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By: Yelena, Niki, Neha, Natalie, and Natasha

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1 By: Yelena, Niki, Neha, Natalie, and Natasha
African Mythology By: Yelena, Niki, Neha, Natalie, and Natasha

2 Yoruba Religion Is a major African religion, based in Nigeria
Over 25 million Yoruba people One overall god Other gods are the Irunmole and the Orisha Respect ancestors Sprit lives after death and reincarnates in blood relatives Moments in life can be predicted

3 African Gods: Introduction
Many different gods each have different roles. African gods are similar to Greek gods. They have emotions and act human-like. With that said: Lets meet the top 11 gods of African Mythology!

4 Olorun Top God God of the sky, peace and justice
Creator of the Earth and humans Father of two: Odudua and Obatala Favorite Color: White

5 Olokun Olorun’s brother God of the Sea Possibly a sea goddess
Married to Olorun

6 Bumba Obtala Creator god of humans Loved wine
God of vomit and creator Had a stomach ache for centuries Threw up the world and creatures on it Creator god of humans Loved wine Made humans when under the influence of alcohol

7 Shango Eshu God of thunder Fourth king of Yoruba Colors: Red and White
Likes to party and feast Trickster god of decisions and choices Offers advice to those in need Owns the roads of life Has a sense of humor

8 Orishas Yemaya Guardian spirits under control of Olorun
One of the Orishas Mother of water and childbirth

9 Anansi Elegua Spider god Creator god: created sun and moon
Sneaky, Trickster, Sly Provides more opportunity + second chances Trickster: can make some choices seem difficult

10 Orunmilla One of the Orishas Spirit of Wisdom: Divine Makes Prophecies
Has his own priests Equipped with “divination chains”

11 African Gods’ Family Tree

12 Important Cities Ife- “First city” in the world.
The spot of land Obtala (aka Odudawa) landed on Prosperous and religious center Important center of art and culture Oyo- Shango ruled here Prosperous and powerful empire (partly because of appearance of horse) Benin- Brass casting techniques from Ife

13 Creation of the Universe
Most important things, like religion, are at center of their life The most important god, Oluddumare, created a force for each gender. Oloddumare said that Olorun was female Nana gave birth to two eggs named Mawa and Lissa. They created Oshumare the rainbow serpent. Irunmole then created the universe and the gods The Orishas created spiritual leaders

14 Creation of Life and Land
Life or no life? Land or no land? The choice was Obtala’s! How Obtala Created Land and Animals on Earth

15 Yoruba Destruction Myth
Irunmola and Oloddumare debate on expanding the universe Oloddumare agreed, adding there must be something to hold the entire universe together Oshumare (Rainbow Serpent) was created to hold the universe together However, when Oshumare gets hungry and starts eating his own tail, the world will become uncreated, falling apart

16 PB wiki In order to collaborate and improve our rate of success we used a website called PB wiki to share the information we found.

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