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Real time Real Estate information – on demand… Click on the sign to proceed.

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1 Real time Real Estate information – on demand… Click on the sign to proceed

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3 homehome | previous | nextpreviousnext “The internet is here to stay and its accessibility has created a society that desires information where they want it and when they want it”

4 homehome | previous | nextpreviousnext However some things over the years really haven’t changed that much… Including the Real Estate sign…

5 homehome | previous | nextpreviousnext Introducing the RealtyViews Sign Rider solution Our custom sign riders give potential buyers on the spot accessibility to listing information and so much more using smart phones, tablets and conventional computer systems. Each listing property has its own address/domain Supplying real time Real Estate information – ‘on demand’

6 Your RealtyViews custom sign rider includes… Custom listing/address domain (ie Mobile and Internet ready – viewable on Smart Phones, tablets and desktops Up and running within 48 hours Custom sign rider is delivered to your office QR code for easy lookup homehome | previous | nextpreviousnext

7 Arranging for your listing to be ready for Internet and Mobile viewing is as easy as 1-2-3. No forms to complete, no downloading of templates or uploading duplicate information we do everything. Our system is efficient, cost effective and requires little or no effort on the part of the agent or support staff. Once you or your office have broker loaded the listing to TREB a copy of the details are emailed to our office. RealtyViews registers the listing address domain, we extract the relevant information from the listing and create the conventional and mobile websites. Within 48 hours your custom designed listing website is up and running and your unique ‘sign rider’ is delivered to your real estate office. homehome | previous | nextpreviousnext

8 Included in every RealtyViews package No setup fees Custom Sign Rider Unique listing domain name 48 hour 'up time' Mobile ready Viewable on desktops and tablets Custom designed website Agent contact information Link to agents 'Virtual Tour' Forward to a friend or family member Direct dial icon on mobile No long term contracts to sign Cancel anytime homehome | previousprevious

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