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Descriptions of God Key Stage 1.

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1 Descriptions of God Key Stage 1

2 PowerPoint Introduction
This PowerPoint sample lesson is intended as a resource for schools to be used ‘how and when’ they choose. This Year 1 lesson is planned to be set in the context of developing the theme of ‘Descriptions of God’. It can be used selectively as part of ongoing work in Religious Education based on the theme of ‘Descriptions of God’ or as part of another area in the curriculum, eg History: Tudors. There are notes on each slide for teachers’ reference. Schools may prefer to edit The slides and use photographs of their own. The following slide gives the context of the lesson in the bigger picture. Schools may like to explore other questions in different year groups within the theme ‘Descriptions of God.’ A PowerPoint Key Stage 2 Year 3 sample lesson also based on the theme of ‘Descriptions of God’ can be found on the Chester Diocesan website. Teachers may find it helpful to refer to the Chester Diocesan document: 'How do I teach Christianity In my church school?’ (pages 10-12). This can also be found on the Chester Diocesan website.

3 Context Overview Area of Content from Chester Diocesan Guidelines to be studied: ‘God’ Theme: Descriptions of God Underpinning Christian Concept: God Definition: The supreme being, the creator and sustainer of the universe Key Questions FS/Key Stage 1: Theme: Descriptions of God Reception: What do Christians say God is like? Year 1: Level 1: Which words do Christians use to ‘describe /talk about God’? Why is God important for Christians? Year 2: Level 2: What do some stories in the New Testament teach about God? What else does the New Testament teach about God? Key Stage 2: Theme: Descriptions of God Year 3: Level 3: How do Christians use symbols to explain what God is like? How do Christians use words, prayers, songs and hymns to describe God as ‘three in one’? Year 4: Level 3/4: How does believing in God make a difference to a Christian’s life? How does Jesus’ teaching show Christians what God is like? Year 5: Level 4/5: How does God speak to people through the life of Jesus? Why is it important for Christians to describe God as ‘three in one’. Year 6: Level 5 How do different religions describe God and why? Why do some people believe in God and others don’t? Teachers Notes: The context of a bigger picture

4 Teachers Notes Key Stage 1 Lesson : Year 1 Theme: Descriptions of God Concept underpinning work: God Key Question : Which words do Christians use to ‘describe /talk about God’? Lesson Objective: To recognise Christians describe God as the one creator. Lesson Outcomes: (all pupils) I can talk about God as a creator. (Most pupils) I can describe how Christians might think of God as the creator. (Some pupils) I can explain why God as creator is important to Christians. Teachers Notes NB Teachers notes explaining how to use each slide within the context of the lesson can be found on the bottom of each slide in the notes section. These should be read before using the PowerPoint. Preview all Internet links before using. Slides 9-13 have sound effects built in. Resources Needed Slide 9-13 A4 Large copies for each table (optional). Slide 17: Large thought bubble for each pupil Diocesan Document to refer to: 'How do I teach Christianity in my church school?’Pages 10-12 Next Steps: How should Christians care for the world God has made?

5 Introduce the word CREATE.
Have you ever made something? What did it feel like? What do you think about what you have made? Teachers Notes: Instruction: Show the three questions above. Allow the children to think quietly about the 3 questions, then Think, Pair, Share. Then class feedback. Draw out that we love the things that we make. Introduce the word CREATE.

6 How would you feel if someone threw away what you had made
(or destroyed it)? Teachers Notes: Ask the question in the slide above: How would you feel if someone threw away what you had made? Why? (Draw out that we love the things we make, they become important to us because we have created them).

7 Think Pair Share How were things made?
Teachers Notes: Instruction: Ask the children to look around the room and if they can work out who made things in the classroom. Ask: What do you think God made? How were things made?

8 Let’s think about this a bit more………
Teachers Notes: Explain: We are going to look at some pictures now. Think quietly about these pictures as I show them to you on the screen. Think about how these were made & who made them? Instruction: Show slides 8-12






14 How was the world made?Why?
Teachers Notes: Ask: How do you think the world began? With the person next to you explain how you think the world was made. Then on your tables one member of each pair tell another pair what you think. Decide together if you think their ideas are better than yours. Why?

15 Teachers Notes: Explain: We are going to listen to a few ideas.
(Share 2 or 3 ideas from pupils about how the world was made in the beginning)

16 The story of creation
(4 minutes 37 seconds story with photos of creation, The teacher can mute the sound and read the creation story as a voice over if preferred, stopping to enable the children to guess what was made on each day before it unfolds. (2minutes 34 seconds, animated instrumental version This version has lots of words in the screen and may not suit the class) Teachers Notes: Explain that Christians tell a story from the bible to explain how the world was made. Introduce CREATOR… Let us listen to/watch this story now. (Note: Teachers can use one of the link extracts above or tell the story yourself interactively. Ask the pupils to suggest what they would make first. Get the pupils to guess what was made on each day before telling them. (Day 1 Light (day) Darkness (night);Day2:waters and the heavens;Day3:dry land and vegetation;Day4:sun and moon;Day5:sea creatures and birds;Day6:animals and human beings).

17 How do Christians describe God?
I think Christians Christians call God Teachers Notes: Heads down quiet thinking. Ask: How do Christians describe God? Then each pupil writes down their idea on their own thought bubble. Draw out from the pupils that Christians believe God loves the world and is the creator. Why might this story be important to Christians? (Possible answers may include: God made the world so Christians say thank you. God made the world so Christians should look after it) To finish the lesson get each pupil to say one thing they have learnt today about God.

18 Notes for using images Internet Images: Schools must credit the images as per the information below if they are reproduced. All images are copyright free and found in the Microsoft office collection. See

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