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Expressing unintentional events…

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1 Expressing unintentional events…
or… I didn’t mean to do it!

2 Use of “se” and the indirect object pronoun
Use “se” + indirect object pronoun + verb to talk about unintentional events. Let’s review the indirect object pronouns! me nos te os le les

3 The indirect object pronoun depends on to whom the event happened.
Se les quedó el pan en casa. They left the bread at home. (They forgot the bread.)

4 Use the plural of the verb if the item involved is plural.
Se me perdieron las fotos. I lost the pictures.

5 A Teresa se le rompió el vaso.
A clarifying phrase with “a” may be added to explain the indirect object pronoun. A Teresa se le rompió el vaso. Teresa broke the glass.

6 Te toca a ti... ¡Se me olvidó la tarea!
1. I forgot my homework! 2. Roberto dropped his books. 3. We broke the window! ¡Se me olvidó la tarea! A Roberto se le cayeron los libros. ¡Se nos rompió la ventana!

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