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‘Becoming’, getting conscious of being our own creator.

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2 ‘Becoming’, getting conscious of being our own creator.

3 Interactions for Consciousness Development We are our own creators using the tools, the ‘palette’ we were given. We are the creators of our life experiences, in the life environment we are manifested at, and given the particular temporal circumstances of the social environment in which we were risen.

4 Introductory Module Reconciliation, Integration of Absolute and Relative Realms of the Existence Unit.

5 Orientations of Interactions In the interactions (work-shop), we are going to explore the two fundamental Existence Unit manifestations of the self-aware, self-conscious existence process, that will take us to the power of creation inherent to existence and all her temporal manifestations.


7 Resonance One of the five fundamental stages of the existence process that establishes and defines the existence unit, process through which the self-sustained, self-conscious existence unit re-energizes and stimulates itself through its periodic energy redistribution, its self-re-creation. Enlightenment The transcendence of the temporal life manifestation to another consciousness state, level, which is achieved by the harmonic interconnection with the Existence Unit Consciousness Structure.

8 The transcendence to another consciousness level is just part of the primordial process of conscious integration of the temporal manifestation to the Source, Existence Unit Conscience Structure. In religion this process has been named Communion with God, Communion of Wills. Will is expression of the conscious entity.

9 Could we grasp it? Could we get not only conscious but also able to scientifically explain and energetically confirm The Power of Creation Inherent to Existence, a power from another existence realm different from our relative one in which we are temporarily manifested?

10 Yes, we carry the creation power By recreating the hyperspace of existence, the Existence Unit, we show its power inherent to its presence, power for its own re-creation and for the creation of her experiences of life through her manifestations. The recreation process is scientifically explained and energetically confirmed. (See References)

11 Each module of the interaction (work-shop), (according to the orientation of interest of the participants), Resonance or Enlightenment, is opened by an introduction about these two fundamental existence manifestations.

12 Module (I) Energy (Cosmology) Orientation Resonance

13 At Everybody Reach Starting from an almost incredible very simple statement We will get ourselves into the Self-Conscious, Self-Aware Existence Process, the detailed origin of the natural laws governing the Existence Process, and the interactions between energy distributions that result in the Existence Process becoming self-conscious, self- aware.

14 We will get into the path to grasp, understand, the answers to the fundamental questions of the human being, understanding that science and religion were not able to reach, among these questions, Origin, Configuration, Evolution and Purpose of the Existence Unit; and

15 the path to: make everybody able to reach, to get conscious of the Truth by themselves, the Truth already inside us all; make everybody able to become absolutely free, no matter the social, cultural, material and temporary circumstances of life, to finally recognize Who they are; and make everybody able to experience Who they like to become in harmony with the Self-Aware Existence Process, that is, the absolute Truth we have called God.

16 Again, from a very simple statement, we will start a path to grasp the Truth by everyone who is willing to make the ‘jump’ into another existence consciousness level, to transcend, now, from this existence surroundings.

17 Sounds crazy, exciting, both? Well, just experience the answer by yourself, and be ready to make yourself courageous enough to give up what deny you, and courageous enough to live up to the Truth you may be ready to become fully conscious of.

18 There are only two forces in the Self-Conscious Existence Process.

19 These two forces are gradients, rate of energy redistributions, in excess and defect from the limit, from the absolute final constant space and time distribution never reached, that can never be reached, ever, of the only one primordial variable, the binary association of the primordial substance from which all and everything that is, that exist, is generated and recreated.

20 The redistributions and interactions of these two primordial forces in a absolute finite but unreachable multidimensional binary spectrum of their manifestations, cause the energy circulation, that is, the circulation that generates universal life, the conscious existence process of interactions and redistributions of the eternal presence of the primordial substance, the process that establishes and defines the hyperspace of existence that self-recreates periodically.

21 Just for now, let’s call these two forces, primordial forces of association and dissociation, forces that in the consciousness development process are called the forces of Love and Fear.

22 Existence Unit Brief Introduction The process of ‘generating’, self-recreating, self-energizing and self-sustaining of the Existence Unit, from just two primordial forces.

23 At Everybody Disposition and Reach The Hyperspace of Existence, Origin, Configuration and Evolution; hyperspace of which our universe is a temporary surroundings. Resonance of the Hyperspace of Existence. The mathematical demonstration and energy confirmation and energy confirmation in the primordial phenomenon of resonance and the Periodic Table of Elements of Earth.

24 Resonance (Work-Shop) Collective Interaction Designed according to the areas of interest and the ‘level’, previous interactions, of the attending participants.

25 Module (II) Individual Consciousness Development Orientation Enlightenment

26 Consciousness Enlightenment Introduction. We are inseparable part of the Existence Process, with a common purpose to be achieved, realized through individually created life experiences.

27 No matter our own rational, temporarily relationship with God, whether believe or not, we are intimately, inescapably, unavoidably, eternally attached to God. We are inseparable part of the Self-Conscious Existence Process, God, cells of Her Consciousness Structure, consciousness units under development.

28 How do we now when we are ready for the greatest human being experience? We do not know when we are ready of the grandest human being experience until we suddenly find ourselves into it. What we could know is why and how we have been separated from getting into such an experience.

29 Also, we can know what takes us back to it. It is a transcendental intimate decision, that has to be individually taken while being in a civilization that will keep acting not in harmony with the greatest human being experience, in spite of saying it is being looked for.

30 If we have been developed separated from the Truth, we cannot be ready to achieve, realize this experience until we intimately, individually decide to rectify in the primordial direction, and proceed, act according to such a decision in spite of the circumstances we will find which will try to make us to desist of such a decision.

31 There is no way to know who is ready, then the only way to reach those ready, those who would listen and respond, is to try reach everybody. Their decision in front of the primordial stimulus will say if they are ready to ‘jump’ into another existence consciousness level.

32 The way we achieve, realize the greatest human being experience is particular, different for each one, and depending on the way we have been approaching it consciously or unconsciously.

33 Enlightenment (Work-Shop) Collective Interaction Designed according to areas of interest (some are listed at the end of this guide) and the ‘level’, previous interactions of the attending participants.

34 To live is to experience the consciousness process and to enjoy exercising the power of creation, power inherent to existence temporal manifestations, life manifestations, that is reached through consciousness.

35 How we show God (Truth) to our fellow beings? By living God (Truth) we have reached, got conscious of. We show God (Truth) continuously, incessantly with our actions and interactions. If we reached, got conscious of God (Truth), we could not act, interact against God (Truth) we have reached, got conscious of. We could not discriminate anybody, we would be unable not to love everybody.

36 We are God. We were not raised to believe this absolute Truth.

37 Areas of Interests (Guide) (Participants will choose or bring their area of interest). Interactions for Consciousness Development. I want to understand! (Choose, do not want, do not demand). Why am I in this circumstance of life? Who am I? Relationship between God and the Universe, and Human Being. God and Devil. Heavens and hell, being in harmony or not.

38 Interactions for day-to-day living. I just want to be happy! (Chose, do not want, do not demand). My purpose in life. We create our way and experiences to get expected purpose. Origin of the problems of the humankind. Natural rights inherent to life. Freedom. Fairness. Equal Opportunity. Justice. I want to succeed! (Chose, do not want, do not demand). How to succeed in a world that expect us to act not in harmony with our divine nature?

39 Setting our paradigm, frame of reference, for happiness and real success. What is real? That which never changes. What is it? Who is our God (or god) in our life? Right and wrong. There is nothing inherently wrong. Revisiting heaven and hell.

40 The Greatest Human Being Experience It is to consciously transcend, ‘jump’ into the Self-Sustained, Self-Aware, Self-Conscious Existence Unit Structure and Process, and experience the life, the process of primordial, absolute, eternal, immutable state of self-awareness development, orientated by the creative conscious interaction between the Source (Mother) and Her manifestation (Child).

41 References



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