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1 ODTUG 2006 - Overview ODTUG 2006 – Overview Lucas Jellema Business Intelligence SOA, BPEL Integration Java/J2EE.

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1 1 ODTUG 2006 - Overview ODTUG 2006 – Overview Lucas Jellema Business Intelligence SOA, BPEL Integration Java/J2EE

2 2 ODTUG 2006 - Overview

3 3 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Pretty Java Server Faces Lucas Jellema AMIS, The Netherlands ODTUG 2006 Zondag: 13.30 – 16.30

4 4 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle Quiz on SQL and PL/SQL The Water is Still Burning Alex Nuijten & Lucas Jellema AMIS, The Netherlands Dinsdag: 8.30 - 9.30

5 5 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Migrating Oracle Forms to ADF and JSF using JHeadstart Lucas Jellema AMIS, The Netherlands (on behalf of Steven Davelaar) ODTUG 2006 Dinsdag 11.00 – 12.00

6 6 ODTUG 2006 - Overview

7 7 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Introducing JHeadstart compared to Oracle Designer JDeveloper Manual Page Refinement Oracle Designer Repository Object Navigator & Design Editor Module Components  Layout, Item Groups, CRUD  Application Logic Domains Generate Oracle Forms application Forms Builder Manual Page Refinement Actions Manual Page Refinement using Editors, Wizards and Property Palettes Actions Meta-data for Module Definition  CRUD, layout, prompt, boiler- plate text Templates Generate! JHeadstart JDeveloper plugin Application Definition  Layout, lookup, master/detail, domains, regions, CRUD Generate ADF Faces application

8 8 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Generating with JHeadstart Stand-Alone or Migrate Oracle Designer & Forms JDeveloper Oracle Designer Forms Builder Actions Manual Page Refinement Actions Meta-data for Module Definition Templates Generate! JHeadstart Oracle Designer JHeadstart Designer Generator Design Capture

9 9 ODTUG 2006 - Overview The ODTUG Conference Manager

10 10 ODTUG 2006 - Overview

11 11 ODTUG 2006 - Overview

12 12 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Migration Result

13 13 ODTUG 2006 - Overview PL/SQL Design Patterns Pre-Inventing The Wheel ODTUG 2006 Lucas Jellema AMIS, The Netherlands Woensdag: 9.45 – 10.45

14 14 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Suggesties achteraf van Steven Feuerstein… Congratulations again on a fine presentation. Before too much time passes, I will give you some feedback. As I said, I hope you continue to give this is an important one in our space... * Intro: you mention that design patterns don't even originally come from software. I assume you were talking about Christopher Alexander? But you never said. You might want to close that loop. I find it fascinating. * I think I am a fairly typical PL/SQL developer in that I don't have an indepth IT background/education. Highly abstract ideas tend to confuse me and make it hard for me to engage with the material. This is part of the problem I have with Fowler's refactoring and G of 4 design patterns. Lots of fancy talk and big words for what are often very common-sensical ideas. Your talk attempts to bring the DP world to PL/SQL developers by carrying over that fairly high level of abstraction, and I believe that for many it makes it harder to grasp. * I would first of all start by stating a problem. Then show how the specific problem is reflective of a more general class. Show a PL/SQL solution, then reframe it as an example of a particular design pattern. That is, you get people to think more abstractly by moving them from specific to general, not by presenting a highly general pattern as the starting point. Example: Dependency injection = "Avoid hard-coding values" Here are your options, typical approach perhaps not so great, what about THIS idea? Ah and it is a common pattern.... * I think you should say somewhere, maybe at the end, that these design patterns often seem like a fancy name for something obvious or common. Then explain the benefit of thinking about it in more general terms, as a pattern. * slide 11: you might want to distinguish that OO patterns may not fit procedural PL/SQL, but surely if you are using OTs they can fit pretty well! And again, rather than point out where all those OO patterns may not apply, START with PL/SQL / database programming patterns that clearly DO apply! * I suggest that at the end of each individual pattern presentation, you ask for questions before moving on the next. This can be a challenge on time, but worth it to engage the audience more, esp with something this abstract. Also, if you START with a PL/SQL example/pattern, you can involve the audience by asking them to see if they can identify a pattern within the code...have them think "up" to a pattern WITH you. * The observer pattern: again, so abstract, but really not uncommon in the Oracle world: DBMS_ALERT (which few use, but many are aware of)...make those linkages to help people understand more easily. * You mention 40 as milliseconds but it is hundredths of seconds, correct? * Cover LESS in your talk. Do a WHOLE separate talk on AOP in PL/SQL, but don't do it in this talk. If you take the above approach of starting with a common PL/SQL problem and generalizing to a pattern, you will not be able to cover so much.... * With AOP, I suggest that you provide an example that shows an app registering several services/aspects, much like you would want to do in a "real" app: register logger; register exception handler; register... Well, I hope you find this helpful. You are a fine presenter and I am glad you are joining me to push the limits of how people use and think about PL/SQL!

15 15 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle Business Intelligence Strategie Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 is productie  Core ETL is nu onderdeel van database (licentie)  Drie extra opties – bovenop Enterprise Edition

16 16 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Siebel Analytics Server nu Oracle BI Server Siebel heeft substantieel marktaandeel in BI, vooral voor zeer grote ondernemingen  Lufthansa, Cisco Systems, Etos, Xerox, Microsoft, IBM Pre-packaged ETL processen en OLAP kubussen voor SAP, Siebel, Oracle Applications en JDEdwards XML Publisher wordt BI Publisher Oracle Business Intelligence Strategie

17 17 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle BI Server C++ applicatie  ODBC en SOAP interface, that enables virtually any ODBC-capable report writer or query tool to query the Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics Server as if it were a database Verzamelt data uit allerlei bronsystemen zoals RBDMS, Microsoft Analysis Services cubes en SAP BW  Geen voorkeur voor Oracle database, geen profijt van specifieke Oracle functionaliteit Draait op UNIX en Windows – nog niet op LINUX

18 18 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle BI Suite Standard Edition ‘Traditionele’ Oracle BI Tools  Discoverer – Plus en OLAP  Spreadsheet OLAP Plugin (voor Excel)  BI Beans  Oracle Reports $400 per named user

19 19 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle BI Suite Standard Edition Discoverer:  Geen gedwongen migratie  20.000 Discoverer klanten  Geen ingrijpende nieuwe functionaliteit, wel nieuwe releases (, 11g) OLAP Spreadsheet Addin  Write back to database, share with other users  Floating editor, integrated Excel taskbar  Connectie met Discoverer Catalog BI Beans  Verbeterd met de look & feel van Siebel web componenten  Thick Client beans gaan verdwijnen  Basis voor Discoverer en Enterprise Planning & Budgetting

20 20 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle Forms Oracle Apps 12 op Forms 10.1.2  Release eind 2006??? Oracle 10gAS 10.1.3 krijgt geen Forms Server Forms 11g  JavaScript API  Betere Application Server integration (SSO/LDAP, EM Grid Control)  Call out from Forms to BPEL Processes, to Java Middle Tier and External WebServices  Trigger Forms events with external events from AQ  Tuning Wizard  Support for Database Proxy Users  Release begin 2008???

21 21 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle Designer Certificatie voor 10gR2, 11g en verder  Ontwikkelaars kunnen eigen uitbreidingen op Designer via een extensie-programma aan het core product laten toevoegen ROB Insert, Update, Delete

22 22 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Oracle BPEL PM Weinig presentaties specifiek over BPEL PM Wel veel referenties naar BPEL PM  Alle producten willen zich graag daarmee associeren Forms in a SOA world ADF Faces front end for BPEL Processes BI for BAM for BPEL Processes How PL/SQL can participate in a SOA APEX and BPEL SQL Developer meets BPEL PM …. Clemens ‘machine gun’ Utschig deed twee presentaties  Advanced BPEL – 45 man, 2 BPEL PM “gebruikers”

23 23 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Java/J2EE JSF – Java Server Faces  (bijna) Geen Struts en ‘plain’ JSP te bekennen Weinig (niets?) over EJB 3.0 Persistence ADF Faces Rich Client Components ADF:  Recipes  Security  Het boek van Duncan Mills en Peter Koletzke

24 24 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Tutti Frutti General Session:  50% Designer en/of Forms, 20% JDeveloper, tussen 10 en 20% SQL Developer, Warehouse Builder en APEX (voorheen HTML DB) Database 11g  Specificaties bevroren  Beta rond OOW (najaar 2006?), Productie voorjaar 2007 (Linux) en najaar (Windows)?  Feature: Versioning Data Mining  Gebruik DBMS_PREDICTIVE_ANALYTICS om relevante kolommen te vinden én waarden te voorspellen (10gR2)

25 25 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Dé onderwerpen om in de gaten te houden… Oracle BPEL PM ADF Faces (+ ADF BC en ADF Binding)  Rich Client Components Oracle BI Suite (EE) Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 Core ETL Forms, PL/SQL en SQL

26 26 ODTUG 2006 - Overview IJking AMIS Crossroads Bevestigd:  ADF Faces  Forms  BPEL PM  Oracle Warehouse Builder  Oracle Portal, XML Publisher (Her)overweging:  APEX (Application Express vh HTML DB)  Oracle BI Suite EE  BI Beans, Oracle OLAP  Oracle Reports

27 27 ODTUG 2006 - Overview Resultaten ODTUG 2006 voor AMIS Naamsbekendheid, Zichtbaarheid en Image Contacten  Oracle Product Managers – ADF, BI & OWB, SQL Developer, Designer, Forms,  Toppers in BI, DBA, PL/SQL … Commerciele aanknopingspunten Persoonlijke ontwikkeling Kennis en inzichten, verificatie AMIS Crossroads Stof tot nadenken, discussieren, bloggen etc. Organisatie ODTUG-Europa in 2007??

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