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God the Holy Spirit Chapter 7. Pentecost 40 days after rising from the dead, Jesus Ascended into Heaven. Before he did, he instructed his disciples to.

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1 God the Holy Spirit Chapter 7

2 Pentecost 40 days after rising from the dead, Jesus Ascended into Heaven. Before he did, he instructed his disciples to not leave Jerusalem but to wait for baptism with the Holy Spirit… 50 days after Easter (Pentecost means 50,) the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples and graced them with all they needed to build God’s Kingdom on earth.

3 The Maestro The story of the little boy who wandered on the stage and started to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and the famous pianist, Ignace Paderewski, came out and began playing with him… In what sense was: – The disciples’ spiritual knowledge akin to the boy’s musical knowledge? – Pentecost’s impact on the disciples akin to Paderewski’s impact on Jason?

4 The Holy Spirit We should not confuse Pentecost with the a ”birth” of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit has been around as long as God the Father and God the Son. (CCC 689) St. Paul’s example of the Holy Spirit’s activity in the Old Testament: Acts 28:27 Example’s of the Holy Spirit’s activity in Jesus’ life: Luke 4:1, 14

5 An “Art” Aside The painting on pg. 92 is done by Caravaggio (1463-1510). Pg. 26 also have a paining by Caravaggio (St. Jerome.) Caravaggio was a disciple of the naturalistic school. His paintings are more “photographic” as opposed to Van Gogh, an impressionist. The painting on pg. 253 is by Van Gogh (Good Samaritan.)

6 Promise of the Holy Spirit To be our Helper So the disciples sons and daughters (that would be us!) will proclaim Christ’s message To “unite the peoples of the world, who split into hostile factions and whose sin had scattered across the earth. To continue God’s plan to re-create the world.

7 Symbols Wind – Its whisper touch (1 Kings 19:12) – Its hurricane power (Acts 2:2) Fire – Burning bush (Exodus 3:3) – Burning mountain (Exodus 19:18)

8 Birth of the Church Coming of Jesus – Christmas Jesus becomes the sign of God’s presence in his world Jesus becomes the instrument of God’s activity in his world Coming of the Spirit – Pentecost Church becomes the instrument of God’s presence in our world Church becomes the sign of God’s presence in our world

9 An old legend says that when Jesus ascended to heaven, he still bore the wounds of the crucifixion: When the angel Gabriel saw him, he said, :Lord, how greatly you suffered! Do all the people on earth know how much you loved them?” Jesus replied, “Oh no! Only a few do.” Gabriel was even more shocked and said, “How will the rest find out?” Jesus said, “I told Peter, James, John, and their friends to tell them.” Gabriel said, “Lord, what if they fail to do so? What if they let you down? Don’t you have a backup plan-just in case?” Jesus said, :No, I’m counting on them not to let me down. And I’m counting on the people they tell not to let me down.” What assures you that people like yourself will not let Jesus down?

10 The Spirit (cont.) Images of the Spirit: – Recall the sun as an image of the Trinity: the Father – light, The Son – warmth, The Spirit – energy – Fire, a symbol of the Spirit, also produces all three – light, warmth, energy --- a natural connection to God. Life in the Spirit: – Since the first Pentecost, every person baptized has experienced the “touch of the Spirit” in a special way Discuss “Share Your Meditation”

11 Virtues, Gifts & Fruits The theological virtues are given to us through baptism: faith, hope, charity (CCC 1812-13) The prophet Isaiah lists seven gifts of the Spirit (CCC 1830-31): – Fear of the Lord (Reverence & Awe,) Piety, Knowledge, Fortitude (Courage,) Counsel (Right Judgment,) Understanding, Wisdom St. Paul lists 9 fruits of the Spirit (CCC 1832): – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control For each, which do you feel you most need right now in your life?

12 Chapter Test Matching 1 – h 2 – b 3 – c 4 – g 5 – j 6 – I 7 – d 8 – a 9 – f 10 - e True/False 1 – T 2 – T 3 – F 4 – F 5 – F 6 – T 7 – F 8 – T 9 – F 10 – F True/False 1 – Charity 2 – Hope 3 – Fear of God 4 – Paul 5 – Isaiah

13 The Church Chapter 8

14 Plan of God - St. Paul wrote, “This plan, which God will complete when the time is right, is to bring all creation together… It is through Christ that all of us, Jews and Gentiles, are able to come in one Spirit into the presence of the Father” Ephesians 1:10-11, 22-23

15 The Church – “Sacred Assembly” Kahal (Hebrew) -> Kyriake (Greek) -> Kirche (German) ->Church (English) = “sacred assembly” The Church, which was instituted by Jesus, traces its ancestry, in a sense, back to the “sacred assembly” at the foot of Mount Sinai At the foot of a mountain in the Sinai desert, the Israelite community encountered God and were transformed utterly by it. That encounter gave them a new identity (God’s chosen people) and a new destiny (God’s chosen instruments to re-create the world.) No other religion came about as did Israel’s. Others sprang from nature. Israel's sprang from history – at a specific moment in time, at a specific place on this planet, they encountered the awesome Creator of the universe and were totally transformed by the encounter. (Christianity and Islam both owe their origin, in at least part, to Israel.)

16 Discuss “Reality Connection” pg. 104 -The Jesus who walked the roads of Galilee was both God and man; he had both a human dimension and a divine dimension. -Similarly, the Church that Jesus instituted has both a human dimension and a divine dimension. Jesus - the head of his body, the Church - is the divine dimension; we – the members of his body, the Church – constitute the human dimension. -Just as the human dimension of the person Jesus made him vulnerable to sickness, weariness and depression, in a similar way, the human dimension of the Church makes it vulnerable to various evils. -The Church is not a collection of saints, but a collection of sinners, desperately seeking to become saints. -Jesus himself said, “I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts.” Mark 2:17

17 Instituted, Revealed & Perfected The human race has not defenses against the ancient evils of the “Kingdom of Satan” – sin, sickness and death. Jesus came to rescue the human race and inaugurate the “Kingdom of God.” The “Kingdom of God” is in a process of destroying the “Kingdom of Satan.” The “Kingdom of Satan” is not dead yet, but in the process of dying, its days are number – it is like a prisoner on death row awaiting execution. (Each time we say the Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “Thy Kingdom come.”) The institution of the Church can be compared to a child in the womb. It is in its embryonic state. Its goal is to become the seed, sign and instrument that will effect the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. We may describe the Kingdom of God in its present state as God’s presence among us, gradually and invisibly re-creating us and our world.

18 The Kingdom of God manifests God’s invisible “presence of God among us” by certain signs – for example, when people: 1.Love one another 2.Forgive one another 3.Carry one another’s burdens 4.Work together for peace on earth The Kingdom of God manifests its presence whenever people proclaim the Good news and – with the help of God’s grace – live their lives according to God’s will. It is a thing of the heart. The Church was revealed to the world at Pentecost – in a sense, the embryonic Church emerged from the womb. Pentecost is the “birthday” of the Church. With the coming of the Spirit on Pentecost, the Church became the seed, sign and instrument that will effect the “ultimate coming” of God’s Kingdom on earth. The Church and the Kingdom of God will reach perfection when Jesus returns!

19 Unfinished Work What have you done to work for the Church’s completion? What are you doing now? What ought you do in the future? 1.Live according to Jesus’ teaching 2.Discern your gifts and ask the Holy Spirit’s guiding as to how to use them for the benefit of the Kingdom “Become all God created you to be; Become the best version of yourself.”

20 Models of the Church Discuss Saxe’s poem about 6 bling men standing around an elephant trying to figure out what it is like – they were all partly right, and they were all wrong. How can we keep from making the mistake of the blind men in our trying to describe Church? 1.Realize our viewpoint of the Church is terribly limited 2.Go to Scripture to see what it says about Church. Three models stand out: 1.People of God 2.Body of Christ 3.Temple of the Spirit 3.Think of the many images Jesus used to describe the Kingdom of God. They were always clustered together. (Ex. seed, yeast, pearl.) 4.We need to use Jesus model and learn to not rely on just one model, image, viewpoint as it can be limiting and misleading (like bling men around the elephant.)

21 People of God: – If you wish to know the heart and soul of another – become his close friend or trust someone who is; so it is knowing Jesus. – The new Testament was written by a community of a “People of God” who knew Jesus intimately: “You are to bear witness because form the beginning you are with me” John 15:27 – We have to trust that the inner secrets of Jesus’ heart and soul were entrusted to the early Christian community – or we have lost Jesus forever. – We can never forget or sever our continuity with the Christian community that knew Jesus and authored the new Testament. – Thus it is in foolishness that some people say, “I follow Jesus in my own way. I don’t need a Church (the People of God) to tell me what to do or to interpret the Scripture for me.”

22 Body of Christ: The Church: – is a living organism: Body of the Risen Christ – as Jesus shared the Father’s life, we share Jesus' life Jesus preached, healed, forgave: – Gospel times: Jesus acted through the physical actions of his historical body – Today: Jesus continues to act through the liturgical and sacramental actions of his mystical body Temple of the Spirit Soul=Holy Spirit Human BodyBody of Christ Soul/Holy Spirit – Permeate the body – Unify the body – Enliven the body Which of the three images of Church appeals to you most, why?

23 Marks of the Church Summarize what Catholics believe: – Apostles Creed - composed of 12 articles (statements) that summarize the faith of the Apostles Originated in the early centuries of Christianity in Rome as a profession of faith by converts about to receive Baptism – Nicene Creed Longer more detailed creed that dates to 325 AD and the ecumenical Council of Nicea. It is accepted by all Catholics and many Protestant churches Four Marks: – One We are one body for we share one loaf. 1 Corinthians 10:17 – Holy Keep yourselves holy, for I am holy. Leviticus 11:44 – Catholic Go to all peoples; teach and baptize them. Matthew 28:19 – Apostolic Your faith rests on the Apostles’ faith. Ephesians 2:20

24 Mystery of the Church The Church is a mystery of the Trinity’s love Divine Dimension: – Christ: body’s head, invisible dimension – Unflawed dimension, source of light Human Dimension: – People: body’s members, visible dimension – Flawed dimension, source of darkness The greatest respect I can tender another is to respect their freedom and not lean on them or coerce them in any way.

25 Chapter Test Matching 1 – j 2 – i 3 – c 4 – f 5 – h 6 – d 7 – a 8 – e 9 – b 10 - g True/False 1 – T 2 – F 3 – T 4 – T 5 – T True/False 1 a. Soul b. Holy Spirit 2 a. People of God b. Body of Christ c. Temple of the Spirit 3 a. Prepared for b. Instituted c. Spirit d. Human e. Divine

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