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What is PAIN, what is the cause, how do I recover, and how do I prevent it? Treating SYMPTOMs and CAUSEs! Flip Chart By: Jim Wissing Athletes4Life, LLC.

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1 What is PAIN, what is the cause, how do I recover, and how do I prevent it? Treating SYMPTOMs and CAUSEs! Flip Chart By: Jim Wissing Athletes4Life, LLC Owner, LMT

2 Hi, and thank you for taking time to review this Flip Chart about PAIN! There is a ton of confusing information about our health, what to do, and what to eat. Even with a license from the Ohio State Medical Board it was driving me crazy. Emotionally stressed, all I wanted was to get rid of my pain without becoming a chemist in the grocery store, and without spending a fortune on pills and organic food! Today I have control of my healthcare, am virtually pain free, getting better at exercising (lol), and eating healthy food I like that is affordable. It took research from doctors, nurses, and the National Institute of Health in order for me to understand what to do and what to eat so I could make my own choices. So I put this together so you don’t get lost in the alphabet soup! There is a lot of medical information here, and we did our best to simplify and organize it. You don’t need to understand or remember everything, we just want to be sure that you know we do, and the care we provide is clinically correct. Jim

3 Introducing Athletes4Life! Mission Statement: With a God Loving Spirit HELP PEOPLE by providing advanced medical massage therapy for the best outcome based results, and work with healthcare professionals to improve the healthcare industry. – Help people with PAIN by using True Muscle Therapy to improve quality of life – Provide education to understand what causes pain, and what to do at home to prevent pain and avoid doctors and pills – Help with EMOTIONS using Relaxing techniques to get through difficult times – Offer solutions to take control of your health – Celebrate improved activity and support new activities – Develop a custom therapy plan to provide healthcare 4Life! – Provide results for research to improve the healthcare industry.

4 Are You Suffering from… Neck / Shoulder Pain Knee Pain Emotional Stress Back Pain Lack of Relaxation Tendonitis Arthritis Pre/Post-Surgery Bone on Bone Carpal Tunnel Tingling in Hands Plantar Fasciitis Migraine Headaches Fibromyalgia Parkinson's OR?????

5 Want to Improve Activity/Performance or Recover from Injury? Football Baseball Basketball Walking Bicycle AND MUCH MORE!  We customize our massage to your specific sport and position.  For Any age.

6 PAIN is the SYMPTOM OF: Muscles at rest should be smooth and loose. Tight muscles at rest are congested and inflamed. Inflamed muscles put pressure on the tendons by the joints. Tendons have defense sensors to tell the brain to relax the muscle. Inflamed muscles cannot relax and lengthen so tension continues. Continuous tension causes PAIN! MOST JOINT PAIN IS/ORIGINATED AS A MUSCLE PROBLEM! AT RESTACTIVE

7 When you burn energy Aerobically (With Oxygen) – 38 energy molecules are created! When you burn energy Anaerobically (Without Oxy) – ONLY 2 molecules are created, AND free radicals are created. Free Radicals attack cell walls, proteins, and DNA! TISSUE DAMAGE BEGINS (Oxidative Stress), and you feel tight muscles! Free Radicals attack muscles AND tendons! What Causes Inflammation? Poor Energy Burn!

8 Why don’t we have enough Oxygen? Physical Stressful Jobs Poor posture / decreased lung capacity Tight / knotted muscles Smoking Air Quality – pollution, being indoors Spinal disease – Kyphosis Lack of exercise Excess Exercise or the body cant ingest enough oxygen to satisfy the body’s needs. *All day meeting in a conference room.

9 Free Radicals vs Antioxidants What are Free Radicals? Unstable molecule, or a molecule with a missing electron (energy). Steals electrons from other molecules causing Oxidative Stress / TISSUE DAMAGE. Kill Mitochondria (organelles that produce energy for the muscles). What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants have an extra electron. They give an electron to the Free Radical and NUTRALIZE Oxidative Stress. The best antioxidants are in vegetables and fruits, so eat 10 servings per day!

10 Acidosis Caused from lack of oxygen and Free Radical damage

11 Ok, so that was a lot ! At this point, we know that we have tight inflamed muscles, PAIN/Acidosis in some parts of our bodies. We also know we need more oxygen, and we need to eat more veges and fruits to stop tissue damage. So what’s the process? First, to improve blood flow and oxygen/antioxidant delivery we need MUSCLE THERAPY. Not just any massage or any massage therapist is able to apply the proper techniques in the proper sequence to systematically restore blood flow. I have personally trained and certified our therapists on our Athletic Relaxation Massage that uses our unique, self developed procedures. Our procedures …

12 Muscle Therapy / Massage Procedures: Phase 1 Clean Muscles: 1.Remove toxins 2.Reduce inflammation 3.Restore blood flow 4.Improve Lymph circulation 5.Boost the immune system 6.Activate digestive system 7.Improve oxygen delivery 8.Reverse tissue damage 9.Increase energy production 10.Lengthen muscles 11.Reduce tendon stress 12.Increase muscle elasticity 13.Reduce / Eliminate PAIN Phase 2 Resolve Issues: 1.Loosen knots 2.Push out old blood 3.Push in fresh nutrient rich oxygenated blood 4.Repetitiously wash the treated tissues with blood 5.Improve Lymph circulation 6.Activate the Immune System Phase 3 Therapy Plan: 1.Document targeted muscles 2.Establish frequency of sessions 3.Follow up and track progress

13 Ok, what do you do? STEP 1: Muscle Therapy / Massage! Go to, and click to SCHEDULE your STEP 2: i4Life HOME Lymph Massage! Talk to your therapist about this 10 min routine to prevent illness and power-load your blood with oxygen and prevent pain. STEP 3: JuicePlus! We are supposed to eat 10 servings of Veges and Fruits per day, WOW! The only product with a food label, the best gap filler between what we eat and what we should eat. Talk with your therapist for info.

14 Your Body’s Medicine Cabinet Your Lymph/Immune System is the body’s medicine cabinet. Waits to detect disease, so it is a Reactionary System i4Life is a one time 40 minute LYMPH MASSAGE class that teaches you to CONTROL it and PROACTIVELY fight infection and avoid doctors & pills. Details are on

15 Thank You! Time to Take Control Of YOUR HEALTH ATHLETES4LIFE, LLC

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