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Why Kerang should have a MacDonald's We want MacDonald's we want!

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1 Why Kerang should have a MacDonald's We want MacDonald's we want!

2 Reason 1 Every other town has one and we have to drive like thirty or more kilometers and do you know that if we have a MacDonald's And everyone's money goes to Coles and Aldi’s and go lo but everyone doesn't think hey if we have a MacDonald's everyone won’t spend money in Swan hill and more in Kerang And every one can do their shopping here.

3 Reason 2 Because it would increase job percentages and decrease the rate of unemployment. It would help young adults how to work and cook and if they like cooking there is a wide world out there and in it are chefs but every on has to start off some where and why not in a restaurants.

4 Reason 3 Well if there were more places to work it would benefit young adults because they are supporting there selves and if they wanted to move to like Melbourne and Bendigo they would have to work and they would have to pay every thing for themselves so in away it would benefit every one

5 The location It should be connected onto Safeway or so that it is like a mall. You can just walk through and shop and grab some thing to eat or even do both. Or make a street only for fast food sellers and that way if someone doesn't like MacDonald's they can go next door or even down the street. Or we can probably even just have it close to footy grounds and other sporting places. Or in the local plaza

6 How would Macdonald’s help the community It would support us with sponsors and we could have a new footy shirts and ect. It would give youth a chance in life to succeed in some thing or gets some where in life to achieve and their not living a dead life Maybe we can have snow trips beach trips some thing to help people that haven't been to them places or they could help people in Kerang with cancer or anything like that and it would be nice for them.

7 What charities dose Macdonald’s run They run the Ronald MacDonald house charity What is the charity about It is a house where families come to stay while their love ones are in hospital and where famous people see sick or internally ill with cancer and other things.

8 Why should we have a Macdonald’s Kerang should have a Macdonald’s because it would bring more people to this town and more people more profit more profit more we can fix stuff and spend on the community and we can make this town more presentable to tourists and so we can say that our town is enviro friendlily and we can say it is clean and more of $$$$$$$$$ through out the community

9 THE ENDING We want we need AND WE MUST HAVE A MACDONALD’S! and thank you for watching my slide show

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