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P\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Company Overview Presented to Wyoming Pipeline Authority.

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1 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Company Overview Presented to Wyoming Pipeline Authority

2 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Willbros Group, Inc. Overview

3 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Brief History  Founded in 1908 as Williams Brothers Company  Employed by more than 400 clients in over 50 countries  Operated internationally since 1939  Sustained permanent presence in Oman, Canada, and the United States  Public company since 1996; listed on the New York Stock Exchange  Achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1996  Engineered / constructed over 200,000 km (124,000 miles) of pipeline

4 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Family Tree

5 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Worldwide Operations OMAN Muscat PANAMA Panama City UNITED STATES Casper Salt Lake City Kansas City Tulsa Houston Current Work Countries Past Work Countries Willbros Offices CANADA Ft. McMurray Edmonton

6 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Willbros North American Offices Casper, WY WILLBROS MIDSTREAM SERVICES, LLC (Producer EPC and Operations Services) Salt Lake City, UT WILLBROS ENGINEERING / EPC (Facilities Engineering) Tulsa, OK WILLBROS ENGINEERING / EPC WILLBROS GOVERNMENT SERVICES, INC. (Pipeline / Facilities Engineering / Government Services) Houston, TX WILLBROS ENGINEERING / EPC (International Facilities Engineering) Kansas City, MO WILLBROS ENGINEERING / EPC (Pipeline Engineering / Integrity Services)

7 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Willbros Safety  In the prevention of all injuries, incidents, and illnesses to our employees, clients, and community  Our employees are our most valuable asset  The health and safety of our employees is a core value  In empowering employees for proactive performance…E 2 P 2  Promote safety continuously throughout the organization  Pursue excellence and make no excuses for inadequate performance  Become “World Class” in safety performance  Be the “Employer of Choice” in the global marketplace  Recognize superior performers and be accountable for failure  Do the job right the first time Willbros Believes:Willbros Will:

8 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Focus  Project management / Program management  Project definition and planning, route and site selection  Preliminary engineering and permitting  Detailed engineering  Procurement  Construction  Continually improve safety  Value added constructability analysis  Turnkey EPC projects  Project solutions  Optimization  Funding

9 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Expertise  Field gathering and production facilities  Processing facilities  Meter stations  Compressor and pump stations  Onshore pipeline systems (natural gas, petroleum products, LPG, crude oil and water)  Fuel storage and terminal facilities  Underground storage facilities  Pipeline integrity management

10 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Project Capabilities PROJECT Pipeline Integrity Management Personnel Training Commissioning & Startup Construction & Construction Management LogisticsProcurement Row / Permitting Engineering Project Management Financial Assistance Due Diligence / Feasibility Studies Operations / Maintenance

11 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Project Management  Twenty-one (21) people have been certified to date as Project Management Professionals (PMP).  Recognizes Project Management as a separate profession from engineering  Provides consistency  Project initiation  Project planning  Project execution and control  Project close-out  Subcontractor control

12 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Wyoming Relevant Projects

13 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Opal Processing Plant TXP-4  Williams Gas Processing Company and Willbros Group, Inc.  Engineering, procurement, construction and funding of a 350 MMscfd cryogenic gas processing plant designed to recover up to 10,000 bpd of natural gas liquids 0203

14 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Jonah Dehydration Facility  Williams Gas Processing Company  Engineering, procurement and construction of a 1.0 Bscfd gas dehydration facility at Williams’ Opal hub

15 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Kern River Gas Transmission System  Kern River Gas Transmission Company  Engineering services for a 1,102 km (685 mile) 36-inch natural gas pipeline system from Opal, Wyoming to Daggett, California  With an initial capacity of 700 MMscfd, the system included three compressor stations, measurement and maintenance facilities, a communication and data acquisition system and a separate 30- and 42-inch pipeline system from Daggett to Bakersfield, California  Services included field and as-built survey; right-of-way acquisition; material receiving and control; and the preparation of alignment sheets, permit drawings, construction specifications and bid documents 8992

16 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Pony Express Pipeline Conversion  K N Energy, Inc., (now Kinder Morgan, Inc.)  Engineering, procurement and project management for the decommissioning of a 916-mile, 8- through 24-inch, crude oil pipeline, conversion to natural gas service and construction of a new 114-mile, 12-inch, crude oil pipeline and a 100-km (62- mile), 16-inch, natural gas lateral  Services included preliminary cost estimates and due diligence investigation, FERC application support, hydrotesting, permitting, field services and construction inspection 9698

17 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Wasatch Sour Gas Gathering System  Union Pacific Resources Pipeline Company  Engineering services to perform a piping stress analysis on portions of a 60 km (37 mile) 6- and 10-inch gas gathering pipeline system designed to transport 65 MMscf/d of sour gas at 1,760 psig  Services were provided for the southern portion of the system consisting of 6-inch laterals, six well sites, one flare site, two inline heater sites and three gathering trunk line junctions  The project included a metallurgical evaluation and the detailed design of the anchoring and piping modifications required for code compliance 9494

18 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Medicine Bow Lateral  Colorado Interstate Gas Company  Drafting and field services to support the FERC application and construction of a 234 km (145 mile) 24-inch gas pipeline  The project included route selection and route maps, road and waterway crossing permit drawings, ownership plats and pipeline alignment sheets 9899

19 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Husky Oil Company  Ralston Gas Products Plant  Detailed design, procurement assistance, plant evaluation, specifications, as-built drawings, O&M manuals, process facilities inspections, air quality studies and modeling  Byron Sour Gas Treating Plant  Detailed engineering, material specifications, procurement assistance, field engineering assistance and inspection, air quality studies and modeling

20 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Overland Pass Pipeline Project  Oneok  Engineering, procurement, construction management, and support services for 754 miles of 14-inch and 16-inch pipeline to transport NGL 0508

21 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Double Eagle Petroleum  12 mile 12 inch Gathering Pipeline  Location: Dad Wyoming  Supplied Engineering, Procurement, and Construction  Currently provide Operation & Maintenance Services

22 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Willbros Midstream Services (WMS) Casper, Wyoming

23 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt Wyoming Operations  Established a Casper Office  Employ 4 full time employees  Provide Operating and Maintenance Services to Producers and Midstream Companies  Employ 35 construction workers

24 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt WMS Current Projects  Double Eagle/Eastern Washakie Atlantic Rim Expansion  Provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operations  Five year expansion of the Cow Creek Field  Gathering Pipelines, Pipeline Expansion, Compression, Treating

25 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt WMS Wyoming Focus  Assist oil and gas producers  Feasibility evaluations  Optimization studies  Stranded gas solutions  Project development services  Engineering and construction services  Strategic Alliances to assist in funding of Midstream Assets, Exploration & Production  Operations

26 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt WMS Wyoming Focus (cont’d)  Continue proactive dialogue with clients contemplating natural gas/crude oil midstream, and transmission assets within Wyoming  Continue to support Wyoming Pipeline Authorities efforts to facilitate sourcing and transmission of natural gas, crude oil, refined products, and NGL

27 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt WMS 2007 & 2008 Goals  Increase our operations & maintenance services  Increased development of strategic alliances to provide funding of midstream, exploration, and production projects  Establish a Cooperative program with the University of Wyoming Engineering School  Increase our staff to 15 full time employees

28 p\mktg\presentations\WPA Presentation 2007 DM.ppt WILLBROS Solutions for Wyoming

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