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2 Jesus Christ The four Gospels are our primary source of information about Jesus. “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” ~ St. Jerome

3 Using My Gifts for Others
Service Teaching Encouraging Generosity Leadership Compassion

4 Introducing the Synoptic Gospels
Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke Synoptikos: “seen together” They have much in common and differ significantly from the Gospel of John.

5 The Synoptic Gospels Traditionally, Matthew was believed to be the first Gospel written. However, later biblical scholarship led most to believe that Mark was written first. Matthew and Luke “improve” difficult passages in Mark.

6 What Is Meant by “Gospel”
Gospel: “Good News” The very life of Jesus Christ is the Good News of God’s love and Salvation for all. Preaching about Jesus Four written versions of the Good News; each evangelist proclaims in their own unique way the “Good News”

7 The Gospel Sources

8 Overview of the Gospel of Mark
Date: ~67-73 AD Audience: Non-Jewish, Gentile Christians who were undergoing persecution Theme: following Jesus often means that a Christian must suffer like Jesus did

9 The Son of God Became Man
“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ (the Son of God)” (Mk 1:1) Mark stresses Jesus’ humanity throughout his Gospel. Mark teaches that Jesus is the Son of God who assumed human nature.

10 Titles for Jesus in Mark’s Gospel
Christ—Messiah “anointed one” Son of Man Suffering Servant Jesus was reluctant to reveal his identity because his concept of the “anointed one” was radically different from that of his people and disciples. Even suffering Christians can celebrate the Good News because Jesus brings eternal life.

11 Overview of the Gospel of Matthew
Date: sometime in the 80’s Author: Jewish scribe Audience: Jewish Christians Theme: Jesus Christ—Emmanuel (“God is with us”)—is the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament

12 Jesus as the New Moses Matthew presents Jesus as the New Moses His sermons reveal Jesus as a great teacher Matthew strives to show that Jesus Christ fulfills all of God’s promises to the Chosen People and through them to all people.

13 Overview of the Gospel of Luke
Date: ~ AD Author: a Gentile Christian with some attraction to Judaism; also wrote Acts of the Apostles; highly polished writing style Audience: largely Gentile Christians Theme: the city of Jerusalem is an important symbol; the drama of Salvation unfolds there

14 Jesus Offers a Message of Joy
Jesus’ Message in Luke Jesus Offers a Message of Joy Jesus Is for Everyone Heart of Luke includes parables that highlight God’s forgiveness “I tell you, there will be rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who repents” Jesus’ compassion is a divine sign of healing love Jesus sought out people who were considered “outcasts” Jesus is everyone’s compassionate Savior We should allow Jesus to live in us so we can love everyone in imitation of our Lord

15 The Early Life of Christ
Mysterion: God’s saving plan unfolded in history God who is mystery is the very same God who revealed himself in human history. Everything about Jesus reveals God as infinitely loving and merciful.

16 The Early Life of Christ
Birth of Jesus Circumcision and Presentation in the Temple Matthew and Luke contain infancy narratives Highlight Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (foster father) Mary: a virgin, conceived of the Holy Spirit The stories reveal more about Jesus and his mission Jesus’ circumcision incorporated him into the Chosen People. Example of humility Jesus is God’s only Son Old prophets Simeon and Anna recognize him as the Messiah.

17 The Early Life of Christ
The Magi, Flight into Egypt, and Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents Hidden Years The Epiphany celebrates the mystery of Christ’s manifestation as the Savior of the world. The Holy Family’s flight into Egypt reveals how God protected Him from evil. Jesus lived a life of humble obedience in Nazareth. Contrasts with Adam’s disobedience Learned Jewish faith from his parents Jesus’ humility teaches us how to pray, live, and witness to our faith.

18 Followers of Jesus His life-giving words and marvelous deeds
inevitably drew disciples to him!

19 Jesus chose the Apostles. Jesus taught on his own authority.
Call of the Twelve Jesus selected the Twelve Apostles (from the word “send”) to assist him in his work. Jesus chose the Apostles. Jesus taught on his own authority.

20 The Call of the Twelve Peter Andrew James, Zebedee’s son John, Zebedee’s son Philip Bartholomew Matthew, or Levi Thomas James, son of Alphaeus Simon the Zealot Judas, son of James Judas Iscariot

21 Baptism by John the Baptist Temptations in the Desert
Jesus’ Public Life Baptism by John the Baptist Temptations in the Desert By his submission to John’s baptism, Jesus again displayed his humility. All Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity are Jesus in the scene. Satan tempted Jesus three times during his forty-day retreat in the desert. Foreshadowed his victory over sin and Satan True love often requires sacrifice.

22 Jesus Proclaims the Gospel
“This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe the gospel.”

23 Jesus Proclaims the Gospel
Jesus’ Miracles Paschal Mystery Mighty works, wonders, and signs revealed that God’s Kingdom was present in his very person. Purpose was to show Jesus’ power over sin Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension Paschal Mystery rescued humanity from sin and death. Jesus is Risen!

24 Peter, James, and John witnessed this event.
Transfiguration The mystery from Christ’s life in which God’s glory shone through and transformed Jesus’ physical appearance while he was in the company of the Old Testament prophets Moses and Elijah Peter, James, and John witnessed this event.


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