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The Seven Capital Sins v/s The Seven Gifts of the Spirit

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1 The Seven Capital Sins v/s The Seven Gifts of the Spirit
A True Spiritual Combat!

2 SATAN’S IDENTITY Lucifer (Is 14:12) Accuser (Rv 12)
Devil (Luke 4:2, 13; Rv 12:9) Satan (Zech 3:1, Rv 12:9) Tempter (Mk 4:3,1) Abbadon Greek for “The Destroyer” (Rv 9:11) The great dragon (Rv 12:3,7,9) The evil one (Jn 17:15, Jn 5:18)

3 SEVEN Seven Capital Sins Seven heads of the dragon (Revelation)
Seven demons cast out of Mary Magdalene Naaman the leper bathed seven times in Jordan and was healed. (2 Kings 5:10)

4 ANGER Wrath,emotional violence. Anger becomes a sin when it is in excess or out of control. Bad Fruits Division Bitterness Unforgiveness

5 How Does Anger Manifests Itself?
Very unhappy Loss of peace Holding grudges

6 PIETY A great LOVE of God as our Father. A desire to obey Him because of our LOVE for Him.

7 Resist Anger by: Choosing to love everyone – even your enemies.
Practicing patience when dealing with life’s problems. Be submissive to God, not the world. Practice selflessness and avoid harming others through action or words.

8 ENVY Desiring something that I don’t have or can’t have.
Sorrow or sadness over another’s good. Bad Fruits Discord Hatred Malicious joy Death

9 How Does Envy Manifest Itself?
Rudeness Jealousy Back-stabbing Rivalry Gossip Accusations Extreme competition Sadness or coldness at somebody’s success Joy at another’s failures or faults


11 It’s normal to admire others and even to be a bit jealous sometimes

12 But it becomes envy when you wish for harm or purposely hurt others

13 WISDOM The gift of being able to see the world’s viewpoint through God’s eyes and viewpoint.

14 Resist Envy by: Embracing charity
Praising others when appropriate, giving credit where credit is due. Put others before yourself. Strive to be charitable in thought, speech and action Speak well of those you are envious of.

15 LUST Inordinate love of pleasures of the flesh.
Denies our nature as God’s image and likeness. Puts creation, things, people, and pleasures of the flesh before God.

16 Sins committed through lust
Adultery Fornication Incest Rape Artificial contraception Abortion Masturbation Sterilization

17 A healthy, chaste, sexual attraction is good.

18 But it becomes Lust when it is misplaced or misused

19 FEAR OF THE LORD The gift of having a dread for sin and fear of offending God. Helps us understand greatness of God and appreciate His gifts.

20 Resist Lust by: Embracing Chastity!
Learning and obeying the Church’s teachings on sexuality. Seek to find God and His Will in EVERY area of your life. Refuse to surrender to temptations when they strongly attack. Fill your mind with good, holy thoughts.

21 PRIDE First sin ever committed Inordinate esteem of oneself
The will to be considered better than we are Father of all sins … “Pride is the beginning of all sins” (Eccl 10:15) Total independence from God and others Direct violation of the first commandment

22 A healthy amount of pride is good

23 Pride becomes a sin when it is in excess…

24 COUNSEL Warns us of the deceit of the devil, and of dangers to salvation. Gives us the grace to make good decisions Guides us away from areas of sin. Helps us grow in humility and conquer pride.

25 Gluttony “Inordinate indulgence in eating and drinking” (St. Thomas Aquinas) Abuse of God’s gifts because it seeks itelf. It seeks to “feed” itself.

26 It’s good and healthy to properly nourish our body

27 But it becomes the sin of gluttony when we eat excessively

28 Fortitude Strengthens us to do the will of God in ALL things.
Will help moderate our attraction for pleasure and provide balance in our lives, helping us keep our appetites under control.

29 Sloth Inordinate love of rest which leads us to neglect our duties, whether they be physical, mental, or spiritual.

30 Types of Sloth Sloth of the intellect Sloth of the will
Sloth of the body Spiritual sloth

31 Knowledge Helps us know what God knows
Helps us fall more in love with God and that which he has made

32 Inordinate love and desire of worldly goods
Greed Inordinate love and desire of worldly goods

33 Understanding Helps us see more with the eyes of faith
Helps us see and understand the mystery Helps us see and experience the TRUTH

34 AMDG Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God” (1Cor 10:31)

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