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CMS (Content Management System And Wordpress) Presented By: Syed Arshad Sultan UI Developer – PHP & MySQL.

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1 CMS (Content Management System And Wordpress) Presented By: Syed Arshad Sultan UI Developer – PHP & MySQL

2 Why PHP & MySQL? Agenda Brief History of PHP Question & Answer Comparison WordPress Market Value MySQL Course Outline 77 66 55 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1

3 PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It was initially developed for HTTP usage logging and server-side form generation in Unix. PHP 2 (1995) transformed the language into a Server-side embedded scripting language. Added database support, file uploads, variables, arrays, recursive functions, conditionals, iteration, regular expressions, etc. PHP 3 (1998) added support for ODBC data sources, multiple platform support, email protocols (SNMP,IMAP), and new parser written by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans. Your own sub headline HISTORY

4 PHP & MySQL PHP 4 (2000) became an independent component of the web server for added efficiency. The parser was renamed the Zend Engine. Many security features were added. PHP 5 (2004) adds Zend Engine II with object oriented programming, robust XML support using the libxml2 library, SOAP extension for interoperability with Web Services, SQLite has been bundled with PHP HISTORY

5 With Other Server Side Scripting Language PHP Market Shocking for All??? But its True

6 w.r.t Usage Market Value of PHP Web Technology Survey nguage/ms/y

7 w.r.t SALARY (Most Important Factor) Market Value of PHP By Indeed

8 w.r.t SALARY (Most Important Factor) Market Value of PHP By Indeed

9 ASP, PERL & ColdFusion Don’t Mind it Comparison PHP is faster PHP is more efficient for complex programming tasks. PHP is more stable and less resource-intensive. ColdFusion once had better error handling, database abstraction, and date parsing, the database abstraction shortfalls were addressed in PHP 4 ColdFusion's strengths is its excellent search engine but a search engine is not something that should be included in a web scripting language. PHP runs on nearly every modern platform in existence. while Cold Fusion is only available on Windows, Solaris, Linux, MacOS, and AIX. PHP vs. ColdFusion?PHP vs. ASP? The biggest advantage of PHP over Perl is that PHP was designed for scripting for the web, while Perl was designed to do a lot more. Because of this, Perl can get very complicated. PHP is also easier to integrate into existing HTML than Perl In large part, PHP has all the 'good' functionality of Perl - constructs, syntax, et cetera - without making it as complicated as Perl can be. Perl is a very tried and true language, and has stood its ground since the 1980's, but PHP has matured and evolved quickly, and continues to make fantastic progress. PHP vs. Perl? ASP is not really a language in itself, the actual languages used to program ASP include Visual Basic Script, JScript, and C#, among others. The biggest drawback of ASP is that it's a proprietary system that is natively used only on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) platform. This limits its availability to Win32 based servers. ASP is said to be a slower than PHP One of the pro's of ASP is that, since it primarily uses VBScript, it's relatively easy to pick up the language if you're already proficient in Visual Basic. ASP support is also enabled by default in IIS, making it easy to get up and running. However, the components built in ASP are really limited, so if you need to use "advanced" features, you'll need to buy additional components.

10 MySQL Databse Many of the world's largest and fastest- growing organizations including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Alcatel Lucent and Zappos rely on MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems and packaged software. Why MySQL?

11 The best and the most-used database in the world for online applications Available and affordable for all Easy to use Continuously improved while remaining fast, secure and reliable Fun to use and improve Free from bugs MySQL Database We want the MySQL database to be

12 WordPress Why WordPress? 1.Easy to find, easy to use, easy to share 2.Easy to publish, easy to configure, easy to maintain 3.Easy to build, easy to augment, easy to evolve 4.Availability of plugins 5.Search Engine Magnetism 6.Improved Security 7.And Of course its FREE

13 Oh My GOD…. WordPress Stats

14 1.Variable, condition, loops, functions, array & strings, regex. 2.Basic HTML, Forms, Form Validation on client side and server side. session & cookies. Session usage in forms. 3.How to build database scheme, connecting mysql via php. Basic queries and storing data into DB. 4. SQL injection, Cross site scripting. Course Outline PHP & MySQL Basics of PHP MySQL Working With Forms Security

15 1.Installation 2.Configuration 3.Wordpress Admin Panel 4.Front Site 5.Changes in Existing Theme 6.Creating Custom Theme 7.Styling 8.HTML 9.PHP Changes 10.etc Course Outline Wordpress WordPress Essential & Custom theme Development

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