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pertanggungjawaban korporasi

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1 pertanggungjawaban korporasi
Patricia Rinwigati :

2 Pertanggungjawaban Siapa Perbuatan Pertanggung jawaban

3 Who/what is corporation?

4 Apa itu korporasi? Korporasi Multinasional? Group?
- Pendekatan individu vs. Pendekatan enterprise/satu kesatuan - Ruang lingkup: Lintas batas? Tujuan Korporasi: - profit vs masyarakat: - Pemegang saham vs. stakeholder Pertanggungjawaban korporasi? - terminologies : corporate citizenship, business sustainability, corporate governance, CSR, etc.

5 Corporate Structure Director Officers Employees
Internal corporate structure Perseroan Terbatas Komisaris Direksi RUPS Director Officers Employees Saham

6 Accountability & responsibility?

7 Tren regulasi: terminologi dan implikasi Does different term matter?
Pertanggungjawaban sosial korporasi (CSR) Pertanggungjawaban lingkungan HAM Hak-hak buruh atau pekerja Corporate Governance

8 semantik Liability Responsibility Accountability PERTANGGUNGJAWABAN

9 SEMANTIK ACCOUNTABILITY RESPONSIBILITY the quality or state of being accountable; esp ecially :  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to accountfor one's actions <public officials lacking accountability the state of being held as the cause of something that needs to be set right  something one must do because of prior agreement  Integral part of human relatiships that in its various meanings and shadings it serves as a synonym for almost every important political word

10 Corporate responsibility/accountability
Corporate Accountability Refer to varied practices that reflect the belief that corporations have responsibilities beyond generating profit for their shareholders. Such responsibilities are generally considered to extend not only to direct social and environmental impacts of business activity, but also to more indirect effects resulting from relationships with business partners, such as those involved in global production chains. voluntary approaches, albeit those supported by market based incentives corporate behavior is influenced by pressure exerted by social and governmental actors beyond the company itself Such actors can adopt a range of strategies, including but not limited to the mobilisation of legal mechanisms to enforce social standards. The act of being accountable to the stakeholders of an organization, which may include shareholders, employees, suppliers, custo mers, the local community, and even the particular country(s) that the firm operates in. In most jurisdictions, a body of corporate law has been developed in order to formalize these requirements. Corporate accountability can be defined as the ability of those affected by a corporation to control that corporation’s operations.

11 You or I: Beyond the magic bullet
Ethical/social Approach Legal Approach Flexible & progressive- Sesuai dengan kebutuhan Informal approach - Dapat diterima- resistensi sedikit : self driven Mudah diamandemen Tidak semua mematuhi – diversity of standard Kurang mekanisme pelaksanaan Mempunyai kekuatan hukum Ada mekanisme pelaksanaan & pemulihan (liability) Uniformity kepatuhan Tidak fleksibel dan tidak mudah diamandemen.

12 Corporate Accountability
Understanding: Corporate accountability can be defined as the ability of those affected by a corporation to control that corporation’s operations or to hold accountable corporation’s operation. Unsur: - stakeholders - Rules/Norma & Mekanisme - disclosure & transparancy - Pemulihan

13 Bad things happen!!!!!!

14 Analisa sosial untuk pelaku usaha
who Siapa pelaku? Siapa stakeholder? Siapa yang paling diuntungkan? What Perbuatan? Kesalahan? How Mekanisme pemulihan? transparansi? Pemulihan?

15 Think outside the box Rules : - pelibatan stakeholder - transparancy
Pencegahan Repressive Rules : - pelibatan stakeholder - transparancy Mekanisme Mekanisme pemulihan Resources transparansi

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