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Sinvent AS 1 SINTEF Innovation Concept. Sinvent AS 2 1.SINTEF Group 2.SINTEF Innovation concept 3.SINTEF spin-offs. Examples.

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1 Sinvent AS 1 SINTEF Innovation Concept

2 Sinvent AS 2 1.SINTEF Group 2.SINTEF Innovation concept 3.SINTEF spin-offs. Examples

3 Sinvent AS 3 Technology for a better society

4 Sinvent AS 4 The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU: - 20000 full-time students - 973 scientific employees University of Oslo, UiO, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences: - 4500 full-time students - 518 scientific employees NTNU and the SINTEF Group Collaboration in R & D Joint use of laboratories and instruments SINTEF employees teach at NTNU NTNU personnel working on SINTEF projects Our partners

5 Sinvent AS 5 Size of projects and proportion of turnover (5640 projects in total) Less than 50 001- 200 001- 500 001- Over 50 000 200 000 500 000 1000 000 1000 000 Proportion of projects Proportion of total turnover Project size in NOK Projects in the SINTEF Group completed in 2005 10% 12% 17% 8% 27% 7% 30% 14% 16% 59%

6 Sinvent AS 6 Educational background of research personnel employed by the Foundation Cand. real. (M.Sc.)3.1% Bachelor of science 2.9% Master of business 1.4% Cand. psychol. (M.Sc.)1.0% Other 4.1% 66,7% Master of Science 11,3% Cand. scient 9,5% Cand. polit 12,5% Other 39% of the 1264 researchers in the SINTEF Group have a doctorate. Of this group, 22% are women and 78% are men. (31.12.2005)

7 Sinvent AS 7 Investments in knowledge and scientific equipment, and results as percentage of net revenue Result Scientific equipment Knowledge SINTEF Petroleum Research SINTEF Energy Research SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture MARINTEK SINTEF ICT SINTEF Materials and Chemistry SINTEF Health Research SINTEF Technology and Society SINTEF Holding -5% 0 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%

8 Sinvent AS 8 The SINTEF Group revenues Research Council strategic programmes 3% Research Council basic grants 3% Other income 7% Research Council project grants 14% Public sector 16% Industry 42% International contracts 15% The SINTEF Group turnover in 2005: NOK 1.8 billion

9 Sinvent AS 9 The SINTEF Group Research Divisions SINTEF Health Research SINTEF Technology and Society SINTEF ICT SINTEF Materials and Chemistry SINTEF Building and Infrastructure SINTEF Petroleum and Energy SINTEF Petroleum Research SINTEF Energy Research SINTEF Holding President Executive Vice Presidents SINTEF’s Council SINTEF’s Board Corporate Staff SINTEF Marine MARINTEK SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

10 Sinvent AS 10 Social perspective SINTEF wishes to contribute to the creation of value and to a society in healthy sustainable development. Business concept SINTEF sells research-based knowledge and related services to Norwegian and international clients. Fundamental values Honesty, Generosity, Courage and Solidarity SINTEF has 1800 employees, of whom about 1400 are based in Trondheim and 300 in Oslo. SINTEF also has offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansund, Ålesund Raufoss, Mo i Rana, Hirtshals (Denmark) and Houston (USA). The SINTEF Group

11 Sinvent AS 11 1.SINTEF Group 2.SINTEF Innovation concept 3. SINTEF spin-offs. Examples

12 Sinvent AS 12

13 Sinvent AS 13 Legal structure SINTEF Foundation Sinvent AS SINTEF Venture AS 100 mill NOK Sinvent Venture AS 55 mill NOK 100% Spin offs pre April 9 2002 Spin offs post April 9 2002 SINTEF Holding AS 100% Companies within the SINTEFGROUP 100%

14 Sinvent AS 14 SINVENT AS SINTEFs Innovation and Commercialization tool Focus on investments, innovation and patents 5 employees. The management consist of: Anders Lian, Managing Director BBA NHH, Norsk Hydro (7 years; Norway, England and France), Gjensidige NOR (10 years; Group financials, life insurance, investor relations and private equity) Nils Spidsøe, Director Master of Science NTNU, 23 years in SINTEF in various positions, including Research Director of SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering Jostein S. Bjøndal, Investment Manager BBA NHH, MIB NHH, SINTEF (5 years; R&D and management), Leiv Eiriksson Nyfotek (3 years; innovation and investment processes), Fokus Bank (2 years; Sales corporate market), Danske Securities (1 year; Corporate Finance)

15 Sinvent AS 15 Investment companies Sinvent Venture AS Established 2002, with 55 mill in assets, 25 portfolio companies 13 exits as per May 2005 Follow up investments only SINTEF Venture AS Established 2002 100 mill in committed capital 5 investments as per December 2005

16 Sinvent AS 16 1.SINTEF Group 2.SINTEF Innovation concept 3. SINTEF spin-offs. Examples

17 Sinvent AS 17 Spin-offs – some examples NamePhaseIndustry Kongsberg Maritime AS Stable growthWorld leader in several fields of maritime information technology. Part (60% of turnover) of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA. In 2000 acquired SINTEF spin-off Navia ASA for NOK 840 mill. Dynal Biotech ASA GrowthBiotechnology company focusing on magnetic particle technology for isolation of cells, proteins and nucleic acid. License from SINTEF. Turnover 2003: NOK 527 mill. http://www.dynalbiotech.com Powel ASA GrowthEnergy software and services provider. Turnover 2001: NOK 147 mill http://www.powel.com Mison AS VentureMedical technology, surgery equipment. Some test sales. Turnover 2003: NOK 9 mill. http://www.mison.no Nacre AS SeedDevelopment of a combined hearing protection and communication system. http://www.nacre.no Revolt Technology AS SeedHigh quality battery technology. Biosergen AS SeedAntibiotics against fungus infections ResMan AS SeedService provider offering unique chemical solutions for continuous inflow monitoring in hydrocarbon reservoirs wells.

18 Sinvent AS 18 Kongsberg Maritime AS Starting out as a spin-off from SINTEF in 1984, Seatex AS expanded through M&As to the maritime and aviation positioning and instrumentation company Navia ASA. The company was listed in 1993 and sold to Kongsberg Gruppen ASA in 2000. Current product line: Positioning: Vessel Reference Systems Satellite Reference Systems Vessel Tracking Systems Instrumentation: Interactive Fire Alarm Systems Condition monitoring sensors

19 Sinvent AS 19 Dynal Biotech ASA Based on the discovery of Professor John Ugelstad in 1979 - the making of uniform polystyrene spheres of exactly the same size. Prof. Ugelstad and his colleagues made these spheres magnetisable and, moreover, superparamagnetic Current product areas: Immunology Molecular biology Microbiology Tissue typing

20 Sinvent AS 20 Powel ASA Norway second in Europe to deregulate energy markets Powel spun out in 1998 from strong SINTEF energy R&D institute Its modular software products and services in regular use by more than 150 utilities Several products, including systems that support decision-making within generation planning, forecasting, power trading and risk management. provide documentation, planning, operation and maintenance of power supply installations.

21 Sinvent AS 21 Metaphor AS Provides tools for broadcasting of weather: Software, hardware, meteorological data, maps, and symbols. Its products are used today by over 100 television stations and Meteorological Institutes worldwide to ingest data and create "ready to air" weather shows. A new daughter company: WeatherOne will provide every possible product needed for the broadcast of weather. This new venture further proves the commitment of Metaphor AS to be the world leader in weather broadcasting.

22 Sinvent AS 22 Mison AS The city of Trondheim is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for ultrasound technology MISON´s core technology is the combination of ultrasound and navigation Two products: SonoWand and SonoDoppler. Main features: optimize ultrasound image quality for surgical applications track the position of ultrasound probes and surgical instruments acquire high precision 3D ultrasound images

23 Sinvent AS 23 Nacre AS Nacre sells products based on its unique digital sound technology. QuietPro is an adaptive intelligent hearing protector and communication terminal. QuietPro will be developed in several verisons to fit military, aviation and industrial customers.

24 Sinvent AS 24 ReVolt Technology AS SINTEF and Viking Venture have set up a new company which will develop and market high quality batteries The new batteries result from SINTEF research within materials, battery and fuel cell technology Target market no 1: Batteries for cell phones, portable PCs and digital cameras. The ReVolt battery is 4-5 times more efficient than current leading edge technology Other markets: Transportation Power generation industry

25 Sinvent AS 25 Biosergen AS Company established 29. November 2004 Genetic engineering from SINTEF and NTNU International cooperation with Karolinska Innovations AB regarding commercialization Shareholders: SINTEF Venture AS Karolinska Institutet Holding AB Business concept: Development and license of Nystatin derivates for use in production of antibiotics against fungus infections Large and growing market – 4,3 mrd USD today Norwegian Company – Research and development in Trondheim. Swedish CEO and Chairman.

26 Sinvent AS 26 ResMan AS Company established 12. May 2005 A start-up company based on technology from SINTEF and IFE. The company established with active support of Statoil Innovation AS Investors: SINTEF, IFE, Statoil Innovations & management ResMan AS will produce chemical intelligent materials to monitor flows in oil and gas wells. The whole process will take place without the use of cables. ResMan will be tackling a large global market, and current market contacts indicate a high level of interest in its product from several countries.

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