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1 4 9 2. Survey how to learn history dates Year 7Year 8.

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1 1 4 9 2


3 Survey how to learn history dates Year 7Year 8

4 Collecting ideas: 1342 Family events Dance steps Memory games Imagine a road with tips Jersey Numbers Melody Stick on the walls Maths Connections

5 Method Dates in pictures with explanation: Speaking, writing, acting, visuality and reading can help learning

6 1492 Christopher Colombus discovered America 1 4 9 2

7 1 4 9 2

8 1 4 4 2.Battle of Rigómező, 1448

9 Nagy európai pestis járvány 1346 1 3 4 6 THE GREAT EUROPEAN PESTILENCE 1346



12 Learning method The second step before the survey: 1-minute: revision, powerpoint presentation and checking 1-minute: revision with swotting then checking Results: 5 classes: better results 1 class: worse result The first step before the survey: 10-minute: swotting then checking 10-minute: powerpoint presentation with explanation then checking Result: 3 classes: better results 3 classes: worse results

13 Survey Research Survey: 30 January 2015Survey: 2 February 2015 Checked classswotour methodprogress/declineswotour methodprogress/decline 6.a55%56%progressed57%73%progressed 6.b56%40%declined72%54%declined 7.a54%62%progressed49%68%progressed 7.b58%65%progressed58%76%progressed 8.a68%66%declined45%54%progressed 8.b74%65%declined42%61%progressed Average:61%59%3; 354%64%5; 1

14 Reflection: History teachers in our school: Satisfied and positive Developmental teachers: useful Harmat Árpád historian: Satisfied and positive Students: Their opinions were measured by questionnaires. They drew smilies on the papers.

15 Students reflections Question 1: Does the presentation help the learning? Question 2: Do you like the new method? Question 3: Do you prefer learning this way?

16 Which slide can be noticed the best? students

17 Publications: and Népszabadság TV Research results can be found on our school website: Presentation for our students Újpest TV Report by Újpesti Napló,

18 To be continued… Application for students to make slides. Explanations can be attached. Work out the dates to different topics. Create animation to the dates.

19 The school of future Smart exercises books and smart books in the classroom Learning history in 3D all around the walls by using holograms and instagrams Go to school by airboard: Soft drinks are served by robots

20 Source: Our school History and Grammar teachers: Ladányiné Czihi Anikó Gerbnerné Váradi Anna Developmental teachers: Szentesné Hlatki Hajnalka Somogyi Ferencné Internet: Képek:

21 Thank you for your attention!

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