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First Seal (The Mystical Paths) Mission Of Maitreya “Eternal Divine Path” A Lecture Given By: Maitreya Feast of Tabernacles September 2003.

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1 First Seal (The Mystical Paths) Mission Of Maitreya “Eternal Divine Path” A Lecture Given By: Maitreya Feast of Tabernacles September 2003

2 The Lectures We Have Given So Far 1. Second SealSecond 2. Third SealThird 3. Fourth SealFourth 4. Fifth SealFifth 5. Sixth SealSixth 6. Seventh SealSeventh 7. In this lecture we will cover the First Seal (Awakening of the Spiritual Forces). 8. Then we will have a lecture on all the Seals in The Greatest Sign.

3 Beginning! 1. Chaos 2. God sends His Spirit into this Chaos (let there be Light). 3. His Spirit goes through the Eternal Divine Path. 4. He has an experience with God (Mystical Paths). 5. Since He realizes that He has always been a part of God, He is willing to go through the rest of the Eternal Divine Path. 6. He reaches Pure Consciousness (and there was Light, He became the First Begotten Son of God). 7. The Path to Salvation and the way to bring back the lost universe (Darkness) is learned/discovered. 8.The Son and the Father, with The Holy Ghost (Mother) tried to help these lost unit consciousnesses to reach Pure Consciousness. 9. In the un-manifested state, it was very hard work to accomplish this. 10. God decided to make this process easier and more automatic.

4 Creation 1. God created the creation in an evolutionary manner, in different stages (periods –Nights and Days). 2. Creation of humans. They were male and female. 3. They were called Adam (Complete). 4. Separation of man into man and woman.

5 Fall of Man 1. Adam (higher nature of man) falls to the ground (from Heaven/Grace) 2. Further fall of man (Cain and Abel).

6 Humans Fall Further to Flesh 1. Man no longer is in the Image of God (Adam had his son in Adam’s image). 2. Crudification of man to the fleshly beings (coats of skin).

7 Even Sons of God Failed 1.Humans still had access to the Spiritual World (their third eyes were open!) 2. They misused it and even those who had reached a higher level (sons of God) failed. 3. These failed sons formed a group that is now known as the brotherhood, or hierarchy. 4. Many still follow these fallen angels. 5. They are an obstacle in the way of man to God. They have even brought much confusion about Maitreya (Mr. Crème and his Maitreya).

8 Further Misuse of Powers 1. Other beings that failed were those who set themselves up as God. 2. They called their children the sons of God, and their wives the holy mothers. 3. Humans should take no one as God but the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). 4. Still many humans take other men as God. 5. To destroy this, God created the concept of the Messiah, and only the Messiah is the Spirit of God on earth. 6. Man should understand this and should stop taking others as God.

9 Another Evolutionary Step Came! 1. For all this chaos, failure, and destruction, a new evolutionary step became necessary. This step is known to man as the Flood of Noah. One of the reasons for the Flood of Noah was to return man to worship only FINE as much as possible (those who did not were destroyed)! 2. The idea was to create a less spiritually aware man and send to him the Messiah, Guiding them with the Spirit of God. At the end the wheat will be sundered from the chaff! 3. So the Wheat and the Chaff were left to grow together until the Harvest time. So history started and we know that many humans are still lost (lust!)

10 Effects of the Flood of Noah on Humans and Their History 1. Noah becomes the first Spiritual Teacher of the new humans. 2. His Teachings become the base for the Mystical Paths (Hinduism). 3. Creation of the five classes of humans. 4. Ham is the symbol for the Shudran and Ksattriyan type of humans. 5. Japheth is symbol for the intellectual and business-oriented humans (Vipras and Vaeshyas). 6. Shem is the symbol for the spiritual humans (Brahmins). 7. Explanation of the class domination after the Flood of Noah (for more information, read the book: The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

11 Worshipping Other Men as God, and the Mystery Schools Continued After the Flood 1. Nimrod began a new cult and the period of Ksattriyas started with him (his kingdom started in Babel). 2. He changed the Worshipping of the One God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). 3. After his death, his wife (Semiramis) claimed the child in her womb (Bar-Nin) was Nimrod, and so Nimrod was God and his son (Bar-Nin) was the son of God, and she was the holy mother (the concept of trinity as being humans started). Continue to the next page

12 Worshiping Other Men as God, and the Mystery Schools Continued After the Flood (continued from the previous page) 4.This belief of humans being gods/holy ghosts (mothers) and the sons of God, spread throughout the earth. Many cultures and people still believe in this false explanation of God, the holy ghost and the son. 5. Nimrod is known in other cultures as: Osiris, Saturn (so the name Satan), Attis, Atlas, Apollo, Zernebogus, Bacchus, Zeus. 6. Semiramis is known in other cultures as: Isis, Ishtar, Cybele, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Juno. 7. Bar-Nin is known in other cultures as: Horus, Mardouk, Mars, etc. 8. Many of these ideas still exist today!

13 Men Again Fall Further and Set Themselves up as gods. They Again Stop Listening to God (Tower of Babel). 1. To further prevent the humans from harming themselves and so accelerating their progress, they were scattered all over the earth (now it is time to scatter all over the universe). 2. As humans were scattered all over the earth, the Mystical Knowledge was also scattered by their priests and Spiritual Teachers. 3. From these original Teachings, the Mystical understanding of all nations and people sprung.

14 Indian Continent Is Attached to the Asian Continent 1. As the evolutionary process has shown us, these ideas formed different beliefs, adopted to the situations different people were in. 2. One of these branches was the Aryans who lived in the steppes in Europe and Russia (some believe they lived in the North Pole!) 3. These people moved to Europe and Asia. Later they split into two branches. One went to India and the other to Iran. 4. The branch in India met the black population that was in the Indian continent (brought from Africa) and eventually mixed with them (Shiva and his mixing of the two cultures). 5. India became the guardian to continue the Mystical Paths. That is why their religion is the oldest religion on earth and is vast and all inclusive (in many ways!) 6. The branch in Iran converted to Zoroastrianism.

15 The Zoroastrian Religion and Its Influence on Other Religions 1. The Prophet of the Zoroastrian religion was Zoroaster. 2. He brought the concept of duality in religions as good (God – Ahoramazda) and evil (Devil – Ahriman). 3. Abram/Abraham was Persian and a follower of Zoroaster (was the follower of the Zoroastrian religion!) 4. Cyrus the King of Persia knew this (he helped the Hebrews). 5. The Magis knew this also (they came to Christ and brought Him gifts, etc.) 6. Muslims knew this (they spared the Zoroastrian religion as they also believed in one God and were the people who influenced Judaism and eventually Islam). 7. Since He knew about the Invisible God, Abram/Abraham opposed idol worshipping and believed in One God (FINE). 8. He (Abram/Abraham) was chosen to start another part of God’s Plan (to know this part of His Plan, read our lecture on the Second Seal).Second Seal

16 What is a Mystical Path? 1. Belief in One God. 2. Ability of man to know this One God through Spiritual Practices (Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation, Study, Service, etc.) 3. Teaching that there is a Spiritual World that is more real than this physical world, and the Goal is to realize and return to it.

17 What is not a Mystical Path? 1.Mystery schools (myths that humans are God). 2.Belief in many gods (this also happens to Mystical religions when those in lower levels take the spirits behind creation as gods). 3.Ancestral worshipping. 4. Following the teachings of the fallen angels (hierarchy/brotherhood), etc.

18 Mystical experiences were also given to many people in all cultures and all through history (His Story).

19 What Are the Major Mystical Paths on Earth and What Do They Teach? 1. Hinduism a. Buddhism b. Jainism c. Sikhs d. Other branches in Hinduism, etc. 2. Native American (American Indian) beliefs 3. Kabala 4. Saints in Christianity a. No explanation of experiences was given in my search of these Saints! 5. Sufism 6. Any other belief that falls into the category of Mystical Paths.

20 Hinduism 1. Is based on the four Vedas (Rg, Sama, Yajus, and Atharva), the oldest Scriptures on earth. 2. Oral tradition. 3. They were eventually written down! 4. Three Paths (Bhakti, Karma, and Jnana). 5. Upanishads - 'to sit down near' (Vedanta: more than 1000 of them – around 100 are considered genuine, 11 considered the most significant/major). 6. Vedanta, the basis of Hinduism, asserts that Brahma, the 'impersonal' God and the universal soul [FINE], is the Absolute Truth. 7. Vedanta, Brahma, and Bhagavad-Gita (triple canon of the Vedanta). 8. There are six systems of Indian philosophy, in the form of sutras. 9. Besides all these there are: epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata) and stories (18 major and other minor), introductions for Scriptures, songs and hymns, and much more! 10. If other, younger, religions have been influenced by dogma, how much has this oldest religion been influenced by human understandings?

21 Branches of Hinduism 1. Buddhism [founded by Siddhartha Gotama 500 BC. Based on Dharma and Sanga. all things are temporary and so will create suffering (pain). To escape this is the Goal of life (Nirvana). Four Noble Truths, Purified Hinduism. Branches: Mahayana (Great Vehicle), Theravada (Lower Vehicle more traditional), Vajrayana (Mahayana with emphasize on Tantra), Zen or Chan – fusion between Mahayana and Daoism – seeing the world as it really is]. 2. Jainism (Jainism was founded by a teacher called Mahavira. They follow the Ahimsa to the fullest!)Jainism 3. Sikhs (founded by Guru Nanak, have had great influence on India, tried to reconcile the differences between Hinduism and Islam).Sikhs 4. Tantra (path of overcoming by recognizing the emptiness of our longings - low and high paths). 5. Other branches in Hinduism, etc. (many other branches of Hindus are in India – in fact too many to cover them all here).

22 Native Americans 1. They believed in One God (Creator or Great Spirit ) 2. They also believe in the Spirit behind all things. 3. They all had stories about how their religions were revealed to them and why they had to stay in the territory they were in. 4. All had some kind of practice to realize the Spirit behind this physical life (Mystical experience). 5. The most famous one is the Vision Quest practiced by some tribes.

23 Kabala 1. Revealed through the Bible and Its Prophets (it is based on the book called Zohar), it teaches that : 2. The universe operates according to certain supremely powerful principles, 3. Kabala empowers us to understand and live in harmony with these laws, 4. Spirit is interwoven with the matter. 5. The Knowledge of Kabala should be passed on from teacher to students. 6. It was shrouded in secrecy. 7. Zohar deals very directly with concepts of reincarnation, visionary experiences, and the presence of unseen influences in our midst (Mystical Paths and experience).

24 Saints in Christianity 1. Few mention of their experiences! 2. True Saints, however, had a Mystical experience with God. 3. Many of them went through a period of intense isolation, prayer, and meditation. 4. Their view was universal and based on recognition of God in the whole universe. 5. Performed miracles as it was expected from them.

25 Sufism 1. It is the Path of Love and Devotion toward God (as Lover and Beloved). 2. They practice meditation and rituals to reach deeper levels of self and to experience God (Spirit). 3. Many believe Muhammad himself was a Sufi (he meditated in the caves above Mecca for fifteen years). 4. Techniques vary, but they have three things in common: rhythm, repetition, and endurance (repetition of words – mantras!, dancing, and sometimes enduring pain!) 5. Orthodox Muslims do not give much credit to them, but they have had a great influence on the populace. 6. Sufism converted many people to Islam. 7. There are many branches of Sufism all over the world. 8. It has all the elements of a Mystical Path.

26 What is Not a Mystical Path and is Not a Religion Based on God’s Plan 1. Ancestral worshipping. 2. Many gods. 3. Worshipping anything in the manifested world instead of the Spirit in the Temple of one’s body! 4. Taking humans as God. 5. Mystery schools (founded by Nimrod). 6. Lower levels in the Mystical religions that have forgotten about FINE! 7. China’s beliefs (Confucius, Daoism – they are forms of guidance, not religions or Revelations).

27 What Do All These Mystical Paths Basically Say? 1. There is only One God (FINE). 2. There is a Spiritual World that is much greater than this physical world. 3. The Goal of Life is to reach this World (become Divine) and overcome this external world. 4. Each human can achieve this Goal (although it is not easy – many will be called, few will be chosen). 5. Know thyself to Know God. 6. All these can be categorized as the Mystical Paths.

28 Where Have Mystical Paths Gone Wrong? (All Religions Have Gone Wrong Somewhere) 1. Many gods. 2. Their goal is to merge with God. 3. Neglecting the suffering of the rest in the universe. 4. They take humans as God (that is why God created the concept of Messiah and Revealed it to the Zoroastrians/Hebrews/Christians, etc.) 5. Worshipping of statues, pictures, symbols, etc. (although they might consider the spirit behind it). 6. As each religion in The Greatest Sign has to overcome their dogmas and misunderstandings, so do the Mystical Paths have to overcome these wrong understandings. 7. If the salvation of man is not guaranteed by following these Mystical Paths, what is the alternative (they should start following the EDP and our Teachings)?

29 Why These Paths Were Created on Earth 1. There was a Plan. 2. The human was changed and their third eyes were closed. 3. Man became a rational animal and human history was created. 4. During last twelve thousand years, those who have progressed were chosen. 5. They became the Chosen Ones (The Elects). 6. Now at the end time, they have been reincarnated again (or will be soon). 7. These are the ones we are calling to Gather together as the Chosen (Soldiers of God - Paravipras). 8. When they all come together, we will eventually bring the KOHOE.

30 1. For the last twelve thousand years, the Elects have been in the process of being prepared. 2. All Prophecies and Revelations are culminated for this Revelation and this time. 3. The Seven Seals are Opened. 4. The Book with the Seven Seals is Revealed. 5. The Prophecies are Fulfilled. 6. God Has Revealed His Whole Plan for the earth. 7. The Elects are Called to come, respond, Join, and Help in bringing His Kingdom on earth. 8. This could not have been accomplished before this End Time Revelation (after the coming of the Seventh Angel – Prophet). 9. Elects are not the Sons of God yet. 10. After one thousand years, they will become the Sons of God. Elects Have Been Prepared

31 Two Phases Before the Kingdom Comes For a Thousand Years 1. He will come as the Thief in the night. 2. He will come to establish the Kingdom!

32 We Are Calling the Elects 1. Are you an Elect (Paravipra)? 2. Are you willing to give up everything of individual life for this Ideal? 3. These are the people we are looking for (they follow the EDP). 4. There are, at least, 144,000 of them, and many millions (and more) will support them. 5. Let us pledge our lives to This Most Holy Vision and fulfill our reason for this life. 6. Let us bring God’s Kingdom on earth. 7. This Is the Vision/Plan.

33 God’s Blessings God’s Blessings My Salutations To The Divinity Within You My Salutations To The Divinity Within You Sal-Om

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