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2 I Am Who I Am My Name Is God Almighty The Lord, Merciful and Gracious I Am Alpha and Omega The Lofty One Whose Name Is Holy Hallowed Be Thy Name

3 Elohim. God the Creator Adonai. God the Lord Yahweh
Elohim God the Creator Adonai God the Lord Yahweh God the Covenant Keeper

4 Yahweh Shalom God our Peace Yahweh Jireh God our Provider

5 El Shaddai God the Almighty Yahweh Shammah God Who Is There

6 Yahweh Rapha God Who Heals Yahweh sabaoth
Yahweh Rapha God Who Heals Yahweh sabaoth God of Power Yahweh Nissi God is My Banner

7 These names are given by God.
These names describe His character. These names were given to God’s people in order to help them through moments of need.

8 miniature portraits

9 But when it comes to the names of God we need more than the knowledge of the names of God;
we need a personal experience with the God behind the names.

10 If I asked you the purpose for which God made you, what would you say?

11 Our Father in Heaven

12 Jesus gave this as the foundation for all our prayers and our relationship with God.
Only Jesus can make this happen!

13 Why is it so important that we know God as our Father?
Fatherhood gives you an identity. Fatherhood gives you self-worth. Fatherhood gives you security.

14 In the Bible there are two fatherhoods- God and the devil.

15 He is all loving toward us.
He is all powerful.

16 Our = I do not pray alone. I pray with others.
Father = I am not left alone. I pray to One who cares for me. In Heaven = I do not struggle alone. I pray to One who has power to help.

17 Praise His name. Honor His name in deed and words. Call on His name.

18 Trust His name. Love His name. Proclaim His name.

19 Our Father in Heaven.


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