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Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3131 What about the sustainability ?

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1 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3131 What about the sustainability ?

2 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3132 Is this the Business Point of View ? What about the profit ? What about the turn over ? What about the grand strategy What about the future ?

3 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3133 Future values Future Business Future Ecology Green values – How fast Values versus welfare National values versus Global Change Changing Business Environment Direction and speed of the change versus our Grand Strategy Economic reality versus protection of the nature Wake signals versus megatrends Forest Ecology of tomorrow Raw material supply Protection versus recreational use Sustainable Future Future Society Laws and regulations Agreements EU-regulations Corporate Governance Protection versus economics

4 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3134 What do we really know versus what do we believe to know ? Business Scoop Green behavior – reasonable objective but when ? Business today Business + 5 years New strategy +10

5 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3135 Global Community Webnet LTD

6 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3136 Ethical Background: Business Ethics vs. BaU Our response to the ethical claims of customers Lähde: Korkeakouluopetus kestäväksi, Opetusministeriön Julkaisuja 2006:4, s. 122. Economical Values Ethical Values Moral ad hoc/cost-benefit analyse Translation of the moral Moral as part of the business Moral important as such

7 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3137 Performance Ethic Part of The BaU Out of Th BaU Redneck Strategy Green Strategy Green values – Green Strategy. No green strategy, no acceptance of the sustainable development without changes in values

8 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3138 Holistic Approach in Business Dependence: Business Education vs. BaU Action Knowledge Values Lähde: Korkeakouluopetus kestäväksi. OPM:n julkaisuja 2006:4, s.124 muunneltuna. The strength will be the mutual dependence – holistic development Ability to act and impact. Integration of the SD to performance EMPOWERMENT Economical vs. ethical Awareness and responsibility Readiness for action EDUCATION FOR Multiscientific approach to the SD Basic business knowledge EDUCATION ABOUT

9 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 3139 Raw Materials Industrial ecology Industrial production Sales & Marketing Logistics UsageRejection Landfill Recycling End of the Life Cycle Reuse Logistics Recycling Logistics Life Cycle

10 Copyright Jorma Lempiäinen +358-500-840 31310 We know how to do Do we want to react + Worldwide information Global media Information sources of the EU High educational level all over Individual responsibility Reasonable behaviour Logical argumentation National advantage Better than Sweden or Russia Knowing means power Finland first Think about our workforce Competitive edge of Finnish companies Problems are so far away Why to be # 1, competitors do not care 5,22 million versus 1,3 billion inhabitants etc For Against

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