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The Odyssey: Day One Agenda: Bell Work Word Work Pre Test

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1 The Odyssey: Day One Agenda: Bell Work Word Work Pre Test
god/goddess Informational Poster Gallery Walk Independent Reading Background Notes Exit Slip

2 Bell Ringer #1 (A) 4/11 (B) 4/12 Name a hero in your life and describe why you consider them your hero. Or Describe a fantastic voyage that you would like to take? Where would you go? What adventures would you have? What changes would you expect to see upon your return?

3 Word Work #1 Using words from Myths
The following words and phrases come from mythology. Use one word or phrase to complete each sentence. Calypso helium titanic Trojan horse Hundreds of _________ balloons floated high above the auditorium. The new employee was actually a _______, sent to steal secrets from the rival company. Originating in the West Indies, _______ music features lively rhythms. The _______ vessel weighs over eighty tons.

4 Pre Test Clear your desk. All you need is something to write with 

5 Greek god posters Throughout our reading of The Odyssey, we will hear discussion over several important Greek gods and goddesses. For today’s activity, you will be placed into groups in order to research, explain, and eventually present information about your assigned Greek god. Here are your options: Zeus Athena Apollo Poseidon Hermes Cronus Hephaestus Helios

6 The Gods and Goddesses of the Odyssey
1. Move into your groups quickly and quietly. 2. Read the text provided in the folder to discover the following information: * Roman name *Brief Story *Symbols *Family 3. Use this information to create a poster that is interesting, creative and informational **This task is worth 40 presentation points**

7 Gallery Walk Directions: Posters will be placed around the room. You will complete the sections of the chart for each poster viewed. There should only be two people at a time at a poster.

8 Independent reading Background – pg. 740-746
While you are waiting to “Gallery Walk” complete the Independent reading assignment.

9 Independent Reading: (p. 740 – 748)
As you read “An Introduction to The Odyssey” in your class texts, please consider the following: What are common characteristics of an epic? What was the Trojan War and why did it occur? Who is Odysseus and how was he involved in the war? What is the Trojan Horse? What were the relationships with the gods at the time like? Who was Homer? How were epics told? What was it like to hear a live performance?

10 NOTES: epics

11 Definition of an Epic A long narrative poem on a serious subject (historic or legendary) like war or other periods of social change Focused on a heroic figure—a group of people’s fate depends on him! Began as oral traditions

12 Characteristics of an Epic
The protagonist represents the culture’s ideal in physical appearance and abilities; often superhuman. The setting’s places can include distant lands and supernatural places, and the time can span centuries. The action consists of deeds of honor or superhuman courage (especially in battle). Supernatural forces participate in the action. The style of writing is elevated (highly descriptive and poetic). Often begins in medias res, or “in the middle of things” then tells parts of the story using flashbacks

13 Characteristics of an Epic Hero
Faces trials and enemies while struggling on a long journey Encounters “women as temptresses” who threaten his completion of the journey Must complete a final task alone at the end of his journey Returns home after completing this final task and journey as a leader of his people Sometimes has a tragic flaw making him a tragic hero, like Romeo

14 Stages of the Heroic Journey
I did not include all of the notes---so many students have mythology!

15 Exit Slip: Review what you have learned today to answer the following questions: What caused the Trojan War? Who is given credit for ending the Trojan War? How did he do it? Identify ONE characteristic of an epic. Identify ONE modern day movie or story that follows the “heroic journey” model. INFERENCE: We know that it will take 20 years before Odysseus makes it home to his wife and son, make an inference of ONE thing you believe will happen to him along the way.

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