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Culture Language Literature Music Art Beliefs Religion Technology Material objects Way of life.

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2 Culture Language Literature Music Art Beliefs Religion Technology Material objects Way of life

3 Lomo Saltado - Peru Customs – How they dress – Foods they eat – Holidays and great turning points in life Poi- Hawaii

4 Aspects of Culture Family Structure – How many generations live together – How family decisions are made

5 Setting – Rural – Small villages, mostly agriculture and small crafts – Urban – More modern, generally crowded, greater access to education, health care, & technology – Movement from rural to urban can cause those with few skills to live in slums

6 Social Structure – Social class – similar wealth, power, & prestige – Most societies have the following:

7 Upper class – Earn or inherit wealth – Own large % of property – Often serve in ldrship roles

8 Middle class – Educated & mostly successful people – Managers, professionals, small business owners

9 Working class – Manual workers – Factories – Mining – Transportation – Craftsmen

10 Peasants – Farm workers – Subsistence farmers – Little education – Limited experience outside their home areas

11 Lower class – Often uneducated and unskilled – Least desirable, worst-paying jobs – Often face prejudice and other social handicaps

12 Social mobility – How easily society allows you to move from one class to another – Some societies allow easy change according to ability or opportunity – Some societies allow no opportunity or movement

13 Family Structure & Gender Roles Some societies lock men and women into specific roles in the home and in the world. Most modern societies give both equal rights. Men still tend to have the top jobs in business and govt. Some religions severely limit women’s rights to an education, style of cloth- ing, to vote, or express themselves

14 Multicultural societies Homogeneous – almost all one ethnicity & culture Heterogeneous - mix of ethnicities & cultures Minority problems – Prejudice – Discrimination & exclusion – Expulsion & genocide


16 Hinduism Polytheistic – belief in many gods Reincarnation – soul is reborn Karma – next life depends on how you live this life Castes – social class you are born into; cannot change caste Sacred object – cow; do not eat beef Most popular in India Om symbol

17 Buddhism Follows teachings of Buddha Selfish desires are the source of all human suffering Eightfold Path – give up wealth, act worthily, live righteously, respect all living things Nirvana – final reincarnation & eternal bliss Most popular in Tibet, Japan, Thailand, & China

18 Judaism 1 st to teach monotheism – one God - Yahweh Old Testament – history & teachings of the Jewish people – Books of Moses are their Torah (holy book) Ten Commandments – moral code for living justly 80% of Jews found In Israel & U.S.

19 Christianity Jesus, founder of religion, is son of God (Jehovah), sent to save humankind Rose from the dead to go to Heaven Man can be saved through combination of faith & works Includes Catholics, Protestants, & eastern Orthodox

20 Main region in Eur. & the Americas, but found also in Afr. & Asia World’s most popular religion Bible is the primary holy book

21 Islam Founded by Mohammed around 600 A.D. Belief in one God, Allah Koran (or Qu’ran) is their holy book Popular in Middle East, South Asia, & SE Asia

22 5 Pillars of Faith – No other God than Allah – Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca (holiest city) – Give to the poor – Fast during holy month of Ramadan – Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca at least once in life

23 Sikhism Combines Hinduism & Islam Believe in reincarnation but no castes Belief in one God Men not allowed to cut their hair Mostly found in Northern India

24 Islam, Judaism, & Christianity are closely tied together by – the belief in the same God, – some common history, – Belief in Jerusalem as a Holy City that should and has been fought for

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