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Written on Our Hearts Written on Our Hearts The Old Testament Story of God’s Love What is Written? God’s Word How do I Experience it? God’s Love of Human.

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1 Written on Our Hearts Written on Our Hearts The Old Testament Story of God’s Love What is Written? God’s Word How do I Experience it? God’s Love of Human Kind And I will write it on their hearts, I will put my law within them, And I will be their God, And they shall be my people. Jeremiah 31:33

2 The Bible: A Time Capsule from God Collection of Stories Telling about God’s desire for relationship: love A collaboration: written by people, inspired by the Holy Spirit A never ending story: The Holy Spirit continues to inspire and speak to modern day readers of scripture

3 The Bible: Two Testaments Testament: Covenant (Promise) The “Old Testament” (reflects God’s promise) – Is an encounter with God – Is itself preparation for the New Testament The “New Testament” (is fulfillment of God’s promise) – Is and encounter with Christ – Is itself the fulfillment of the Old Testament Both Testaments – Inspired – Shed light on each other

4 Word of God Revelation: God’s self-communication – Love Genesis 3:8 God walks with Adam and Eve face-to-face – Goodness Genesis 1:12b God said it was good. The Word of God – Bible – Sacred Tradition

5 The Perfect Word: Jesus Christ Scripture and Tradition convey God’s Word Scripture and Tradition bear witness to the perfect Word – Creation: reflects the active Word – Prophets: proclaim the active Word – Jesus Christ is the perfect Word of God – Scripture and Tradition pass on the living Word

6 Biblical Inspiration 1. The Holy Spirit guided human authors to teach the truths necessary for salvation without error. 2. The Holy Spirit guided the Church in determining which Gospels and letters were authentic Word of God. 3. God communicates through the author’s creative use of various literary forms (poems, myths and legends, sermons, accounts of visions, etc…) 4. The Bible is not a perfect history, but conveys the truth.

7 Interpreting Scripture Scholarship helps us to understand: the circumstances in which texts were originally written the original meaning intended by the author Scholarship seeks to uncover: The author’s sources The author’s sources Historical situation Historical situation Cultural practices Cultural practices Scholarship’s goal: To assist us in finding the “light” scripture sheds on our lives today

8 Sacred Tradition The Church’s passing on of everything she has learned about God’s Word Example: The Church’s passing on of everything she has experienced about God’s Word Example:

9 Magisterium What? The Church’s official teaching voice Who? The world’s Bishops along with the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope. Why? To act as “primary teachers” of a diocese or geographical region and interprets the Scripture and Tradition in every era. They work closely with each parish Pastor.

10 Salvation History The story of God’s actions through history and people’s responses. Begins with an act of love: creation  In God’s own image  With freedom to love also  In community, with variety, because all are unique Sustained by action of love: God called to Adam… Redeemed by God’s ultimate act of love: Jesus God’s activity is LOVE; to beget GOODNESS

11 Abram becomes Abraham A Semitic nomad who lived in today’s Iraq, 1850BC, founded monotheism: belief in one God. God promised to give Abram the land of Canaan and many descendants; they in turn would reveal the one God to the world. A sign of the covenant becomes circumcision for all males; to reflect this new status as God’s people Abram becomes Abraham and Sarai becomes Sarah. (Gen. 17:1-22)

12 Patriarchs and Matriarchs Abraham’s son Isaac, meaning “laughter”, and grandson Jacob, would become the patriarchs or founders of the Jewish faith. Their wives, Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel the matriarchs. – Three strangers or angels Abraham’s first born son, Ishmael, is conceived by Hagar at Sarah’s request. They are put out and Ishmael grows up wild and free. – One angel assures Hagar

13 Canaan to Egypt Famine drove the descendants of Abraham to Egypt, where they were eventually enslaved. The Book of Exodus opens in Egypt, Moses the main character. About 450 years after Joseph. About 1290BC Moses came to understand that one God was above all other Gods. God revealed His name as Yahweh, meaning “I am the one who is always present.”

14 Moses Moses, his mother and Miriam Moses, the Pharaoh, Plagued by Plagues! Moses and his brother, Aaron (Ex. 3:1-22, 4:1-17) The Passover Seder and Symbol of Blood Miracles and Manna in the Desert The Covenant of Sinai Moses and God (Ex. 33:18) “Show me Your glory, I pray!”

15 13 Attributes of God (Ex. 34:6-7) The Lord, The Lord A God Merciful Gracious Slow to Anger Abounding in Steadfast love Faithfulness

16 For the thousandth generation Forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin Yet, by no means clearing the guilty/but visiting the iniquity of he parents/upon the children,/to the third and forth generation. (God does not let wrongs go unpunished)

17 The Decalogue No other gods Includes anything that rejects God God’s name Forbidding every disrespectful use of God’s name The Sabbath Observing this says, “we belong to God, not any other authority”

18 Parents Honoring parents through aging and care for public authorities and all of society’s families Murder Includes avoiding capital punishment and war whenever possible; includes promoting health; prohibits slander which “kills” a reputation.

19 Adultery To protect marriage and the well being of the family; all called to chastity within life station. Stealing Not sharing, includes stealing the quality of a person’s life False Witness Not using words to harm a reputation Coveting a Married person Sin begins in the mind and heart; entertaining the idea of adultery Coveting Property An envious craving is the first step toward injuring one’s neighbor.

20 Egypt to the Promised Land Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan. He Israelites fought against people who lived there from about 1250 to 1000BC; the military leaders were called Judges Around 1000BC Israel became a nation, with David a beloved and anointed King. Jerusalem, was the capital city. David’s son, Solomon, not loved, built the temple in Jerusalem.

21 Israel Divides and Falls Heavy taxes, abuses in labor, idolatry practiced by the kings created hardships and led to division of the nation after Solomon died. The north was called Israel, and the south was called Judah. Jerusalem was in the south. Both kingdoms continued to oppress the poor, and worship pagan gods. The prophets spoke out against the injustices, and infidelity toward God.

22 The Jewish Dispersion Powerful conquerors crushed both kingdoms He Assyrians took the north in 721BC The Babylonians destroyed the south 587BC, including the temple. After 50 years in Babylon, the conquering Persians allowed the Israelites to return to Judah. Now called Jews, upon return from Babylon.

23 Restoring Jerusalem During the Exile, Jewish leaders began collecting their bible. The canon was complete in 90BC. – The Torah – The Prophets – The Writings (Historical and Wisdom books) They rebuilt the Temple under Ezra and Nehemiah, and restored Jerusalem. Alexander the Great, 330BC, led the Greek Empire, who became overlords for 300 years In 63BC, the Romans captured Jerusalem. The O.T. ends at this point. Many were waiting for a Messiah, from the line of King David, to save them.

24 Stories of Origins Creation (Gen. 1:1-31, 2:1-4) – Original goodness came from the one God

25 Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:4-25, 3:1-24) – How sin entered the world – Original sin

26 Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood (Gen. 4:1-16) – How the evil of sin spread

27 The Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-9) – How humanity could not save itself from it’s sin

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