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DAY OF DESTRUCTION. Day of destruction!!! “We’re going to have a great time on Lumina, aren’t we dad?” “Sure thing kid, so what’s the first thing you wa...?”

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1 DAY OF DESTRUCTION. Day of destruction!!! “We’re going to have a great time on Lumina, aren’t we dad?” “Sure thing kid, so what’s the first thing you wa...?” Suddenly, aliens burst through the solid iron door. “DAD!” screeched Max. He was only 9 years old and his dad was taken away right in front of his very eyes. Then an alien pointed a gun on the centre of Max’s head. Max grabbed hold of the alien’s leg and he dropped a bracelet, it said: “Get the gun from yellow, purple or blue. Find the key in time or we will get you. The fire kingdom.” Then in a flash of blinding, white light and they were gone. Terrified. Scared. Petrified. Max stood there motionless in a spaceship... WHICH HE COULDN’T FLY!!! Suddenly there were mayday sirens and alarms going off. Then out of nowhere, kaleidoscopic lights flashed through the ship. Max saw 3 different coloured lights. Gold, blue and lilac. He went for... Did he go for lilac, blue or gold?lilacblue gold

2 Blue “Where am I?” he thought to himself. All he could see were people shouting the “king is awake the king is awake.” In his head he thought what on earth are they on about.All the people treated him as royalty; they gave him fashionable clothes and a new big room. When Max heard a little girl’s shouting for their dad then he remembered about his dad and ran as fast as he could. “Dear, come back you haven’t started your lunch” said one of the maids. “I must get out of here,” he said. He was remembering what happed to his dad. One of the bodyguards chased after him, but he got away, as well as that he felt guilty because they were well manned to him. Silence filled the air. He found the spaceship and got in. He could’t believe what he saw!!! A Ray gun, partial glove and thunder gun. Did he choose, thunder gun, particle glove or ray gun? thunder gun particle glove ray gun

3 Lilac A flash of light and Max found himself in a miniature hut. It was very dark and gloomy but Max couldn’t really tell because his vision was all blurry. “You are awake.” called a strange voice. Max had no idea who the mysterious voice was. He thought it might kill him at one point but he then got that silly thought out of his brain when he saw what he looked like. He had no eyes on his face but he had one huge eye on top of his head, like a Cyclops. He also had 4 long, elongated arms. “Where am I?” Max asked. “Don’t worry you’re safe, now drink up.” He gave Max some soup and fled out the room. Max stood up and had a wander around the room. He then found a basket full of weapons and guns. There was a ray gun a thunder gun and a particle glove. He took the... Did he take the particle glove the thunder gun or the ray gun?particle glove thunder gun ray gun

4 The Lifeless Is living As Max stepped through the portal he was feeling nauseas and sick of all the colours that had been there. When he stepped out he was very happy but terrified. He saw a huge Spinosaurus trying to eat a baby T-Rex He was still in space but there were dinosaurs!Max jumped to save him and he did. GO AWAY. He roared as loud as he could. the spinosauras just ran off because it saw a bunch of lizards coming from the ground.the Baby T-Rex jumped on his shoulder and went to sleep for a while “I have made a new friend,” he whispered to himself. The baby woke up and saw his mom sleeping there he jumped off my shoulders and went to his mum and he ran off. he saw 3 boxes in front of him. there was a particle glove thunder gun and a ray gun, he chose... Did he choose particle glove, thunder gun or ray gun.particle glove, thunder gun ray gun.

5 Particle glove It had a note on it that said: Dear Max, It’s come to my senses that you need these weapons more than me so please take them and save your dad. But choose carefully because only one can defeat the evil aliens you hope to defeat. Remember, one can cause happiness and one can cause pain. Yours sincerely Mystery Man. Confused. Worried. Lost. Max stood in amazement. So many questions ran through his brain. He chose the particle glove and ran from the village. People were cheering and screaming after him. He ran with tears in his eyes, joy ran through his heart. Oh, the excitement he felt inside of him filled him with tears of joy. The thought of seeing his dad again made him feel phenomenal. Suddenly, something glowed brighter than the sun. It showed a hologram with the names of 3 different planets, the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. Holes were in the floor where the holograms were. Carefully, Max jumped through the planet his dad talked to him about all the time. Did he choose Pluto, Uranus the sunPluto, Uranus the sun

6 Ray gun As he picked it up he felt a tingle. He noticed that the surrounding was different. He was on a planet he had never seen. “Where am I” he shouted out loud. He panted and panted like he was out of breath. He was cold, and as well as that he was shivering. Hearing whispers he moved closer. Terrified. Petrified. Horrified. In front of him he saw a blurry figure. Wondering, what it could be he went up a bit closer by the figure? “Ahhaahhahah” screamed Max horrified. The figure just stood there in silence. Inside Max felt scared but he thought the figure could help him get his dad back. Looking back, the figure had a weapon and was about to hit him but lucky Max saw and without noticing he got the Ray gun and shot. The figure was dead. Max felt awful and didn’t know what to do? Max dropped the gun on the ground. Ground full with blood. Tears ran down Max’s red cheeks. Down hearted. Miserable. Broken. Miserably, he turned around and saw three vast planets. With excitement he chose one, but which one.... PlutoPluto, Uranus, sunUranussun

7 Lighting all over Max was afraid of what would will happen to his dad. He then he noticed a shiny, glowing figure in the distance. Max ran up to it and picked it up. He twisted it to the side and it said: “Thunder gun keep out of the wrong hands!” Max was confused at first but he kept it in his pocket for safe keeping. Lightning filled the sky like the heavens were falling apart! Suddenly, Max saw a dark shadowy figure in the distance. It ran closer and closer towards Max. He pulled out the thunder gun in fear and struck the man with it. Max’s heart was howling like 1,000 demons. He was proud that it didn’t fall into the wrong hands but ashamed he killed a man. The thunder gun shone like the sun and gave options to go to 3 different planets, the sun, Pluto and Uranus. Max clicked on... Did he choose the sun, Pluto or Uranusthe sunPlutoUranus

8 The Sun Max finally woke up from a deep sleep. He knew what was coming up next, a battle. The aliens left a note it will be on the sun remember, the fire kingdom, in the first chapter. He saw vast mountains that overpowered his soul. The flames scorched his body, he knew he couldn’t be safe forever, he had to move quickly. Max saw a kaleidoscopic entrance to an enormous cavern. Cautiously, he stepped through and got the shock of his life, his dad in a solid iron door and aliens working hard. He screeched and one of the aliens caught him. “You’ll never get away with this!” Max shouted. “We already have muhahahaha!” hissed the alien. Max saw his whole life flash before his eyes in a vision of light, he remembered all those thoughts of when he was young and had no worries on his mind. He then thought of his dad and the fun he had with him, suddenly Max remembered that his dad gave him a sharp key ring, he could use that to cut the rope. He got the key ring and cut the rope. Max ran to his bag and got the ray gun to shoot the aliens. Max ran to his dad’s cage and shot it open. “Dad oh I am so glad to see you!” “I am too son, I am too.” “MAX IN FRONT OF YOU!” His dad jumped in front of Max and was shot. Max shot the alien that killed his dad. He screamed and cried for his dad to come back to life. He heard a faint whisper: “Max take care of yourself. Bye Max.” It was his dad. He fled from the Sun in despair and ran to his spaceship. He saw the 3 portals again and went back home. Alone. Distraught. Afraid. What else is out there? Wrote by Amaya and Bethany

9 Pluto “What happened here?” he said, gazing at the lifeless planet. He thought to himself “I will do it for you dad.” The deserted planet had many qualities that could have killed him. He did not like the look of it. As he wandered around he saw foot prints in the shape of his dad’s favourite boots. He followed them. The foot prints lead to a place that was very gloomy and sombre. He came to a door, he carefully stepped through, sneaked past the aliens and crept towards his dad. ”Max I am so glad to see you.” Whispered dad. “Me to dad, me to. Now let’s get you out of here.” They hugged for a while but then, an alien caught them. More and more until Max and his dad were surrounded. He took out his weapon and started shooting bullets like a headless chicken! There were too many Max and his dad didn’t stand a chance so they said their last few words. “Max I love you.” Murmured dad “I love you too,” replied Max, “Bye dad!” “Bye son!” They both went down in honour as the aliens celebrated their victory. Now the story of Max and his dad still carries on, only as long as you listen. MUHAHAHAHA! THE END wrote by Sadia AND Samiawrote by Sadia AND Samia

10 The time has come He knew his dad would be there so he jumped in his space ship and off he flew. When he got there he saw his dad tied up chains, “Help me Max!” “Dad I am coming, hold on!”Max ran to the chair and tried to free his Dad. Max broke the chains with his bare hands and hugged his Dad. “Max.” “Dad.” As quickly as that, the alien king appeared. Razmadoo appeared. Max was scared to death. As Razmadoo shot, Max noticed a shiny, Red ruby on his chest. “That is his power source!” Max thought to himself. “I have to destroy it.” He whispered to himself, he took a grenade and threw It at Razmadoo. At the time of impact on the jewel, The Ruby was destroyed, as well as Razmadoo. Max took his dad to spaceship and hugged him tightly. Wrote by Lebrell and Adrian

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