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Christian Spirituality Today: An Ignatian Vision.

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2 Christian Spirituality Today: An Ignatian Vision

3 Spirituality Three Key Questions: Who am I? Who is my God? How do I come to my God?

4 Spirituality… Is intimate and personal Often comes to us through our traditions and communities Reflects our deepest beliefs and values

5 Spirituality… Affects our relationship with: Ourselves Other people God or Higher Power

6 Spirituality… something we bring to our personal and professional lives… everywhere… …including our work

7 Myself Other People God Authenticity & Genuineness Spirituality: a dialectical personal growth toward authenticity & genuineness with

8 Christian Relationship to God God is the Father proclaimed by and revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, who is God’s Son. Also the Spirit, the humble, surprising and initiating God of Pentecost Fire! Jesus is also the Way, the Truth and the Life who leads us to God. Discipleship is – the free decision to follow Christ’s examples and teaching – the radical and difficult choice of every Christian

9 Discipleship… Rooted in the depth of God’s love for us and all of humanity! The Great Commandment: Mark 12:28-34 Good Samaritan: Luke 10:27–37 Abundant Life: John 10:10 Discipleship is not easy! It is for adults!

10 Christian Community What does it look like? People at worship through ritual, sacraments and common prayer Commitment to social justice according to interest and need Key doctrines of faith and tradition, but with questions about contemporary application of these doctrines Variety of expressions

11 Christian Spirituality What does it mean? Usually refers to the varied ways people live the Christian life more intensely Going beyond ordinary obligations of worship: - to fuller discipleship - to spiritual depth There are road maps …

12 The Benchmarks of Vatican 2 New Ecclesial Movements Lay and Clerical: Catholic Charismatics Marriage Encounter Sant’Egidio L’Arche Cursillo Taize

13 Established Christian Families Many Christians practice & share in the spirituality of long standing and trusted religious families…

14 Benedictine oblates Third orders of Franciscans & Carmelites Trappist lay associates Mission communities: Maryknoll, Columbans… encourage lay adult members Religious women: Mercy, Charity, Franciscan, Dominican, etc….

15 Orders tap the minds and hearts of students for volunteer service Commitments to justice ministry, simple community living and prayer Jesuits: JVC and JVI “Ruined for life” Holy Cross Associates Mercy Corps

16 Spiritual Writing Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore Dakota and Cloister Walk, Cathleen Norris Richard Rohr, Zeni Fox & Joan Chittister Anthony DeMello, Henry Nouwen, Basil Pennington Thomas Merton

17 Catholic Publishing Paulist Press: Classics of Western Spirituality” ( John of the Cross, Ignatius, Juliana of Norwich, Martin Buber, Theresa of Avila…) Orbis Books: Modern Spiritual Classics Institute of Carmelite Studies Liturgical Press Georgetown University Press St. Vladimir Seminar Press (Orthodox)

18 Study & Prayer Groups, Retreats Parish based adult learning groups by age and interest, scriptural prayer Christian Life Communities (CLC) Retreat centers – directed, monastic & Zen styles… with massage therapy! Reflection / Retreats for women, men, married couples, divorced & separated, gays, lesbians, 12 Step, etc.

19 Theology and Spirituality Karl Rahner & Hans Urs van Balthasar lamented rupture between solid theological research and spirituality Growing scholarly interest in critical study of Christian spirituality and theology: Georgetown University Cambridge University University of Chicago Louvian University Boston College Notre Dame Fordham Yale

20 Ignatius the Pilgrim circa1523

21 Ignatius of Loyola Born Ingio de Loyola 1491 Injured at Pamplona 1521 (30 years of age)

22 Eleven Months stay at Montserrat and Manresa ↑ Montserrat Abbey of Montserrat →

23 Maturity of heart and mind Ignatius experienced two conversions after the accident and while at Manresa: - Religious conversion - Psycho-Spiritual conversion through deeper understanding of: O himself O other people & events O God, in the person of Jesus Christ

24 Spiritual Exercises A guide toward inner spiritual freedom Four movements or “weeks” rooted in Ignatius’ own experience, and later offered to others. “God taught him just as a schoolmaster teaches a child whom he is teaching.”


26 Principle and Foundation Why was I created? My response in Love All creation is a gift from God Proper use of these gifts toward the purpose for which I was created Discernment : to track my thoughts and feelings over period of time. What do they reveal? Where do they lead me?

27 Emphasis on the primacy of personal spiritual experience A world friendly spirituality Understanding of the Christian life as a call to be of help to others Three aspects of Ignatius’ spirituality influenced Jesuits’ choice of works

28 Key Concepts of Fr. Jerome Nadal, S.J. Spiritu…… In the Spirit Corde……With the Heart Practice…. Practical help

29 Key Concepts from Spiritual Exercises Attention Reverence Devotion

30 Examination of Consciousness General Examine Give thanks to God for the gifts, insights and surprises received this day What have I learned about myself today? Did anything troubled me? How might I become more accepting of myself and of others? What patterns of thinking and behavior might I build on, and which might I avoid? Gently I share all of these thoughts and feeling with Christ. I thank Him for His love for me, and express my love for Him.


32 Three Jesuit Friends



35 ↑ Ignatius’ Seal of the Society RIP July 31, 1556 →

36 The End

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