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Creation truths Genesis 1:1- end Dele Oke Living Word library

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1 Creation truths Genesis 1:1- end Dele Oke Living Word library

2 God’s creation Day 1 Day and Night Day 2 The sky (heaven)
Day 3 Land and Sea Day 4 Sun, Moon (seasons) Day 5 Creatures (birds & Fish) Day 6 Land animals & Mankind NIV uses sky in verse 8

3 Creation truths NT confirms Genesis as real story Luke 3:38; 1Tim 2:13; Rom 5:13; 1Cor15:22 Day 1 is not the Sun – Heb 1:3 God creates and then fills – Gen 1:28 The principle of separation Seasons and times - Day 4 God blessed – animals, man and Sabbath Dele Oke Living Word library

4 Made in His image What does it mean? Genesis 1:26

5 His image Made in God’s image means we have spiritual awareness, intellectual capabilities and emotional tendencies. The fall of mankind into sin means none of these are perfect but all of them can be used to hear God. Relying on any single one alone can make us go off balance.

6 Complete the form All incidents here are taken from the life of mankind before the fall and from the life of Jesus who was God’s perfect image. What do these teach us about the image of God?

7 His image in us Scripture Spiritual Intellectual Emotional Yes
Gen 2:15 Yes Gen 2:19-20 Gen 2:21-23 Luke 22:62 John 11:35 Matt 22:15-22 Probably Luke 4:1-13

8 Genesis 2 - work V15 tend (work it) and keep (watch, administer,plan) - hard work is not a curse - physical & intellectual are both divine - Don’t let peers mislead you from your gifted route.

9 Genesis 2 – Highly intelligent
V19 Adam names animals - Made in his image and intelligent. - Don’t let others belittle you (discrimination). - Don’t cover your perceived inferiority with arrogance. We learn by practise (naming animals) and association (social skills). What we name we have authority over - spiritually and mentally.

10 The Living Word library
Dele Oke Living Word library

11 Serving God with all Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' Matthew 22:37 (NIV)

12 C.S.Lewis Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods [Example of bus fare]

13 Made for His glory Isaiah 43:7* Ephesians 1:11-12* Revelation 4:11
1 Corinthians 10:31

14 His glory What we do in private and public is all plain before him.
Do the right thing to bring glory to God – not because of the consequences of being caught doing the wrong thing. Do your work well, even when no one is looking.

15 God’s Word is our guide 1 Kings 13:1-35
God’s written word and ‘spoken word’ are both vital. We judge prophecy by the written word. Don’t allow your human desires lead you astray. Judge a prophet by his lifestyle. Prophecy never over-rides God’s known Word. The Old prophet represents the person conditioned by the world and the flesh to neglect and avoid the will of God.

16 Knowing the ways of God As we fellowship with God in prayer, the Word and worship, we grow to know the character of God and are better to discern the ways of God. [incident with ‘prophet’ at a speaking engagement]

17 Being like God Morally we have an in built consciousness of right and wrong. A wrong world view can distort this. Spiritually we can relate to God in prayer, worship and fellowship. We do not cease to exist after death. Mentally we can think and learn from other people of God. History should be our friend. We can read. Examples Adam in Garden, Jesus in Mark 12 Relational with God and one another. This of course involves our emotions as well as those already stated.

18 Godly relationships Marriage – Gen 2:22-25
Not the head nor the feet but ribs. The three essentials of marriage - Love (heart) - Commitment (will) - Order (understanding)

19 Love and relationships
Husbands love your wives (Eph 5:25) Wives respect your husbands (Eph 5:33)

20 Commitment and relationships
When the going gets tough, the godly get committed – Gen 2:24 (Therefore) Commitment brings stability and assurance. Assurance breeds confidence and confidence gives birth to creativity and fullness. The way God deals with us.

21 Order and relationships
God established order in creation – Gen 1 Openness maintains order – Gen 2:25 (naked, nothing hidden) Orderliness brings oneness – Gen 2:24

22 The creation covenant Genesis 2: 1-end

23 Creation truths The three God blessed God enjoyed His work
Tending and Keeping - appreciating work Naming the animals – learning by fellowship Marriage – the proper relationships

24 Man on probation Understanding the fall Genesis 3 / Luke 4
Jesus brings what Adam lost Your life to come determined by your life now

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