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El imperfecto de subjuntivo

2 Remember the Subjunctive?
In this unit we’ll learn how to form when to use and the IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE. But, first, let’s review what we’ve learned about the PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE:

3 The SUBJUNCTIVE mood has several uses, some of which are:
doubt or denial of an action willing something to happen or influencing an action’s outcome expressing emotion about an action

4 TIME of the ACTION is what’s different!
Whereas the PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE is triggered by a present verb in the main clause…

5 TIME of the ACTION is what’s different!
…the IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE is triggered by a verb in the main clause that is in any of the past tenses: Imperfect (Quería que…) Preterit (Pedí que…)

Drop the -on ending of the 3rd person plural of the preterit and add the following endings: caminaron ► camina-ra (yo) camina-ras (tú) camina-ra (él, ella, Ud.) caminá-ramos (nosotras, os) camina-ran (ellos, ellas, Uds.)

7 If the 3rd pers.plural of FIRMAR is firmaron ►
Yo Ella Nosotros Uds. firmara firmaras firmáramos firmaran

8 If the 3rd pers.plural of BEBER is bebieron ►
Yo Ella Nosotros Uds. bebiera bebieras bebiéramos bebieran

9 There are NO irregulars in forming imperfect subjunctive!
The only thing is there are already so many irregularities to the preterite! (which is where you start when forming it!)

10 Remember the Preterite stem changes?
Verbs like pedir stem-change the “e” to “i” in the preterite third person. So, Pedir ► pidieron ►pidiera No me gustó que me pidiera el dinero.

11 Remember the Preterite spelling changes?
The same thing happens with spelling changes. If there is a different spelling change in the root of a verb in the preterite, it will follow in the Imperfect Subjunctive: Caer ► cayeron ► cayera Qué lástima que ellos cayeran.

12 Remember the Preterite Irregulars?
♫ Tener es tuve, estar estuve, ir es fui y también ser…♫ When there is an irregular in the preterit, we still use the 3rd person plural to form the IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE: tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuvieron► tuviera,tuvieras, tuviera, tuviéramos, tuvieran

13 Quería que mi jefa me __________ un aumento de sueldo (dar)
diera Quería que mi jefa me __________ un aumento de sueldo (dar) I wanted my boss to give me a raise. Mis padres deseaban que mis hermanos _____________ temprano.(llegar) My parents wanted my brothers to arrive early. Era dudoso que Elena ______________ su tocadiscos.(traer) It was doubtful that Elena brought her record player. llegaran trajera


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