for a small box. On the other hand, the chipset gives you a cheaper alternative over the 790X as this full board has 3 PCI slots and 2 PCIe x1 slot for future expansion use.……” 31 31

32 Awards from Worldwide Medias
“Great Value Award” Guru3D (Netherland), April 3rd, “……The ECS "Black Series" A780GM-A mainboard is a good example of what the 780G chipset can do for you when properly implemented. It comes in an aesthetically pleasing way, easy to use BIOS and at a very fair price. I'm seriously considering building a Full HD HTPC out of the platform we showed you today……This week we'll receive a AMD revision B3 Phenom processor, I can't wait to see how well it will perform on that. So yeah, I'm impressed by this mainboard, and I don't say that very often, especially in this price range……” “Recommended Product Award” t-break (Middle East), April 2nd, 2008 “……ECS A780GM-A motherboard impressed us with the on-board features. Hybrid support and overall a great layout is something that will please most users……” 32 32

33 Awards from Worldwide Medias
“Approved Award” Phoronix (USA), April 14th, 2008 “While the AMD 790FX Chipset is the big brother to the 780G, the ECS A780GM-A v1.0 was able to stand its ground against the flagship Gigabyte MA790FX-DS5 in the tests we had conducted...The layout of this motherboard is fine by our standards and shouldn't pose any problem whether it's used for an HTPC/media setup or a mainstream gaming PC.” “Price Performance Award” Noticias3D (Spain), April 14th, 2008 “……Pros: Efficient consumption of energy, Correct yield Contained price, Possibility of hybrid CrossFire, Good connectivity (HDMI, VGA…) ……” 33 33

34 Awards from Worldwide Medias
“Silver Award” HWM Magazine (Malaysia), April 1st, 2008 “……If you’re getting this board just for HD home theater purpose, then it serves this purpose well enough……A HDMI enabled motherboard for a decent HD home theater experience……” 34 34

35 Awards – ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT “Recommended Award”
Guru3D (Netherlands) Jan. 30th, 2008 “…It's an aesthetically pleasing to look at product and you are bound to have a lot of fun and it'll offer you a really nice gaming experience up-to 1600x1200 with all eye-candy enabled, that's a Guru3D assurance.…” “Editor’s Choice Award” (China) Feb. 5th, 2008 “…For users who are interested in overclocking, the dual turbo fans bundled with ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT is capable to provide better stability while overclocking.…”

36 Awards – ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT “iXBT Original Design Award” (Russia) March 2008 “… ECS GeForce 8800 GT Accelero S1 512MB PCI-E is an excellent graphics card, and it is the best offering among all GeForce 8800GT based graphics cards I have ever seen …” “Recommended Product Award” t-break (ME) Jan 27th 2008 “… we installed the two fans bundled with the unit which brought the temperatures down to 45ºC-……it’s definitely lower than the stock HSF that nVidia uses…”

37 Awards – ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT “Editor’s Choice Award”
OCWorkbench (Singapore) Jan. 2008 “… In conclusion, the card is superb in 3D performance. This card is best if you can't stand the noise coming from those reference design 8800GT cards out. It is also best for use with playing back HD-DVD or Blu-ray…” “Editor’s Choice Award” PCPOP (China) Dec. 2007 “…Providing the amazing cooling efficiency, this graphics card is the excellent choice for enthusiasts…”

38 Awards – ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT “Top Award” “Editor’s Choice Award”
MaximoPC (Argentina) March 2008 “…an excellent product that until the moment competitors do not have and that is without doubt “the best” GeForce 8800GT, so we give it TOP Award …” “Editor’s Choice Award” ComputerDIY Magazine (Taiwan) Feb.2007 “…with four cooper heat pipes and a great number of fins, the cooling performance is excellent, and it will be even better when you put on two turbo fans…”

39 Awards – ECS N8800GT-512MX-DT More

40 Thanks

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