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1 The world leader in serving science Mitchell Kennedy Vice President & General Manager Molecular Biology Business Unit May 8 th, 2014 Innovation in Thermo.

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1 1 The world leader in serving science Mitchell Kennedy Vice President & General Manager Molecular Biology Business Unit May 8 th, 2014 Innovation in Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Core Value of the Company

2 2 Outline of Presentation About Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovation in Product Development Applying Innovation across the Company Community Involvement and Innovation Summary

3 3 Premier Brands Global Scale 50,000 employees in 50 countries $17 billion in annual revenues Unparalleled commercial reach 10,000 employees working with customers every day The World Leader in Serving Science Unmatched Depth Innovative technologies Applications expertise Lab productivity partner

4 4 ProductsPortfolio**Geographies Pro forma revenues: $16.8B* * Estimates based on unaudited FY 2013 revenues of both companies **Percentages calculated are based on estimates for intercompany eliminations and other accounting policy adjustments Our Scale and Depth of Capabilities Analytical Instruments 18% Specialty Diagnostics 19% Lab Products & Services 37% Life Sciences Solutions 26% Instruments & Equipment 26% Consumables 61% Services 13% Europe 27% North America 51% Asia-Pacific 18% ROW 4%

5 5 Vilnius Biosciences Center of Excellence Part of Thermo Fisher since 2010 Molecular and Protein Biology products for life science research and diagnostics 430 employees 80% with university degree, 10% Ph.D. R&D Center: 90 dedicated researchers All products are manufactured in Class D clean-room facilities ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485

6 6 Focused on What’s Most Important

7 7 We enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer A Mission We’re Proud Of

8 8 Together We are Fulfilling Our Mission Stopping counterfeit drugs Helping to reduce air pollution Identifying peanut allergies Improving breast cancer diagnostics Screening for E.Coli Advancing justice through forensic science

9 9 Accelerating Customer Results Scientific instruments and equipment LIMS and laboratory software Process monitoring and industrial instruments Environmental monitoring and safety Transplant diagnostics Clinical assays Immunodiagnostics Microbiology Anatomical pathology00 Laboratory equipment Laboratory plasticware glassware and supplies Solving Analytical Challenges Increasing Lab Productivity Improving Patient Diagnostics

10 10 Leading Life Sciences Technologies Molecular biology Cell biology Protein analysis Genetic analysis Human identification Synthetic biology Food safety Animal health Bioproduction Molecular diagnostics Genomic medicine Regenerative medicine Accelerating Scientific Discovery Applying Biology Beyond Research Advancing Personalized Medicine

11 11 Portable, Affordable and Easy to Use Accessible to chemistry students and technicians with limited NMR experience Mobility – shareable across multiple laboratories Low cost (at least 10X less expensive than high-field NMR) Shoe-box size and 10lbs/5Kgs The World’s First Miniature NMR Spectrometer Thermo Scientific picoSpin 45

12 12 Q Exactive Advancing Life Science Research Prep Microorganism ID Bacteria population Protein ID …using the new methodology with the Q Exactive, we are already seeing that within an hour or so, instead of several days, we can start getting a full spectrum. This will have a major impact on disease… Professor Haroun N. Shah UK Health Protection Agency ” “ Data LC-MS/MS

13 13 Ion Proton sequencer Genomics market Unrivaled Industry Leadership R&D spend equals ~6.5% of manufacturing revenue, >$700M NX70 Cryostar (cryotomy applications) Cancer Diagnostics SureTect PCR Food Testing Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Proteomics market Committed to Industry Leadership Committed to Innovation

14 14 Quality Consistently deliver world-class products and services Productivity Improve operating and process efficiency to strengthen our competitive advantage Customer Allegiance Exceed expectations to maximize customer success Our PPI Business System is Our Discipline

15 15 March Global Kaizen Week

16 16 Kaizen Events across Life Sciences Group

17 17 Kaizen Teams, System Changes and Results

18 18 Live Our 4i Values Every Day Honor commitments, communicate openly and demonstrate the highest ethical standards Create value by transforming knowledge and ideas into differentiated products and services for our customers Integrity Innovation Be determined to deliver results with speed, excellence and a passion to succeed Make connections to work as one global team, embracing unique perspectives and treating others with dignity and respect Intensity Involvement

19 19 Thermo Fisher Foundation for Science

20 20 Students and teachers conduct novel research while enjoying wonders of weightlessness as part of NASA-HUNCH program Employees went to Yinjing, delivered donation valued >54k Yuan to 86 students in the "Thermo Fisher 1 on 1 program" and affected by Ya'an earthquake 2013 20 science teachers attended a workshop offered by Fisher Science Education, where they tested and analyzed water samples from the Ohio River in Pittsburgh Community Involvement and Innovation: Globally

21 21 Community Involvement and Innovation: Lithuania 40% employees volunteered in 2013 Over 3,000 hours volunteered 28 social projects conducted Mobile Bioclass, the first country traveling biosciences lab Promoting science among high school students 100 schools visited in 70 locations 2,500 schoolchildren and 150 teachers participated Collaboration with universities Participation in development of study programs Internship program: 33 scholarships for students doing their final thesis in company’s labs Employees as part time lecturers

22 22 Summary Innovation can be cultivated within an organization through: Funding projects and training to drive action Managerial support to emphasize value and importance Reward novelty and originality Avoid excessive criticism of unsuccessful efforts Tools such as PPI/Lean (or other disciplines) for a framework Goals and objectives which require creativity Positive change management imperative for success Organization must be willing to adapt and evolve Status quo cannot be accepted Preconceptions decrease creativity

23 23 Questions

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